Cats vs. Birds


Bella the cat shares this with you in her book, which I love.

There is always reason, whatever happens, on a spiritual level. We do not always see it, if we are not looking with our heart. That is why, we as humans, are so keen to judge cats for their urge and instinct to hunt birds. But they know what they are doing…

Sure, we love it when they hunt mice, but birds… What an agony it seems to be for some people!

However, controlling nature is a game humans will lose. We need to go with the flow, with lots of respect and communicate with other species, in order to learn to trust the flow. Because we know what we are doing, if we trust our heart.

By the way; that is something you will never learn in school. That is something only nature can teach you… and silence.

After you learn about animal communication, silence is not what it used to be.



Listen to the animals, before you judge.

Listen to your heart, before you judge.


Works well with fellow humans, too.