The S-word

bella the cat talks feline wisdom


I bought the book I mentioned in the earlier post.

Lucky for me Chats With Cool Cats did not arrive for Christmas and I felt like I needed my daily dose of cat wisdom: I surely got it.

Bella the cat is sharing quite profound wisdom from stress, to bird hunting and to whiskers. The cat tells us not to judge them, “until you have tasted the mouse on your tongue…” This cat is not an idiot and she knows it. (I think all cats are like that.) She walks her talk: she refers to stress as the S-word in the book… Animals are very clever with their thoughts: they know you get what you ask for and every thought you ever make is like a prayer…

I am taking this book to bed with me tonight.

You should consider reading it as well, if you have a cat in your home.

“I put it (stress) all beneath me. I walk over it… on top of it. Stress is beneath my paws; I never let it get to my head. It’s really easy once you get used to it; you just keep on striding. Sometimes if feels good to run, but only in choppy, little steps like kitties do, not long, galloping leaps like when a dog is chasing you – that’s more stress! I love to let the stress go-o-o-o…. it goes from my feet all the way up up to the top of the trees. People think it’s the wind, but it’s really stress! — Ignoring stress is best. Don’t even define it as stress; just call it jumbled up energy or anything else you want to come up with! Once you’ve identified it as stress, then you’re susceptible to it.”

Bella the cat  in ‘Ask Bella – For Purrfect Advice’

Bella calls the dog of the house heartily with the word doofus. She has brilliant sense of humor. Comedians usually have relatively high IQ and this cat has one. I can tell from the times I have laughed out loud while reading the book – and I am not even finished with it yet.

Losing sleep tonight, but gaining in wisdom.