Animal communicator mysteries




Animal communication related mysteries: Burn Out was published in 2011 and Wet Work in February, 2015. Animal communicators are everywhere…  We’ve seen them in pet psychic mysteries before, and even in romance novels.

Also pop culture wants its share of hot and popular themes – and why not? People love to read. People love animals. People are slowly but surely beginning to understand the concept of animal communicators and pet psychics and the potential it has. If we listened to animals more, we would have solved many mysteries already, deadly ones or others… but alas, as humanity, we seem to take our time.


Another pet related newbie I’ve recently seen on Amazon, talks about pets in afterlife and it is written by Maximillien de Lafayette, who has published loads of spiritual stuff about other subjects as well. Like always, we notice the ones with animal wisdom in them here on Tailbook.

Time spent with an interesting book is never wasted.



Have a nice weekend and the 1st of May! We go a little crazy in Finland when we celebrate this time of the year, so if you are on the same continent, hold on to your (white) hat.