Wild whispers and mind reading

Like I posted earlier in Animal Communication Books, Amelia Kinkade‘s latest book is out. That was the best news! I am thrilled, because it was published early. This book, called Whispers From The Wild, seems to be filled with profound animal wisdom and also great insights from a person who has been professional animal communicator for many years and who has traveled all over the world and met thousands of animals. From the first glance I think it is probably the best book Amelia has written, but then again, I have always loved her style and I am biased.

After 20 minutes of reading I already had tears in my eyes. I hope my Kindle is waterproof… because I am not, when I am listening to animals. They have their way to make your eyes leak. ;o)

So, make no mistake about, Amelia is out and about, to give you a wild ride in the magical world of intuitive interspecies communication. No heart remains unturned when reading animal communication books. They are the best workout ever for our little, lazy human hearts, who are teeny bit afraid to love.

(My first quote from the book can be seen on Tailbook’s Instagram page. I will surely post some teary quotes from my Kindle later, because this book is going to bed with me tonight.) 

Oh, by the way, there is a great article online written by animal communicator Nancy Windheart. She is answering an interesting question on her website: “Do Animals Read Our Thoughts?” (<— I dare you to read the whole article, if you haven’t already.)