Vocabulary is infectious

Animal communicator Eden Cross posted on Facebook on June 13th bits and pieces from an animal communication session with this beautiful dog.

Like she says, animals do pick up your language… So if you like swear words, it is quite likely that one of your pets might learn to use them, too. (Maybe in an animal communication session?!) (It is possible that they do not understand the meaning of the word. It does not stop them from using it, like happened to this parrot.) The longer they stay in your life, the more they begin to be and act and talk like you. Even your belief systems might transfer to them, so think, before you think.

Your energy field becomes one with the energy field of your pet. That connection is forever, because it is made of love… In a way you can say that you are infectious – because everything that you have, your pet will have. They do not only pick up the language, they often pick up the diseases we have as well. They are healers, masters, even gods, as one cat wanted to share earlier this spring. The pets in our lives are quite fascinating and clever creatures… I have read so much and met so many animal communicators in social media over the years that nothing really amazes me anymore, but I always feel joy when I listen to the words of smart pets or animals.

I like this dog!

Here’s the post Eden Cross posted:

bit and pieces from a dog communicationJust read this fella and he had quite a lot to say… but one of the funniest things is that I asked him how he was doing and actually replied with the following words: “In general everything is good”. His mom admits that she talks like that, so clearly he’s learned to speak like she does.

He is showing me a whistling tea pot ~ which his mom says she does own! Then he shows me a wire hanger and when I ask her what that could mean, she laughs and says a friend of hers made her toss out all wire hangers and bought her a gift of nice wooden hangers. He shows me a green Iams food bag, and mom says she’s now giving him the adult formula in a purple bag…and I said apparently, he’d rather have his old food from the green bag! One other thing… He does say that “SOMEONE” likes very late night, midnight or… ice cream!

This pup also said, “I’m panting and pacing and whining! I heard you were going on a trip and I want to go with you!” Then, I add that it seems to me, that his mom is going to the hospital for surgery… Turns out that she just went on a trip without him (but the next trip she assures me and him, he is going with her!) And, that she actually works for a hospital. While he told and showed me 1-1/2 pages (typed) of things, most of it is specific for his mom to know… but, I thought you all would enjoy some of these bits of the reading! Each animal and every reading is so very different!! But, they never cease to amaze me!

Eden Cross in an animal communicator located in Florida.