Couple of quick reads for your quality time

at-face-value-by-linda-saracoI added animal communicator Linda Saraco (Massachusetts) to Tailbook’s list of animal communicators yesterday. I already noticed her blog a while back but got distracted and forgot to add her to the list. She was kind enough to kick my ass and remind me. ;o]

Linda guided me to Kindle Store where I found two quick reads from her: At Face Value and The Secret of The Greater Mountain. The latter one will get updated later according to Linda. (It is available as paperback on Linda’s site.)

I am happy tell you that I am getting a copy of this (picture) book as a gift, so be sure that I will mention it again later on Tailbook and in Animal Communication Books blog.

secreat-of-greater-mountain-by-linda-saracoBooks about animal communication for children are rare. Children are not to be underestimated when it comes to intuitive interspecies communication. They are natural talents. (We all are.) Just look at the babies when they communicate with your family pets! Open minded children are not shocked to their bones with these ideas… not at all — only adults are, even notoriously so.

Come to think of it, Dawn Baumann-Brunke’s Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication With All Life (paperback) is the only one that I can remember on the spot that is meant for younger readers. It is a great read for great minds. And we all have great minds! We just do not know it… and we need special, furry or not, four-legged or legless animal angels to remind us.

I apologize I’ve been so very absent minded lately that I haven’t blogged much. Even so, I have to share with you that Tailbook has been read a lot in 2016. I can say the same happening with my Finnish blog, where I translate bits and pieces to Finnish.

People are very drawn to animal wisdom these days (happy dance) and when they click once, they are drawn to click twice… When people find a blog that talks animal, they are going to stay there for a while. That is what I call quality time. Time spent with animal wisdom is always quality time, online or offline. It sparks a light in your heart and it is the light you recognize instantly and intuitively. It is the light of Home, a place where your true sparks can come through naturally, without fear.

UPDATE: Laurie Moore has written a book about animal communication for children, teens and adults alike!