Plot twist


Our summer came with a bang. First, it was 1st of May… and suddenly there was such an intense heat wave it made everything grow and bloom in one week. Needless to say Mr. Zorro is happy about the growing grass. (He is not the one who mows it.) He has a new cage and spends time outside every day. He feels safe there and later we walk in the grass together.

In addition it seems that we have at least 7 squirrels living nearby. They seem to enjoy hanging out with Zorro. They sit close to him and they look like they are talking with each other. They seem to be completely immersed in a deep conversation and I do not have the heart to interrupt them when it happens. Whenever I take Zorro out he seems very excited to meet his friends. He sits and waits until one of them arrives.


So I can’t say that I was surprised yesterday when an animal communicator briefly mentioned in an email that Zorro says that he has “wonderful, deep, cheerful conversations with the squirrels, quite fascinating to him”! “He gives the feeling like chatting with them is like meeting up in a cafe with a fascinating friend that never gets boring.” (Squirrels are never boring… I understand Mr. Zorro perfectly.) Zorro also mentions the squirrels tell him about the adventures and places they’ve seen; this fascinates Zorro as he describes himself as adventurous and curious of what is beyond in the outside.

Adventurous squirrel friends! The best plot twist ever! ;o}

This is definitely a good squirrel year. Soon it will be one year when Zorro was rescued from a tree and he came here to stay. He has grown up to be such a gentleman, he reminds me of late Mr. Purri — who is also one of his friends, according to Zorro.


UPDATE: This is what he looks like after long chats with squirrel(s).

rest after chat