Channeled messages from animals

animal wisdom

Channeled message from Snow Leopard:

I am a sacred protector of your heart if you let me. I will filter all of the superficial or manipulative chatter from your life and keep at bay the lack of sincerity that has struck this world. The only catch, is that I ask you to be genuine within your life. To really look at yourself, to mean what you say and follow through with it. Don’t say something to make another happy, you need to truly mean it ~ and if you cannot do it, then don’t offer. I feel that humanity is ready to go back to a genuine way of living, one of trust and a sense of community ~ the shift needs to start somewhere, so start with you.

Look at your life and look at your commitments ~ where do you hold resentment for what you are doing? Where are your frustrations? How can you change your life to be in alignment with your values? Is it time for you to give something up, perhaps for a time so that you can remember why you are doing it. Do you need to remember why you are doing something, so being present, conscious and mindful of your actions ~ or is it something that supported you to get where you are, and it is time to move on? To change the world, you change yourself first ~ so where are you being superficial within your life.

My energy powerful and my medicine strong ~ I am here for you if you let me, yet you must demonstrate that you truly want the help of my medicine. Hold no judgment, simply be. What brings you the greatest job in your life? That is what you need to be doing, for it brings you life and passion.

Channeled message from Panda:

Everyone has both shadow and light within them, sometimes one is more prevalent than the other but we all have them. It is in finding this balance within us that gives balance to your life and highest purpose. When you make a choice in life ~ where is it that you come from? A place of compassion and understanding or a place of judgment ~ for both you and the other person?

Often time’s people do the best they can for specific reasons that at the time were valid and made sense. When we look in as an observer, we may not understand why the other is doing things this way. Understanding the motives of the self, is a true step in the self-awareness process, which is a vital step in transforming your life.

Hold compassion for yourself, and for others ~ for no one is perfect, everyone is struggling on their own journey. Be your own social worker, see yourself from a space of the observer and ask why you are responding or acting as you are ~ be conscious of your motivations, and importantly don’t judge yourself, observe yourself with compassion and acceptance. Life can be a struggle, and if you don’t give yourself a break, who will? You have to show others how you want to be treated ~ you do this by treating yourself as you want to be treated, and treat them as you want to be treated. Don’t run from your darkness, embrace it ~ for it is part of you ~ it helps you strive to grow and transform. Without darkness, we would never know that we are beings of light.

Channeled message from Fox:

Now you see me, now you don’t. I am but an echo in time and you wonder if I was there at all. Did you know that in some countries, there is a fox living in the radius of one in ten houses? We have a knack for survival and hiding from threats. This is part of our medicine, to be seen, yet not seen. To survive. To look for the deeper situation, and always know where you are, and how you can leave if needed.

My message to you today is about being seen ~ for I am the master of camouflage. We go into hiding when we are hurt, hunted or wounded ~ being hidden is not our natural state of being, it is a defense mechanism. Our true way of being, is to shine brightly and be seen. To say to the world “this is who I am, and I am proud of who I am ~ if I am too much for you, then that is your issue”. You were not born to hide or conform, that is simply a way to control you so you don’t stick out ~ you were born to be free ~ to shine ~ to laugh with abandon, to fly with the eagles, to sing with the birds, to roar as the lion and to swim like the dolphins.

Today I tell you, step out of hiding and be the truth of who you are ~ express yourself. Live with love, with passion and with joy ~ not hide in fear.

Channeled message from Orang-utan:

Come see with me, up in the trees and see how beautiful life can be.

Life is about pleasure and the expression of the senses. Do you remember what it is like to taste real food? Food that you have picked from nature? It tastes different to what you grow with chemicals, on farms and out of the natural world. In nature, the scents of everything influences their tastes. A single bee will pollinate many different plants, the wind will fragrant the forest with ever smell, and the earth will infuse one plant with the essence of another. Everything is connected and infused with the energy of everything else.

