Archangels & Animals

Exciting book to preorder (out in August, 2017) for those of us who love both angels and animals. Diana Cooper usually shares profound messages in her books — no matter what the subject — but this book is one I am personally waiting for. There will be 44 different animal species (or other beings) explained. See what Diana says about the book on her site.

Here’s something to ponder this summer, when you are out and about and come across one of these creatures.

For example, rabbits from Orion are tuned into the Song of the Earth and they are connected to Archangel Gabriel. Part of their soul mission is to work with him to try to harmonise people and animals to the true notes of Lady Gaia.

Spiders from a different third dimensional universe are working with sacred geometry. They build their webs against gravity and are showing us that, when we hold a vision with determination, anything is possible.

Ladybirds really do bring you luck and open new doors for you in the universe.


Source: Diana Cooper: The Archangel Guide To The Animal World