Talking Chicken

Wild Magic Reiki & Animal Communication

Animal Communication can be weird. It isn’t something you control, but rather something you become open to.

You acknowledge that animals will speak with you, and at times through you, just as people would: often without warning and little or no preamble. They can be just as opinionated as humans, and often just as silly.

For example, one of my dogs once asked if I was going swimming as I was sinking into the bath tub full of hot water. He was quite curious and confused at the concept of soaking in a bath. He also considers hiding away in what I’ve dubbed his man-cave (aka under my bed) when I’ve been away “delightful”. He’s a Parson Russell Terrier, to be clear.

One of the aspects I’ve had a harder time grasping in my journey with animal mediumship is the reality that not all animals who speak with me are in the room…

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