Reptile wisdom

I just noticed that ‘An animal Communicator: Living With Reptiles‘ is also available as Kindle Edition.

We had for example an alligator, a snake and a frog as our guests in The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine. They have amazing wisdom to share. If you love reptiles as pets this book might help you to understand them better.

Never judge animal wisdom by the outlook. Big mistake… ;o}water snake wisdom from PSW

The frog (toad) we interviewed in PSW (3) actually said that humans look pretty funny in the eyes of frogs. He was amused about it – not judging. He also said he knew all about the story of Prince Charming. Nothing escapes animal kingdom. Animals just seem to know everything we do and what we think… They are masters in surfing the web of love and there are no lies, no secrets in that web.

Remains to be seen when our little human hearts are ready to open and surf in that web. Until then, it is the World Wide Web and all the scammers and spammers out there. o_O They are the true reptiles.

I know my English is not perfect and definitely was not when we published our e-magazine several years ago, but all those issues are filled with amazing stuff that never gets old. The magazine was done with a big purpose and a big heart, with lots of love and love has the tendency to rub on you, so I hope you have sometimes time and patience to read our old issues. If you have, it is meant to be. :o) Nothing in life is random.