A cat who cannot stop staring at her human

staring cat cute human

As a cat person, you might try to find the reasons your cat stares at you. This is quite common actually and if you google it you will find numerous places and resources trying to explain this cat behaviour. As humans, we love spectacular or scientific speculations about the reasons animals do this or that… (This is sometimes quite frustrating to animals themselves.) Usually the answer is far more simple than we think. Usually the answer is love… no matter what the question. This is something I have learned and accepted quietly in my own heart during the last 8 years of studying animal wisdom.

Against the popular memes and beliefs online, I would also like to say that. a) NO, there are no evil cats who try to take over the world and b) NO, there are no cats who hate you with their evil stare… That is just your imagination playing tricks with you.

I was faced with this persistent peculiar cat behaviour with late Mr. Purri. His blue, Birman eyes were always watching me, endlessly. He was the embodiment of The Police song “Every Breath You Take“. He never even seemed to blink! I swear I never saw him blinking his eyes, and we lived together for 2 and a half years. He just kept on staring at me from his favorite place – usually closer to ceiling than to floor. Whenever I turned my head to see him, I would find his big cat eyes fixed on me.

He was my “soul cat”, so it never made me feel uncomfortable. Not even if I was naked, because he loved to stare at me also when I was bathing. From the cat’s point of view it might be rather mind-boggling that humans use water to clean themselves.

If another person stared at me like that, I would probably call the police (no, not the band). He was that intense.

In Maia Kincaid‘s book The Cat’s Meow – Chats With Cool Cats, one cat called Peaches reveals why she is staring at her human, for hour after hour.

What makes you adore her so much Peaches?

Well. Hum… Gosh, now that you ask, it is tough to say one thing in particular. I adore everything about her! For instance when I look at her, I could watch her for hours. She is so entertaining, and so cute as you humans would say! You know how it is when you love your pet and you can’t keep your eyes off him or her? Well that’s the way it is for me with my person. She is absolutely precious and adorable! I could watch her for hours and hours, and I do! And I want her to be safe and cherished everywhere she goes. I also want her to have everything she ever needs and wants, including that I want her to be with people who cherish her like I do. I want her to feel fulfilled in her life and I want her to be freely expressive with her creativity and ideas. I want her to be in places where she is encouraged to be expressive. And more than anything, I want her to love her precious self like she loves me.

That is a whole lot of  cat love.

When Maia began this session with Peaches she asked, if she knows why Maia is contacting her.

She said: Of course! When Maia asks that how did you know, she answers: I arranged it! 

And how did she arrange it? By pooping outside the box.

That is one, universal way for cats to get the attention they need in order to deliver their message/lesson to their humans.

The poo or pee outside the box magic is quite often the reason why their humans contact an animal communicator or a pet psychic.

Then the ultimate reason behind the unwanted behaviour is revealed and it is is often… something quite unexpected and amazing.

Like love.