Cats are gods

kittycat talk‘KittyCat’ or just ‘Kitty’ as we call her talked via animal communicator Edwina Gustafson today and said, among other things:


‘I am very pleased with how you call me. It is an honour to be called a cat. Cats are powerful, we have certain ways of knowing where and how much a vibration wants to shift. You should know that cats are gods.’


She is A Healer and she is talking business here!

What a blessing her presence is.

It was amazing, how she was not quite sure if she is going to stay in the household after the winter is gone, but during the AC consultation her heart actually softened and opened, so that she understood or saw better what her soul purpose in this life was (healing and clearing negative energies – she is actually very, very good at it).

She literally had a change of heart.

In addition she is a reincarnation of one of the earlier pets in the house. She came to thank her people this way – because they had loved and cared for her so much in her last body on earth (probably as a dog) (dog<=>god, he he), until the last breath she took.

So, just another precious day with the wisdom of animals here.

cats are gods

The next time you see the joke or comic online saying ‘Cats are Gods’, you know deep in your heart that it is not a joke. It is the truth… And cats are not shy to say it aloud…

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

— Terry Pratchett

Well, do I know that…

As Mr. Purri’s animal communication session is getting closer, the energies are rising so high my heart is leaping out of my chest right as we speak.

He is very, very close to me now.

Cats! One amazing cat life at a time they come and blow your mind & heart. 

*Fighting back the tears. Or is it laughter? Tears have never been this close to laughter. That is the pure energy of my man, Mr. Purri. Wow.*