That was fast!

In March I noticed that the precious, wise dog called Stormy had gone to the other side. He was a famous animal companion with a lot of wise words and lived with animal communicator Laura Stinchfield. Stormy left this world peacefully and his “last words” were amazing. You can see Laura’s post on Facebook on March 5th.

stormy with laura

This is going to be awesome! –Stormy the dog when he was getting ready to leave the earth plane

hudson 2015

At the time I was a bit preoccupied with my own sorrow for losing my soul cat, and I have also avoided Facebook a lot these days (too much small talk for my taste), so only today I learned that Laura has a new puppy, called Hudson, and surprise surprise, he is Stormy who made a quick return back to his earthly home, to be with his beloved friends again. (He was stunned when he noticed that he knew the bedroom so well when he stepped into the house for the first time.)

That was a very quick move from Stormy. I am so happy for Laura and her pack. It also woke a hope in my heart to get my “special soul cat” back to me one of these days. (I miss the cat energy.)

What I also loved about Laura’s status updates was that the ravens in her yard had noticed who is back. They were heard saying:

Look the black dog is back in a white body. –The ravens about Hudson (previously known as Stormy)

Animal communication really does make life much more interesting and exciting.

Welcome back, Stormy-Hudson. I am anxious to hear your puppy wisdom in this new body of yours. Soul is still the good old Stormy…