Wild ride of a soul

When I added Dana Dvorak (Los Angeles) to the list of animal communicators I also found a little message from Cecil the Lion. Remember him? He was one of the numerous animals (or people) who make sacrifices to make a point. We do not wake up easily on this planet! Cecil chose to play his part just the way he did and showed great strength, courage and love.


I’ve been reading Robert Shapiro’s gigantic book Animal Souls Speak lately and several animal species have said to him that they are going to leave this planet in a few years, for good, if they are not respected here. (The earth is not our Home, just like it is not the ultimate Home for other species…  We are ALL aliens here. If you would like to learn more about it, Robert Shapiro is the one to read. ;o)

I’ve seen similar messages from other animal intuitives as well. At least lions and cows have shown their willingness to leave the earth behind, but these things take time and they have their free will in the process, so there is no absolute truth about these things. No matter how things play out in the end, it is probably quite clear to humans what is happening when the process of exiting this plane begins and if their choice is clear, there is nothing we can do about it except to accept it.

This is something that I’ve pondered to myself for years, actually. Spiritual people often tell you that we are not supposed to save other human beings. They have to do it for themselves, it is part of their soul lesson on earth. (In addition, animals hate to be “rescued”, they would not use that word themselves. All they seek for are friends and a family!) It is like you were in a plane crash: you have to save yourself first in order to be able to help others — or be in service, if that is what you choose to do in this life. To be an example and shine your light. To be the lighthouse you came here to be.


Come to think of it; lighthouses do not run amok, saving things and lives they choose to save.

To me it also seems that it is a bit arrogant and selfish to believe that you can save someone, especially if you try to do it against their soul contract or their will. From where I am standing, I believe that the only way to save another species on this planet – including ourselves – is to love and listen to them and respect their wishes or choices. All life, and all death, should be respected equally. Every soul knows what they came here to do and they do not need too much interfering.

Personally, I can’t blame any of the souls who wish to leave this planet these days… and I see nothing “bad” in it, sad maybe, yes, but nothing about making that choice is bad! And once they are comfortably on the other side, they will be watching over us; just by shining their light an love on us. They are never allowed to interfere or make choices for us, in that sense they are exactly like our spirit guides and angels. They never choose for us. They have loads of respect for us to let us make our own choices in this circus of free will.

When you look at the Presidential Elections farce going on in the US (LOL) and the chaos that is escalating fast (only chaos can create something NEW, alas!) worldwide, it seems that we are in for a pretty bumpy and exhausting ride. At least that is what the mass media wants you to believe when they force-feed their crumbs of fear crusted, carefully chosen information down your throat. However, these are the times when love must be chosen instead of fear. You know it on a soul level, so keep cool! Changes are never easy on a soul and we are going to face some BIG ones that challenge everything we have ever believed in.

We chose to be here, in this time, but some of us also choose to leave this show, and they have the right to do so in my humble opinion. Free choices are done every day: brave choices, difficult choices, “wrong” or “right” choices, loving choices… Choices that have been written with love to the very soul contract of each person (or animal), but you just forgot what you signed for.

(I have obviously signed for a lot this year on a personal level. I have lost the last of my family and now I might am be facing the death of another cat friend. – Who is giving me a great lesson by playing his part and he is happy with the chosen “diseased” energy, mind you. I have my own, personal Cecil here, kicking my spiritual ass, trying to make it evolve… Sure, I respect the choices of my family and their points of exit as they happen, but that does not mean that it is easy. Hell, no. Selfishly I think that I have been “abandoned”, even when I know that this is not what is happening here… Being human is as fun as is pulling teeth out without local anaesthesia…!)

The consciousness of animals is higher than the one of humanity and typically, animals are often much more aware of the contracts and choices they have made or are just about to make. We as humanity, are going to experience a lot of surprises (and maybe pain, too) in the (near) future. Maybe we learn to live and learn, not repeat blindly stupidity of previous generations and never learn from it. The life as we know it is going to change dramatically and so are changing other life forms on this planet, the ones that we know of and the ones that we are still unaware of.

Comfort zones are being burst and discomfort zone (the unknown) is the new black. It will be interesting. I can only promise that I am not going to save you… It is not my job to do, you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself. All I can say is: life is short, live it. Nobody is going to do that for for your either. If you learn to love unconditionally in the process, congratulations are in order: you have evolved to the same level with animals.


I doubt that there is any way to embrace yourself, to handle the imminent chaos (natural, economical, political, personal, spiritual and so on) except to just keep an open mind and hold the love in your heart. Love knows the way. Love is never surprised, because it already knew what was going to happen… The heart loves and the mind judges. Thoughts that come from the mind are judgmental and , but thoughts that come from the heart are unconditional. That is all there is to it….The mind with its never-ending reasoning is overrated anyway, pretty much like a certain cat in Robert’s book pointed out: the reason for so many wars on earth is our human education and civilization.

There is often a lot of pain in history, the cat says.

True. The pages of history books (or personal diaries for that matter) are filled with pain, fear, resentment, anger and even greed.

The more we remember it, the more we are inclined to repeat it.

No wonder I hated history in school…!

To me it is painfully clear that we have civilized our hearts out of love and we need to learn to love again. If there is no love, there is no hope and I can understand perfectly why so many souls – or even whole species –  see this planet as a hopeless case and wish to leave. I am not going to judge them for it, or persuade them to stay. The choices already made on a soul level cannot be judged on our “human” level, because soul sees the bigger picture, the greater good for all. I do wonder, every damn day, if humanity is ever going to see the greater good, but we are probably going to have to when the going gets really, really wild…

This is just the beginning.

Try not to Trump over your fellow creatures, in case you panic.