Hero’s message via Faye

hero's message

The original photo by Emma Steel Photography.

Hero talks in animal communicator Faye Roger‘s latest Newsletter:

My essence is of deep joy, this is my magnificent self, the ability to feel things so deeply, and I am still feeling things so deeply, as I shifted into spirit and it was a very special time for me, there was no fears, there was just acceptance and the light was beaming so strongly, so brightly and due to the planetary alignment at the time of going into spirit the Golden Gates of Humanity were beaming down on Earth.  The Golden Gates of Humanity is another evolutionary shift for Earth and all that dwell on Earth.  The planetary alignment was due to Earth & Jupiter were in perfect alignment on the 7th Feb 2015, and this will not occur again till 2019.

8 days before I shifted into spirit some people, some animals and also some plants felt energetically tired or even disorientated and even emotional confusion has been on the surface for some. For some humans they have felt physically light headed or giddy or feet aching and this is due to the electromagnetic frequency of Earth but also due to the energy shifts happening due to the Golden Gates of Humanity were opening up further.  And for some for a few days after the 7th Feb they still felt a bit disorientated.  A lot of people have felt oddly due to the energy shifts but not all have felt oddly, and this is the same for the animals and for the plants of this planet.

You might wonder what on earth I am speaking off excuse the pun – there are keys or key periods that allow more energy to come forward, and the keys are relating to evolution of the planet or aspirations of the planet’s energy to become brighter, bigger and more holistic.

There has been for a very long time talks of the Golden Age, and  talks relating to the Age of Aquarius and to shift into this energy does it happen with a big instant bang, or is it a slow dissolving of the old energy and more brighter energy coming forward…..there is a slow dissolving of the old energy but there are also keys or special periods of time  that the energy can shift faster, and therefore due to planetary alignment on the 7thFebruary this was one of the key points, over the next 5 years these key points will increase in frequency or become more regular, and then over the next 28 years there will be more keys opening up and therefore there will be more clearing and more clearing.

Now for you to look into your own heart centre, and when you look into your heart centre – feel the energy of joy, actually feel this – ask to see JOY as a golden glowing light and let this golden glowing light surround your body form – like a beautiful vibrancy settling around your aura, and then allow this beautiful vibrancy to seep through all your cells – it is like taking a personal body wash of vibrancy.  So please do sit and try this, and feel your energy vibrancy going up further.

Also for people that have animals, reach out and touch one of your animals  if they are a touchable species when you can but do not hurry this touching, just sit or stand quietly and touch your animal – allow all personal impressions to come to you, you will have to still your mind, and then sense your own animal’s characteristics, sense their inner beauty, sense their goodwill, sense their awareness, sense if they have worries but allow yourself to receive from your beautiful animal in this way – this is being in touch with yourself and being in touch with an animal who has dedicated their life & heart  to you & to your family just as you have dedicated yourself to your animal who is of your heart.  When you are doing the sensing with your beloved animal – feel your senses becoming more heightened and everything becoming quieter almost like time has little meaning, you don’t have to rush away, you can honour the moment of beauty, you don’t have to be thinking forward of what you are going to do in the next minute, and this small exercise only takes a minute of your time or can take many minutes of your time.  



Update: There are a lot of “growing pains” in the air these days, as our bodies continue to adjust to the new energies. Another interesting message for those who are interested, can be seen here. Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with your pets: they are sensitive to the new energies as well. –Lea