Work with your spirit animals


I’ve been reading Dawn‘s book Dreaming With Polar Bears lately – it is one amazing book… Mystical yes, but also quite informative about the polar bears and their arctic life. Dawn is the one to read among animal communicators, just like Amelia Kinkade, my number one favorite person.

If you ever happen to read that book — and blow your mind — Dawn offers another book that helps you to dream with your very own spirit animal(s).

Inviting, isn’t it? If you haven’t started meditating yet, here is a chance to make that promise to your heart – and keep it. We humans do a lot of dream work while asleep, but things get much more interesting, when you are able to remember those dreams.

rooster-year-gnomeI have never been very good at remembering my dreams or being conscious of them. I think I erase my mind in the morning to protect myself. There are things that I am not ready — or willing — to know at this point of my life.

Remembering your dreams also takes practice. Practice, practice, practice; just like animal communication. You need to make that first (baby) step. Remember how brave you were when you took your first step as a baby? Even when it seemed impossible at the time? And look at you now… You are a master of walking.

All these abilities, dreaming and communicating with animals, are asleep inside you. They have been there all your life, waiting for you to awaken your heart and soul once more, to be the person you came here to be. It is all about a choice, naturally, on the ultimate planet of free will. The choices are made according to the passions in your heart. What are you passionate about? What makes you tick? What kind of person do you wish to be… in 2017? The year of Rooster, the year of Trump… Are you going to be dreaming, asleep or awake?

I have learned not to make promises to myself that I might not be able to keep, but I promise to be more conscious of the choices that I make on a daily basis. In just a few days it will be winter solstice and that ignites the hope for spring and soon the darkest days of hibernation are over.

Until then, happy dreaming! Dream with your beloved pet! Let him or her be your inspiration, since s/he is certainly one of your closest spirit animals.

On that note, my lovely cat, Mr. Zorro has been quite happy, joyous and playful recently. He is a Christmas spirit incarnate and such a strong ray of light that Christmas lights are hardly needed when he is shining his light on me. I am happy to see he is feeling well after his unexpected virus diagnose earlier this fall. He is still beside me, destroying shoes & shoelaces and demanding me to throw him a ball – like he was a dog!