I’m in the belly


dog star

Did you lose a pet last year… to the stars?

Well, we never really lose them…. They find their way back into our lives if that is meant to be.

Nancy Windheart wrote a heart warming blog post about animal reincarnation just as 2015 ended.

puppy in the belly

Truth to be told, you do not need to be an animal communicator to find each other; spirit will always find a way, when two souls are meant to be with each other. Love will find a way. I am one (humble) example of that. They just know what they are doing, our animals. They are always one step ahead. (Probably when you are an animal communicator as well… *giggles*.)

Never lose your faith in puppy love…

Happy New Year!

May it rattle every love bone in your body.

happy new doggy year