They read you, love you and sniff you

You cannot hide anything from your pets. They know absolutely everything about you. They read your thoughts and words like you were a walking, talking picture book… So they also know when there is somebody coming to talk with them (pet psychic, animal communicator, pet medium). I’ve heard several times how pets come to see an animal communicator while they wait for their turn to talk. They are so very excited to be able to really talk with their humans! (They do that — naturally — all the time, but they also know that humans have busy heads and hear them only in very rare cases.)

Sometimes, when there are many pets in the household, they get jealous if somebody else gets to talk with the pet medium first. Sometimes they might wonder if the one who is going to talk to them is an animal, or a human. Jeanne Miller shares several examples of this in her new ebook, Pet Chatter 2 (Kindle Edition). She also shares the comment she got from one frustrated pet, who had to wait for the animal communication session for way too long.

pet medium u look alright 2 me

This book is fantastic, like all the other books by pet medium Jeanne Miller and highly recommended by Tailbook. (Also the vampire short story.)  I almost wet myself while reading this ebook last night. It made me laugh, and cry, and that is always a good sign… ;o} If you are new to Tailbook and still wonder if your beloved ones (pets or humans) can hear you on the other side, a cockatiel named Jack shared a little clue:

Tell them I love them and tell Dad I’m always a breath away. People think the other side is far away, but it isn’t. It’s only a couple of feet away but you have to get through the vibrations to get to it. So I’m close and far too, I guess. But I’m there and I hear everything and will come flying at a moment’s notice.

In a chapter called ‘What They Say to Me’ Jeanne shares:

A cute Pomeranian named Callie seemed surprised to see me when she walked into my space. When I told her I was there to talk to her, she said, “I know. I was told, but I wasn’t sure if you were going to be a person or a dog.” I told her I hoped it was OK that I was a person, to which she replied, “Oh, yes. I like people… sometimes… sort of.

In a chapter called ‘Critter Comedy’ a late senior/rescue cat shares from the other side:

Oh, how I loved the smell of her hair and head. Everyone has their own scent and hers was beautiful to me. I loved to sniff her hair. I would do that a lot when she was sleeping, so it wouldn’t bug her. But I just couldn’t get enough of her essence. That’s what comes from having a beautiful soul. Your head smells good.