Reiki thoughts and reading material


Energy (healing) is such an alien idea to modern people, who never seem to believe anything that they are not able to witness with their own physical eyes. People seem to think that if it has not been on TV, it must not be real. Or if scientists have not proved it to be there, it just does not exist. When you begin to walk down your path as a reiki healer, it is actually very difficult to believe what is happening, even if the people and animals you send energy to give amazing and positive feedback.I guess it is the same with animal communication. It is just impossible for suspicious human minds to understand! Dare I even ask that does everything really need to be understood precisely?

There are millions of things out there that we do not understand very well — yet they work very well.

Love works.

Even when we hardly understand it.


I have learned to understand animal communication through reading hundreds and hundreds of stories about this subject. I have used the services of animal communicators many times. I have no doubts about it. Nada. I certainly have no doubts about the power of reiki or other energy healing forms either. I know it all works like magic, even if I am not able to see a thing. It is love at work, after all. Love is an invisible force, yet easily felt in every beating heart. Love makes miracles happen. I know that… I know that love is just a little thought that crosses our minds… and even before we have said the words, it is already out there, performing magic.

I know it is all very, very real, yet is is hard to trust myself and my abilities as a healer or an energy worker.

(Don’t even get me started about me as an animal communicator. Duh!)

The first feedback I got from a horse via animal communicator after an energy healing session done by me was priceless to me. I was floating in the air for the whole day, because the horse patient had clearly had an amazing distant healing session, with blue angels and all and it was happy and felt good about herself. It changed the behavior of that horse almost immediately. I felt blessed and happy for the horse. I thought: this really works! It kind of amazes me every time, even to this day. Yet I crave for more testimonies from animals how it feels to be healed.

animals-on-reiki-ebookOne of the best places to read about animals experiencing reiki – as patients AND as healers – has been the wonderful website of Reiki Fur Babies. They do an amazing job with animals, humans and the whole planet.

Today I came across a little book called Animals On Reiki by Nancy Schluntz and I do wonder what this book can offer. (At a glance I’d say this book is a must read for people who are passionate about (traditional) reiki and its basic principles.) The list of different animals and their messages is a long one.

Some of us healers, like me, love to send healing for animals, because they are so responsive and grateful and the results are often much faster than with humans, who have thick barriers (of mind) around them.

In my case the first time I got feedback for the healing I had done from a clairvoyant person was the ultimate eye-opener for me. I sent the energy from the distance and that very night, for the first time ever, I felt guided to use spiraling energy to cleanse and to energize her aching body. I had no idea where that thought came from, but I decided to roll with it.

I visualized spirals of white and golden light moving through her body over and over again and then, when the session was over I forgot about it and went to bed. The next day, when I talked with her she described exactly how the spirals were moving in and out of her body and her chest (she had flu and asthma) and even if I knew what I had visualized the realization really hit me hard: every thought I made that night while sending energy to her direction happened exactly the way I told the energy to manifest itself.

Holy shit! This shit really works, I thought once again. It was so awesome to hear how powerful, how precise it all had been the previous night. There I was, sitting and visualizing things in my little head and it all had happened. Wow. It is a power that comes with great responsibility. Thinking, I mean. Not all of us work in the name of the Highest Good like reiki healers. It becomes a bit scary when you think that all of us send all kinds of mental vibes to other people every day, every night. No matter where they are located on earth (or the universe) they will feel it. And what if you send negative energy to somebody – just by cursing him/her in your mind? Be sure it all manifests in the receiving end of your fury, in one way or the other. Negative energies may cause random mayhem wherever they do. (Do not forget that also pets react when confronted by negative energies and vibes and they may be the very reason for their unwanted behavior.)

Makes me wonder how the ugliness of the Presidential elections in the US affects the body, mind and soul of the poor candidates, not to mention the masses who watch their evil tongues at work in media day in and day out. It just makes me ponder if anything good can grow out of a shit storm like that. On the other hand, shit is the best fertilizer – especially holy shit – so maybe something good actually comes out of all the (media) chaos… but I just hate the ugliness of it all. It is disgusting and it makes me ashamed to be a member of the same human race. It makes me really sad. I do not feel sorry for the US – they have chosen their path and mission at this time, so they know what they are doing. They have their collective choices to make and I am sure they make them exactly as they are meant to as they go.

Anyway, thoughts matter, as I have so often said. Our thoughts are energy and energy always comes before the final materialization. We have great power in our minds. You do not have to be a reiki healer to send loving, healing thoughts. Everybody can do it. (This is something Amelia Kinkade will also tell you in the book I mentioned yesterday.) Exactly the same with animal communication – it is an innate ability in all of us, you just have to believe in yourself. — I may repeat myself, but just like me, we all need reminders of how powerful beings we are. Every day, because we tend to forget.

Me, I’ve always had really hard time believing in myself. It is a mind virus planted to my DNA by generations before me, and it takes time to change that old pattern. But it is possible. For me and for you. Believe in yourself and don’t do like I do – do like I say! ;o} We are multidimensional beings of light, filled with the very same force than the Lord Almighty. We are his/her children and we are learning something new about ourselves every day on this devious planet. I am grateful that we have animals as our teachers and now I am off to Kindle Store to buy the book I mentioned above, because it is once again time to listen to animals.