What is it like for you to sit in your neatly manicured park? How different it is for me to hang in the jungle, with life being interconnected. I can share it with you, if you want. To come into my home and share the experience, you must respect the experience. If you destroy my home, I cannot share it with you and I cannot share yours.

Can you remember what it was like to be trusting? To be safe in being gentle? That allowing your softness to shine through is not a weakness, but the greatest strength there is? To be amazing, you need to be you, raw, genuine, passionately you ~ express your heart, live with your senses and allow yourself to be free. Live real. Life conscious. Do you need all that you have, or can you simplify your life to come home to you in your natural state. Be true to your heart, and see the vision of how beautiful life is.

Channeled message from Cobra:

To see beneath the surface, to strip one of the armour they hold and see the truth of their being ~ this is my medicine. To trust my inner wisdom and not be swayed by the ‘glamour’ of others, I am grounded and steadfast in my energy. The eyes tell you everything, it matters not what they ears hear or the mouth says. The eyes represent the soul, and from there you can deduce another’s intention.

I enjoy a quiet life, if left alone I will not disturb you or anyone else. I am not a threat. Yet when you provoke me, I raise myself tall, I gather my energy and expand and am a feared adversary for I am. Quick in my defense, and accurate in my targeting. When I raise my energy, I am offering a warning: if you continue with what you are doing, I will strike and my venom is deadly. How do I represent you in your life? Do you sit still, watching the world go by, taking little interest until it affects you? Then when it does, do you pause and gather your energy and offer the warning before the strike? Or do you simply strike as a reaction? A response is when we look at the situation and take action with awareness, a reaction is when we have no awareness, and we take action out of pain.

It is your choice how you live your life. Everyone has the ability to strike out when hurt, but is that helpful? Can you pause for a moment and look your adversary at the time in the eyes and see the deepest truth of the situation? I am easily mesmerised by movement, a gentle movement keeps me moving to its beat ~ a fast movement will have me strike. How you look at life will determine if it flows gently and smoothly, or fast and erratic. Every situation has many opportunities for response ~ look to the eyes, what are they telling you? Look to your intuition ~ what is it telling you? The biggest thing in this world to trust, is your intuition. The more you trust it, the stronger it will be. Your intuition is your truth. Let me help you trust yourself. Let me help you respond with certainty, not react with fear.

Channeled message from Buffalo:

I am light. I am one too great to fight. Though the madness of life bustles around me, I connect to myself to find my peace. I bring my connection within self, into the rest of my life. I cannot be ‘connected’, ‘self-aware’, or at one with Spirit if I don’t practice and bring it into my everyday life, in all that I do. The connection to oneness, with Spirit is who we are, not an activity you may do once a day. You live it, breathe it and embrace all that it is, and it will be different for you than it is for others. Your truth is your truth ~ you find your own meanings within life.

I stand before you, vulnerable and open ~ my life to take if you chose. In standing in my vulnerability, I stand in my strength. I trust in my oneness with creation to lead me in my highest path ~ and I don’t judge where that takes me. Though some see vulnerability as a weakness, my truth is that it is a strength. When you do your daily practice of self-connection, of meditation, take it into the rest of your life. When stressed, stop, breathe deep and find that sense of calm. Then you will understand my medicine. It is bringing it with you always, not just at home in front of your alter.

My medicine can support you to bring self-connection into every aspect of your life. In this, you will never feel alone and you will feel the sacredness of life ~ for you truly are a miracle.

Channeled message from Warthog:

Dear Child, change doesn’t have to be scary and tough ~ it can be beautiful and encouraging, inspiring even. As children everything is new and exciting. You look around and see the beauty of nature, the miracles that exist and you explore the world with wonder and awe. As you transition through your life, change and growth occurs and often there are others guiding the way. The problem is, you are guided by their life experience and beliefs ~ and these may not be right for you, so you take on board their issues and life starts to change in ways that don’t make you feel good.

