Purrfect advice

cat wisdom

A little piece of advice to humans from a cat.

Found from this little ebook (Kindle Store).

Image source: https://www.instagram.com/headtrack/. (The cat in the pic is not Bella.)

When asked her best advice, Bella replied with numerous tidbits:

  1. Don’t disturb the earth.
  2. Go with the flow.
  3. Don’t leave anything behind that you wouldn’t want to be left behind by those ahead of you.
  4. Don’t go out of your way to hurt anyone.  Give pain, and you’ll get pain.  Sometimes you start the ball rolling, and you can’t stop it.
  5. Wisdom comes at great cost.
  6. When you lose your way, you have many opportunities to gain wisdom.
  7. The earth will supply everything we need if we flourish it.  (Yes, she said flourish, not nourish.)
  8. If people would learn to blend again with the animal kingdom, all their needs would be met.
  9. Kick the bucket before you kick a cat!

She added, “We have much more power than we realize.  Every thought brings something new.” Then Bella evidently grew tired of explaining her world-view.  She asked, “Why do you always ask me for more?  Everything I’ve given you has been gold dust.” And that was that! She abruptly turned off the communication for the day.

Great advice for the rest of the year – and beyond… The average reading time for this little book is more than an hour, so there is plenty of feline wisdom – gold dust – as Bella said.

Well said, Bella. It really is golden wisdom. Sometimes if feels like throwing pearls in front of pigs, when you try to spread the awareness about the wisdom of animals among humans (muggles), but you just have to have some faith in humanity… There will be the day when the pigs fly… so to speak. So, kick the bucket, before you kick a human.


Gotta remember that…




In addition, did you know that amazing Australian medium, healer and animal communicator, Amanda De Warren, has published a book? You can buy it from her own website.