The absolute truth of everything


When you are looking for an animal communicator to work with, you have a lot of choices. The whole world is your oyster, because there is no time or place in the dimension where intuitive animal communication takes place. (That would be the web of love. I like to use that term, because as you might already know, love is an invisible force, yet you can easily feel it in your heart when you are in love…) No matter where your pet is located, or earth or in heaven, an animal communicator will find him or her. It all takes place on an energetic level.

My only advice when struggling with the decision, is to use your own intuition. You surely have one.

Some pet psychics/animal communicators say that pets DO NOT reincarnate. Or that they do not reincarnate as humans. Others, on the other hand, have dozens of cases that tell a completely different story: pets have incarnated on earth to be beside their human soul companions in multiple lives, sometimes even many times in the same human life. (Like for instance Mr. Purri, my late cat. When I looked into those eyes, I knew there was a soul of an old friend behind those blue pools of color. Even when I tried not to believe it. I began to cry while looking into those eyes. For a moment I thought I was an idiot. I am glad that one of us was sane in the process — I can tell you that it was not me. But in the end Mr. Purri got what he wanted: me as his person.)

Some animal communicators use the word “mom” or “dad” in their communication sessions. Some others prefer to say “their human” or “their person”. Some people completely refuse to use the word “owner” when they work with pets, because nobody can be owned. This is a matter of taste. We all have our preferences.We are different. You can’t blame people for being different, because you are also unique and there is no other you out there.

Some animal communicators use terms like “heaven”, while others do not. You need to remember that all the information is being filtered through their own, unique personality. We all have different lives, families, religions and cultures. They have tremendous effect on what people believe to be true. And if you are looking for the absolute truth of things (about You and Your Pet) you will be sorely disappointed. There is no absolute truth out there, because things (=energies) are in the constant movement (of change). Even science is changing. It changes as the times go by. So do other belief systems. (To me science is just another belief system among others.) If you stick to an old scientific fact/an ancient belief system of your ancestors like it was the one and only absolute truth, you will be surprised some day.

I think we all will be pretty surprised some day when we learn more about our soul connections with our animal friends, wild or domesticated ones. We have heard a lot from animal kingdom, but I bet we will hear much more. (Tailbook is 5 years old, but my journey as an animal communication advocate is 8 years long path. One path that I will always cherish in my heart. Thanks to Amelia Kinkade and her first book Straight From the Horse’s Mouth.)

It is also good to remember that we do not know how magnificent we are. We are multidimensional beings of light and our thoughts have dramatic effects on our cells (animals know this very well indeed – and so should you) or even on matter. I surely hope we learn to use our innate gifts and talents for good some day, before we destroy every living body on this planet. I say body, because our souls can never be destroyed. They are eternal. I also think that the ability to communicate with animals will be a norm in the future. It is what we truly are… but we are so much more. Much more than we can even understand right now. Even spiritual people fight with each other sometimes, when they try to understand what is going on on Earth. That is how we humans tend to be: we want to be right. But that is not possible… because the truths are changing as we are changing. We are the change and it is useless to struggle against it. The energies are so, so very high right now… The earth is shedding her skin and it will be interesting to see what is on the other side… of Trump. ;o) He is a very big catalyst for change (new) and it will be interesting to say the least. I am sure everybody on the other side of pond agrees with me.

Like it usually is, change comes from the inside, with a change of heart. One great trigger for your personal change can be an animal communication session with your beloved pet. You won’t regret it, I am sure of it. The only thing between that is the difficulty of choosing your animal communicator. Visit websites, browse social media and read customer feedback, but most of all: stick to your gut feeling. If s/he seems to be on the same wave length with you and s/he uses the same lingo than you, then you have found the perfect person for you and your pet. If the person in question is very famous, but you do not like his or her way to do things, I would suggest that you keep digging and find somebody else.

Just as it is in your own life: sometimes you like the people you meet, sometimes you don’t. You don’t invite the people you do not like to your home and your life, do you? Same thing with animal communication. You deserve the best one for you and your pet. — But don’t worry about it too much… Just go with the flow and do it. Like I have seen happening many times; your pet probably guides you behind the scenes already. Somehow these things usually work out just fine. We are always in the right place at the right time. Life is magical in that way.

Naturally, there are some people who go animal communicator hopping in hopes of getting the perfect answers from their pets, if they do  not like the ones they get. Animals do not lie and sometimes when they talk their truth out loud, it hurts and it is difficult to accept their point of view. But that is another story, a story of an inside job that has not been done in the heart. Animals always touch your heart when they begin to talk and as much as it brings joy and wisdom to us as humans, sometimes it can be simply painful. We just have to accept it as it is: growing pains.


Thank you for reading! Have a great month of December! This is it! I wonder if Santa Claus believes in animal communication? I know I do believe in Santa Claus… ;o} He lives in Finland, you know. No matter what the Swedes try to tell you.