This is where you look within and ask how you feel about a situation, about the change that is occurring ~ not reacting as others would have you. The only constant in life is change ~ so you can choose to either fear it, or embrace it and enjoy yourself. Take charge and see where each opportunity can take you. Each obstacle in your path is either a block or a stepping stone ~ choose to step forward and see what lies behind the tree, over the hill and in the water. If you fear living and therefore play everything safe from your comfort zone, then you are already dead. You are stagnant and will not be able to move. Slow suffocation, often depression and anxiety.

If you wake each morning and greet the world and ask ~ what new adventure awaits today? You can change the energy of your perception. Life can be fun. Life can be joyous. When doing things in one way doesn’t work for you anymore, try a different way ~ and that is especially true in your thinking. Change is inevitable, your reaction to it isn’t.

Channeled message from Lemur:

Child of the Dawn I ask of you a question. Though you can survive by yourself, can you truly live alone? There are times in every life where we crave solitude and regeneration, and there are times when we need others around us who are like us. Even solitary animals need interaction at times. Humans are social creatures by nature, forged with a deep yearning to be accepted as part of the tribe, to interact and live together. Sometimes when hurt occurs, it is easy to get into the habit of being alone, for alone you are safe. Your comfort zone is your illusion, for you are not really safe. You live in a world different to reality. If those who you have been around are not supportive or encouraging for you, if you feel worse for being around them, the answer is not to avoid the world, but choose differently who you socialize with.

A tribal community is forged with trust, loyalty and commitment to each other. Everyone has a role to do, a task to complete and within the community, you complement each other. Life is about living your passion, not playing it safe. To live your passion, you need to interact and be within a community, for you need to share your passion ~ that is what keeps it alive.

Everyone has wounds, and everyone can heal. Avoiding people, avoiding life, and avoiding your dreams is an act of self-punishment, not survival. When you hide, you stay in the memory and fear of that which you are hiding from. The alternative ~ you can merge within your tribal community and find people who understand, uplift and support you to move into your passion where you can again truly live. Don’t stay hidden in prison, be brave, step outside and not only live your passion, but share it within your tribal community.

Channeled message from Gorilla:

It is easy to judge and it is easy to pity the self when injustice comes your way. It is easy to sit back and blame another for their wrong doings. It is not easy to love another and hold a space of non-judgment. Humans perform atrocities within this world, the only animal to do so. We find it confusing as humans have the ‘higher intelligence’, yet your life seems so complicated to us. Somewhere along the way, the knowledge about the reason for being here has gotten lost, and life has become about power and control. This filters all levels, as those controlling need people and beings to control.

Life turns in cycles that is the beauty of nature and learning needs to be assimilated. There was a time in human history which was the era of the warrior. Bloodshed followed and it was about control and domination over people and land. The warrior followed the rulers command. Then came time for the peaceful warrior ~ those who stood up for the rights of those being controlled. Tactics were used to wage war, without harm. There is no such thing as a peaceful fight, it is still a fight. The way of the peaceful warrior is a step up from the warrior, they have searched their conscious and found that they do not agree with the rulers. They are rebelling. They are angered by the injustice and have the need to take action in some way that fits with their moral standing. This era is also at a close now. it is time, for the peaceful pilgrim. Those who teach by example. They don’t ignore what is happening around them in the world, they send healing intention and prayer, but they do not engage. They focus their energy on what they want the outcome to be ~ will it, and see it occurring. The pilgrims like Mother Theresa knew that war, hunger and hatred existed, yet they put their energy into peace, love and abundance for all.

The pilgrim is not afraid to speak their truth, they simply live their life from their highest truth ~ love. This is akin to how we are ~ beings filled with love and compassion. We are slaughtered as trophies and food, we do not fight back. We are pilgrims in life offering love and compassion. We know that one day, enough awareness will rise to support a change within the world. To raise awareness, we have to be true to ourselves. In life, action is needed ~ just ask yourself to feel for the way forward within your heart, not your head. What is the way forward with honour and integrity? And when someone hurts you, see beneath their action to their wounding underneath ~ it is there, and often you will see a frightened child who is acting out in a way that they think will help re-empower themselves. See their wounding, and see how they have had their power stripped away ~ then help guide them forth into a new way of being. This is a challenge in life ~ are you ready to step out of your wounding and see beneath the surface of others actions? Are you ready to be the pilgrim who leads the way through peace and love?

