Learn to see with the heart

One of my favorite animal wisdom quote from Ellyn Elizabeth’s blog. This is what the Web of Love is all about. Learn to see (and listen) with your heart. That is the key to a BS free world. No spam. No liars. No idiots… because Love is never blind. Love is the ultimate Seer… The rational mind is blind — if you let it wander in the world all by him/herself.

It takes a heart to see the whole picture. It is dangerous to trust the arrogant Ego as well. Your Ego always wants to be right, no matter what the cost, so sometimes it makes you see what you want to see, not the real truth in the core of the matter.:o}

“You don’t have any idea what you are doing to this world and we are crying out for aid, where are you? You measure ice with your tools (if you can call them that) but you do not take in the state of your hearts.”

Polar Bear via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ https://wildmagic.blog/ ]

Yup. The rest of the messages from animals are pretty powerful stuff as well. Big words in small bites. Let them sink in. One quote at a time. Read them often. Thanks to Ellen for posting them. I have enjoyed these lovely posts a lot lately and will share the love, like I always do. I guess I like to think that even if one person a day reads one message from the Animal Kingdom and his or her perception of the world shifts – even a little bit – then my work is done here.

I am still foolish enough to believe that people can change for the better.

Yeah, I am a dreamer.

I am not alone…

“We are your most immense supporters, your greatest allies in this war against pollution. We can show you ways past it. We can show what you do not know. You have only to get past your egos and allow a teacher other than your own kind. Have only to listen. Let it be known we are ready when you are. To commune. To be united in combat against what is destroying us from within. We are waiting for your next move.”

Mountain Gorilla via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ https://wildmagic.blog/ ]

Oh, I almost forgot.

“Our minds and our hearts are one as are you all, if only you would allow yourselves to see. Stop waiting for permission: wake up.

Polar Bear via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ https://wildmagic.blog/ ]

Well put. You do not need permission from anyone in order to wake up, to see with your heart.