3 questions with Kashmira A Elavia: Animal Communicator

“Animals are much more evolved than humans. ” Heard that before, straight from the horse’s mouth, and believe it, too. Animals have the guts to live through the heart center, while humans are still lost in their way too big heads… ;o) Thank you for sharing.



Kashmira is an internationally certified Access Bar Consciousness Facilitator and an Animal Communicator, par excellence. My craving for understanding my pets better, was manifested when i asked Kashmira to do a reading for them, she has never met my pets , every word she spoke made my heart thump with emotions, it was soothing to know what my pets think about their surroundings.

Kashmira conducts workshops for Access Bar, Angel Therapy, and Animal Communication. She can be reached at.


1-presentmoments-  how do we interpret animal incarnation?


Many a time I have been asked this question, which is quite interesting. Firstly let me tell you that all animals do contain a consciousness. Some species contain a more developed consciousness than others.
Man has often thought of the elemental, plant, mineral and animal kingdoms as lower than himself. Yet all are part of creation and all contain consciousness.
All forms…

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