Channeled message from Chameleon:

Life is what you choose it to be. Every situation is simply an experience and it comes down to how you interpret it and respond. While an event may be a trauma and downwards spiral for one, the same situation is a motivation for another. How you see the world is a programmed response you learned as a child. Do those habits and beliefs still keep you safe and happy within life? Or are you a prisoner within your comfort zone?

Humans live differently to animals, you are in such a hurry all of the time. Why? You miss out on so much when you strive for a specific end point, you miss the journey. You miss seeing the beauty within life and you miss so many positive experiences and opportunities within life.

Take a breath. Simply look around you and for a moment take stock of where you are, what you have and what you feel. Are you happy with where you are? What can you change? Will a spring clean out shift the energy within your home or office? Can you be of service to another in some small way? Can you commit to yourself without it becoming an obsession? Can you just be?

I am a conscious being. I use all of my senses and I know the world around me. I am slow to move, and I watch everything that happens. My two eyes don’t work in unison, so it gives me the opportunity to see every situation from different angles. I see what others don’t. I choose to see the opportunity and I hold on tight. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is a choice in life, and sometimes choices lead to hurtful situations. There is always a choice, even if it is a choice you wouldn’t take ~ it is still there. So if you find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be ~ look at the situation from every angle. How can you find the opportunity? Don’t base your choice on past experiences, look for what could get you out of your comfort zone, therefore giving you more options within life. For some, losing a limb is the end of their life. For others it is an opportunity to do things differently and strive to achieve more than they ever thought possible. They see the opportunity to pull out their inner strength and resilience and move forward. It is a choice. Get support if you need to, but choose to move forward, not live in the past.

Channeled message from Lion:

If there was only one thing to say to you it would be this: stand tall with confidence. There are two types of people within this world, those with confidence and those without it. Those with confidence generally achieve all that they desire and more as they completely step up and choose what they want out of life. They lead ~ how they lead and what their morals are is a separate issue ~ the point is they stand up and push themselves with confidence to achieve. Then there are the followers who don’t have the courage to stand tall. I understand that this is due to early humiliation, betrayal, abuse and much more ~ where you have started a pattern as a child and it continues into adulthood. Yet I ask you ~ do you want to live your future forged with glasses that see only the past? When will you let go of living your past, and be in the present looking forward to the future?

Everyone has the ability to stand up. Often they need a cause and don’t see that they are cause enough. if you are not the most important being in your life, then who is? If you can take one step in standing tall, eventually that will become your new habit and you will find that not only do you rise to the occasion, but you will find your inner strengths and see you for the majestic and beautiful being that you are. Call on my energy when you are struggling feeling overwhelmed or at a point when you need to stand up and be heard. I can support you to believe in yourself, your self-confidence and you get a sense of inner knowing that all will be well. A lion stands strong against his adversary, and in calling in my energy to support you ~ you to learn to stand strong, to release your fear of insecurity, limitation and helplessness.

Be clear in what you want to achieve, make the decision and act on it ~ be creative, confident and trust in your ability to follow through. Everyone is capable of anything in this world, if only they would believe in themselves.

There is nothing is more important than being true to yourself ~ to draw on your inner strength, confidence, and determination to stand up for what is right in your eyes. When you need to stand up, walk tall and be a leader, be heard or require assistance in releasing your struggling feeling ~ call on me, embrace the power and feel my wisdom and truth in every cell of your body. You are enough as you are. You are courageous and strong.

hippopotamus wisdom via Candy Alexander

Via Candy Alexander Animal Communicator & Spiritual Healer. 2015. Source: Animals Supporting Humans on Facebook: see more about animal medicine and messages over there. There’s also a funny story how mother duck yelled at Candy for disturbing her babies (Jan 22): told by Candy’s dog.