Furry signs

lyn ragan pets

Reading signs is not easy, if you are not used to listening to your heart. I know that very well. I did not read the signs well last summer, even when it was all written on my forehead and everything happened exactly as my late cat told it would happen… I was still struggling. And the cat had to get stuck to a tree for one day, until I was ready to accept that it was coming to live with me.

So, people can be stubborn, scared, in denial or just blind to the obvious when it comes to signs or the language of the heart.

Very common signs and easy to conjure up through the veil, are for example butterflies, feathers and coins. I’ve had my share of all these, in the weirdest of places. Maybe this book [Kindle Edition (US), also paperback available] by Lyn Ragan gives more tools to your sign toolbox and gives you confidence, if you are looking for signs… Often the signs are already there: there is no need to look for them.

Oh, yeah. Smell is one of them. Sometimes smells trigger memories better than anything else. The latest blog post about that was posted in Kate Sitka’s blog recently. She writes about ghost dog pee; among other things. :o)