Mr. Purri knows his mermaids


heavenly cat talk
Mr. Purri sure enjoyed himself last spring – and it was his last spring in this body – just like I felt it was. A bit bittersweet whispers of intuition had told me that this whole winter. But he says: “I’ll be back.” And I am waiting for the perfect moment in time for us to meet again.


The pet medium communication from Mr. Purri was quite an eye – and heart – opener for me. The text was full of confirmations to all the things I know and knew all along. I was just too busy thinking in my head and did not manage to feel all those deep moments of pure knowing consciously, in my heart. They came and went to fast that I did not grab them fully – sure I did know to the point that I was never too surprised when Mr. Purri suddenly got his seizures and left the earth plane, in less than an hour…!

It was his time. They already called for him on the other side, they had called for him for a while and he was actually late…! But now he is in the place of light and great power.He obviously had a date with mermaids…! I was excited to hear him mention mermaids, because I love water so much myself.

He says via pet psychic Edwina:

I can hear the hum of a thousand mermaids. I feel perfect and so strong. I know everything I have learned – and more – while I rest in this space. I will make a return.

–Mr. Purri (Sacred Birman) from Heaven

He reveals what kind of coloring he will wear when he returns (as a he or a she – that remains to be seen!). It might take time. Or then not. I let it be a mystery. I can live with that…  He wants me to practice communication and he is like “What?!” when I mentioned that I am not sure if we communicated… ha ha.

We sure did. We understood each other’s feelings, he says:

We understood one another most of the time. That is more than some human to human communication, those exchanges with all those chatty words. Humans talk much and say little. I didn’t want a lot of chat. We said what we said. We recognised each other’s feelings.

— Mr. Purri  (Sacred Birman) from Heaven

He gave some clues how to contact him or communicate with him. He added that the wild one is one chatty KittyCat and she is a perfect sparring partner in animal communication. Mr. Purri says that she is the one I can talk all the “girl talk” with (ha ha) – he was never a big talker… Maybe that was the reason why I was so reluctant to practice animal communication with him: I knew he was not going to chat with me about all the things that I was so curious about.

They say that cats are curious, but I know I am just as curious about cats and their purpose and mission on earth as healers, teachers and so on… There are so many things I would love to know and learn.

But my man, he talks only when he has something to say.

He likes big talk.

I respect that. Because I like big talk, too.

It is better to say nothing, if you have  nothing to say…

I said in my email: I love him to the moon and back – and back again. And he said to Edwina in the end of their communication session:

Don’t forget to include that I love her all the way to the moon and back via the stars and the clouds and back.

–Mr. Purri  (Sacred Birman) from Heaven4

My man is so cool.

I am going to learn a lot with my soul cat, from here to eternity.

I have already learned a lot with him.

Thank You, Mr. Purri.

Like Jimi Hendrix said: “The story of life is quicker than the wink of en eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye… until we meet again.


humans talk much and say little says mr. purri from Heaven