The Wise Woman of Cassadaga, FL

Chez Muñequita

munequita and nellie Muñequita and Nellie Edwards

Muñequita wants you to know that Nellie Edwards, a psychic of Cassadaga, Florida,  is a beautiful lady, hair like snow, eyes blue as the sea under the sun, both as new and as timeless as each dawning spring. A small woman in her chair, her presence filled the room as if she’d spread wide intangible wings. To look at her with your eyes is to feel that you have only seen the tip of the iceberg.  She has the feel of Faerie about her.

For three weeks, Muñequita looked forward to her appointment and she drove four hours from Tallahassee for her reading. It was everything she could hope for.

Nellie reached across her table and took Muñequita’s tiny paws in her hands, just as she would with a human client… and then she shut her eyes.  Nellie has a gaze like the oceans: sometimes light…

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