Zorro’s friend request

cat friend request


I ended up on Fiverr the other day while looking for something from the Internet. (I’ve never heard of the place before.) Since there were animal communication services available – I always check for them: wherever I go – I asked to hear a quick few words from Zorro, just to get the idea what he is up to.

And he sent me a friend request!

I kind of like that, because Tailbook is Facebook to my liking: BS free zone with animal wisdom only… and with animal friends. ;o]

Zorro is one lively young boy, always ready for adventure and does not seem to be willing to snuggle on the sofa all day or chit chat with me very much. I have been thinking that maybe he is not Mr. Purri yet, but there is a connection, since the signs were so clear with this boy… So, now I know that he is a cat looking for a friend. I accept his friendship, offer him food and shelter, but also his freedom to roam the nature, if he so chooses to do.

There is still summer out there.

He is outside at the moment, wearing a collar that he hates.

His words in the picture I posted earlier on Tailbook, were:

Can I be your friend, too? I miss him also, he is a long time friend of mine.


He might not be the very same soul cat that lived here before, but he was certainly sent by him (Mr. Purri) to keep me company at a time when I could use a really good friend. Thank you for that. We take it one day at a time from now on, Zorro.

There is something about the friend requests of animals, that can really touch your heart and open up your heart center. While with friend requests from strangers on Facebook you always end up wondering “what does s/he want from me?” with animals you always know that they come to you unconditionally, never asking more from you than you are able to give in that moment.

Zorro’s friend request is easy to accept with an open heart.