It’s not a goodbye

zorro cat master with black mask

It seems that Zorro is one of those rare cats who has FIV. He was a stray for the first six months of his life. His mother was probably a stray too, and she did not have enough food to take care of herself and her kittens. The virus might have come to him even in mother’s milk. We will probably never know and we do not even need to. Zorro says that he is not going to blame anyone! Life happens, and I agree with him my whole heart. Life happens. Nothing is good or bad, all is just life.

I am sad for the situation, but somehow my intuition always told me that Zorro is not going to stay with me for a long time. I do not know why I felt this way, but it seems that this is the case. He is very happy because his well-being is my number one priority. He says that he has gone through a lot of healing and growth during the one whole year that we have spent together, even so that he was not even aware of the virus in his body. He says that the energies are so high over here that he has in a way transitioned to not being so in tune with the physical state of his cat body. This is also the reason why he is not having too much pain at the moment. His body might be getting a bit heavy, but his mind is very happy.

He is going to make the most of this life, and I try to assist him, with teary eyes. He is walking outside with me every day. He has learned to walk in his harness and he has even hunted down two mice this summer, even when in harness. I am so proud… :o}  Zorro is very appreciative for all the energy healing I have done for him. (I use reiki + pranic healing and tuning forks.) He tells me to do the healing for the highest good, without any ideas how the healing should take place.

With the help of an animal communicator he says he is proud of me because I have the understanding and acceptance of the situation. He keeps on guiding me to surrendering and letting go of resistance, to find my inner peace and happiness. (So, once again, things are never as they seem to be with our pets.) He adds once more that he does not have pain that makes him suffer. Zorro says he does  not choose to perceive the pain in which way we humans tend to think. (Animals do not dwell in their pain, like humans! Maybe it is a matter of choice. A free will, if you like.)  He says that he is so grateful to have the life, love, acceptance with what I have given him. In knowing this, he is able to transcend the pain and in the end it is not as big of an impediment as he allows it to be. He does not deny the pain, but he does not give in to it either. He also tells he wants to inspire this way of being to me… it’s another gift of guidance he wishes to offer me. He is strong, but he is also tired, physically, not spiritually.

He wants me to know that when he does transition, it will not be difficult, because of the high joy and loving state he has with me. He is already in a higher frequency, so that it will be natural and simple process. And yes, he desires to come back to me in another life.* He also shares that he has a need to look out for me, he wishes to continue doing this – always – whether it be in the spiritual world or until he returns in another physical form. He says that if he does, I will surely sense it is him. He adds not to expect or have limitations around these things, he just tells me to stay open and happy. Then everything will happen the way it should if it should.

Happiness and joy are the key to many miracles in life. I find it a bit difficult to feel happy and joyful these days… This year has been a difficult one and it would have been even worse without my beautiful and ever joyful cat boy. I will never say goodbye to this boy. If it is meant, he will make his comeback, but he has to leave before that… It is not quite yet time to shed tears to his black fur and call for all his angels to guide him back Home. There is still some summer left and the grass is green and the air is clean and we can take a walk on the face of the beautiful mother earth together.

 Sorrow is not needed here. I’ve had a great life, and still do, Zorro adds.

I know, because I was/am there.


*  I will naturally accept him back to my life when the time comes… Even when about a week ago I was frustrated because he did not seem to eat at all and I knew something was really, really wrong with him and I cried and told him that “This will be the last bloody time that I will take a cat! You just come and go, just like you please, You and Mr. Purri! You come and then you die and stop eating and whatever.” Zorro was sitting on a window, looking at me with wide eyes for a couple of seconds and then he jumped down to the floor and walked straight to his food bowl and began to eat. I was laughing. He has shown me numerous times that he understands every word I say to him. — When his hearing is not selective… He says that we are very connected intuitively, and that is a fact. Unfortunately I am not quite able to trust my intuition.