Rescue me, if you dare!

rescue me

Battersea Cats and Dogs home posted a priceless photo on Facebook today with a text:

Our Cattery is currently home to a rather unusual resident as a lion was brought into our London centre today.

Following a series of big cat sightings in and around the Capital in recent years, an adult male lion was bravely brought to Battersea after he was found prowling the streets.

As we aim to help all dogs and cats, we took in the larger than life four-legged friend and he’s currently inour care at our more rural Brands Hatch centre while we await the assistance of a more specialised animal rescue.

“It was definitely a case of Hakuna Matata when a lion arrived at Battersea today,” said SuiLi Weight, Battersea’s Cattery Team Leader.

“We all had to swallow a little bit of pride and find a way to accommodate the lion, who we’ve called April. But it’s all part of the circle of life here at Battersea and we’re sure April will find his rightful place again soon with the assistance of a specialised rescue team.”

Rescue feels good! (Even though animals do not feel like they are in need of rescuing – they rather feel that they are in need of a friend – or a safe place, home. We all need that, the feeling of  being safe and loved.)

Always rescue an animal that suits you, your home, your lifestyle — and your soul.

Listen to your heart and follow the lead…