Dog wants to chat with angels!

This conversation with Hudson the dog is one of my favorites.

Animals meditate quite often, but obviously Hudson has forgotten how to talk with angels.

Duh! (Welcome to the club, Hudson.)

I bet he remembers his natural ability in no time, just like Laura tells him.

Angels might not be winged creatures, like majority of humans seem to think, but nevertheless: helpers they are and can offer some help on your journey. Maybe they come to you in form that suits your needs best. They can do that. They are magicians, too. But so are you… If you miss your angels or guides, like Hudson here, sit down and relax and let them come to you.They won’t come without asking them to do so. They respect you and you do have a free will, after all. They won’t meddle with that, they do not have the permission. You create your world, from the inside out… Hudson is going to re-member his innate skill soon, and maybe you can refresh your abilities as well…  While meditation methods might vary, the result is always the same – you get to listen to your heart. That is all that matters. Now more than ever. There is magic in the air this fall (or spring). The energies have changed so much on this planet that it is easier than ever to peek through the veil… if you have the courage. We have gotten the biggest energy update of human history… and it is beginning to show, in your heart and then in the world around you… maybe even in the news, eventually. (If you are watching the news. I haven’t watched the news in years…) I suggest you watch the animals instead. :o} Just look at them. Animals lead heart based life and that is probably the reason why we are so attracted to them. And just by being themselves, they manage to transform us magically. Nothing else is needed. Only BEING. Here and now…

I wish Hudson and all of you good luck with your meditation practices.

Have a great weekend!

Let’s meditate with our animals!

They would love that…

dog misses angels


dog likes talking with angels