Differences Between Humans and Animals!

Great and wonderful words of wisdom for human BEings, once again, from a cat, with love.


What animals often are able tot do better than humans is to recognize their own strength and accept themselves. Granted animals are not reading articles about the amazing things other animals do. They are not watching red carpet shows where the women are an average of a size 3. They do not have societal definitions of what it means to be a male cat verses a female cat—-they just get to be themselves in relation to the immediate world around them. Many of animals actually see that as a huge part of our reason for being on Earth—to just be ourselves. In our instance, Karen, part of my job was to model being strong and centered for you knowing you had it within you and that you could grow and magnify this part of you. Actually everybody has it in them! Karen you have been listening to a tape…

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