His name is Zorro

mystery man

It’s been windy and wild week.

Wild meaning the black and white cat that appeared to the neighborhood a while ago. He was standing in the yard one day (exactly where Mr. Purri loved to hang out with me) and seemed to be hungry and friendly and only mildly wild. I gave him food and he ate like a maniac, nothing but a skin and bones he is. I have seen several signs lately about zebras and felt that Mr. Purri might be making his comeback. He said “I will make a return. I will be the colours of a zebra for my next life.‘” via Edwina Gustafson. I had difficulties to believe it in my mind, so I did not act on it, I just fed the cat and gave him time to make his move. And what a move he made.

He got chased into a tree couple of nights back by a dog, around midnight, and was screaming for help, hanging in the height of 7 or 8 meters, horrified and refusing to even try to come down. I spent the next 20 hours trying to persuade him to try to come down, but absolutely nothing worked. I was getting desperate seeing his agony. It was a hot day with 25+ C degrees and he was exhausted to the point of blackout and then he would have fallen down freely from the tree and probably broken many bones while hitting the huge stone right under the tree. Fire department said that they would not be interested in saving a cat at this point. They told me to wait until evening. I managed to give the poor cat some treats with a long stick and that was all I was able to do. He was crying like a baby.

But then the neighbor saw the situation that took place on his land and came to rescue and took the cat down with long ladders. Then he surprised me by telling me that the cat had been living with them for a week in June. They are not interested to give him a forever home… He told that the cat belongs to no one and he is a wise and a very friendly boy indeed, who makes cartwheels when you tell him that “you are a good boy”…  I said I have noticed the wisdom in him already and that I am actually ready to take him, if he chooses me to be his person.

The feeling that the cat is Mr. Purri got stronger and stronger. Decided not to share that with the neighbor, though. :o)

The black and white cat made hell of a ride to get here. His tail is broken from the tip. He is nothing but four long, thin, bony legs. His fur is filled with resin and he is the dirtiest little cat I have ever seen. Now he is resting with me. Eating and getting his strength back. He is thin, but gorgeous boy in the colors of zebra. I wanted to respect Mr. Purri’s words about zebras and thought that he would need a name that begins with Z. So Zorro it is from now on. He actually has the mask of Zorro on his face, hiding his eyes almost completely.

We need to make an appointment with the vet. We need to get rid of his gorgeous balls. (Sorry about that guys.)

I am stunned if my soul cat is back so soon. He said he would be back, but I never saw him coming as fast as a lightning! Not even after I just witnessed how fast Laura Stinchfield’s dog made his return to earth…! I mean, it is much faster process than human brain is able to understand. But the laws of earth do not apply upstairs. We always need to remember that. Heaven is a place where miracles happen every day. Miracles happen also on earth but human eyes can be too blind to see them… I know I am sometimes way too stubborn to believe all the signs I see – and I have seen plenty lately.

I have felt that my cat is coming back this year, but I never understood how fast it might happen.

In this picture Zorro is resting in the cool shadows, exactly in the same spot where Mr. Purri loved to hang out a year back.

I can see the same look in his eyes, but maybe it is my mind making tricks… ;o}

Good grief. I need an animal communicator!

I need to hear the story of Zorro.