Heaven Express


You know, my soul cat (his own words), Mr. Purri flew suddenly back to Heaven.

He took the express bus – took his last breath beside me – in my bed as I was singing to him.

As unexpected and as seemingly random it all felt – I have to admit he had been slightly preparing me for it and given me some strange clues about it during the last few weeks or months. I kind of felt inside my heart that he will not be with me when the grass begins to grow on these latitudes.

And how much he loved to chew – and puke – grass!

And then meditate outside for hours…

No death, no life is ever random, duh.

Boy, do I already know that.

But yet my heart is a bit broken right now.

When I have the strength to do so, we will consult Edwina Gustafson with Mr. Purri once again. Mr. Purri already knows her after his amazing message in last spring that was delivered via Edwina. I actually sent a brief note to Edwina the other day about what had happened. When she sent me a few words from Mister Purri from spirit, it was very clear that My Boy had known exactly what he was doing.

Edwina said:

Mr Purri’s soul feels calm. He actually feels pretty good, young and light. He waves. He feels steady too, which is a good sign he’s okay. He did not want a long good bye, feels it would have been far too much for both of you. He also is pretty confident that his timing of passing will make sense. He says it is in order. Time will tell what he means.

With a fluttering heart I wait for the next words from my cat.

And he is absolutely right – long goodbyes would have been pure torment, for both of us. And it all makes sense, in the end. Always. Whatever happens.

But I miss him. Badly. Sadly.

And the tears will be my constant companion for the next few days. When unconditional love is gone, you notice…

I can feel his energy when I think about him – and the energy is so filled with love it brings tears to my eyes immediately.

That is how I know it is my Boy. His energy is very, very powerful.

And we will meet again, some sunny day…

Until then, I keep my eyes open for the clues.

And keep waving back to him in Heaven.