Meditating with animals

Animals are very good at meditating. They are perfect guides and company to do it, so go for it. You might think that this is just another coffee table book, but the reviews on Amazon seem to praise it. Great gift idea for animal lovers, even if you do not have pets. — I bet you can just as well meditate with a fly, or a spider, if you have the guts for it. And why wouldn’t you? Spiders might spend hours sitting very still in one spot. They meditate the shit out of you in no time. :o)  Kindle Edition (US). (Hardcover is available as well.) More about Pamela. (If you need more reading material for the summer, check out the latest finding in Animal Communication Books blog, if you like whales & elephants.) Animal wisdom is just a breath away… Relax, breathe — and listen.