Reading material for the Holidays

I just posted 4 books with links to Amazon to Animal Communication Books blog, if you seek for animal wisdom related reading material for Christmas.

Wait, there’s more.

sacred journey short story

This book is a short story, a fantasy is you like, but might be worth to take a look at.

Escaping at night from her home into a nearby forest, Leah is expected by the animals that live there. Communicating via mind-speak, one animal with mystical powers and two others guide Leah to a sacred clearing wherein lies a magical moonstone. It is here that Leah will encounter someone from her past, a beloved whose presence initiates a sacred, everlasting ceremony. Leah’s escape and trek is revealed in counterpoint to the experiences of four trackers who are continuously confounded by strange, unexplainable situations. Unbeknownst to them at the time, forest animals are creating subterfuge situations to thwart the trackers’ ability to find Leah and bring her home. When they find her at last, the trackers experience a life-changing event, one that bridges a gap between their beliefs about reality and their wonderings regarding the mysterious unknown.

Doreen Cox: A Sacred Journey on Amazon

I’ll be spending the Holidays with books, how about you?