Pet Psychic & Holy Cow

pet psychic krystal ball

Children’s book “Pet Psychic” (see on GoodReads) is coming out on April Fool’s Day this year. It is a great idea to introduce the concept of pet psychics and animal communicators to children – even if the author himself (John Sazaklis) does not believe in it… It might help, anyway.

First of all: children are never judging the idea beforehand. Children are open and ready to listen and learn. To live and learn. We learn by living, loving and laughing (sometimes crying) = experiencing — and yes, by reading and listening and pondering about all the infinite possibilities of life with an open mind and especially with an open heart.

And then, the future of this planet is in the hands of the next generations. The smarter we make them – the better this planet will be. And animal communication and animal wisdom and the example of unconditional love really does make us smarter. I have seen it happening to me, and I have seen it happening to all those, who take the plunge to the world of animal wisdom.

So, yeah. Bring it on.

More pet psychic stuff for the next generations…


some seriously good (cow) shit

But blimey, then I saw Holy Cow…!

This book is not really about animal communication, but it actually could be. Frankly, I did not know what to expect when I laid my eyes on Holy Cow by David Duchovny. I definitely did not expect so much laughter or the vibes of unconditional love here.

Holy cow crap!

This book is marvellous… at least for a person like me with the sense of humor I was cursed blessed with. I have had some pretty unexpected cow belly laughs with this one. The book makes you think (you have to think fast, because there is so much witty wisdom involved…) – and ponder.

Oh man, there is something very sweet about this book.

I am a bit stunned, actually.

But I need to get back to reading listening it. I am in the middle of the audio book right as we speak. (Because I knit socks while listening.)

And David himself reads the book. A big bonus, indeed.

(I have always loved that man. Now I love him even more.)

Read an excerpt. See Elsie the cow on Facebook. See the book on Audible.

Even though I have not finished the book yet, I know it will blow my mind – in a good way. This is seriously good (cow) shit. Surely some people hate it… as just another book by an actor or just another children’s book by an actor. But I am not going to be among them. And like the great wisdom from the ‘Holy Cow’ book itself says: If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, well, one cow’s vomit is another pig’s dinner.

Trash or treasure… Well, it all depends on the attitude.

Attitudes are the ones that rattle and shake – make or break – whole generations as well.

What a mind blowing cow wisdom David had conjured out of his head & heart to this book. Very different to the wisdom of The Universal Cow of Love, but hey, wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes.

You never know when it hits you. I got hit with great, funny wisdom today.

As a cow myself (Lea means cow in ancient Hebrew – a Jew once told me) I thank & salute David Duchovny & Elsie.

I have no idea if the ending of the book is sad or happy.

And I won’t tell you, when I know. You will have to find out yourself.

Have a great Saturday, folks – and cows all alike.