Smell the flowers!

Some tortoise wisdom to cheer you up! Two tortoise quotes from the latest book from Stacey Clarke. The previous one was Living With Reptiles. Both available also on Amazon UK. I stopped and enjoyed reading these two books a lot. As a person who has no idea what is going on in the head of a tortoise – or a snake for that matter – I felt these varied thoughts from other species were just as good for my soul as a varied diet Spot mentions above. :o]

Reiki for animal communication

Lourdes has some pretty cool reiki videos on YouTube, this little energetic tool supports your animal communication practice. Naturally you have to meditate and practice in order to succeed… But here’s a little helping hand for you. Couple of them, actually. ;o}  Great energy. I could feel it swirling in my third eye and then it went to my heart center. Magic!

Check out also these useful tips for animal communication.

Not one rose is random on this planet

One of the reasons why I never stop reading animal communication books are beautiful stories similar to the one of Rosie the cat below. This seemingly “random” cat found her way to where she belonged with a little help from a spirit cat. And she carried a big surprise in her belly – even after some idiot had kicked her with a big boot and almost killed her.

Life is miraculously working in mysterious ways, yet always keeping things in perfect order. How could we ever learn the beauty of life without the work of animal communicators?! Everything will always work out! Relax, and let life carry you. Big lessons in every book in my library.

Like so many times before, I am sending a little “thank you” to my English teachers. Without them I would never have been able to read all these stunning books. However, I am pissed off because nobody in this stupid little country is translating & publishing these pearls of books to Finnish. Only me, and my resources are small and simple. I work one blog post at a time.

If the computer starts up. Often it doesn’t.


— Rosie began to tell me about her past life; about how she was so hungry she went inside the humans’ houses hoping someone would feed her. About how a man in a trailer would kick her. She hurt all over from the impact of his large boot on her frail frame. She landed on the ground and hurt even more. After that, she was afraid to go inside the trailer when he was there.

Then sadness emanated from her as she began to tell me about her mother. First the love came as she remembered the smell of her mother and her mother’s gentleness. Her mother hunted for food for them both and they lived under the trailer. There was rubbish there where they could hide. She loved the warmth of her mother’s body as they curled up close together. Then one day her mother went to hunt for food and did not return. When darkness came, Rosie ventured out to search and found her mother and thought she had fallen asleep, but she couldn’t get her to move. She had been hit and killed by a car.

Rosie became terribly sad. I asked her to continue her story and told her that one day she would meet her mother again in a beautiful place where she would be happy. She informed me that she knew, as she could see her mother in the spiritual realm, but she still missed her very much.

She continued her story, which I have put into my words.

For some time she tried to make her mother get up, but she didn’t move. Rosie became fearful, then, as two dogs came running towards her. She ran up a tree to get away from them and stayed there for the rest of the night.  After her mother’s death, she had very little food and was terribly hungry. Some days a little girl brought her food and tried to play with her.

Then one night a beautiful black spirit cat came to her and told her to follow him. He said he lived in the spirit world and was in the same dimension as her mother. He told her he did special work and he was going to help her. I instinctively knew the black cat she mentioned was my cat Wellington who had passed away only a few months before.

Rosie followed the spirit cat until he stopped in the darkness and told her to wait, a white van would be coming up the drive and a man would be in the van, a kind man that could help her, but she must let him see her. The spirit cat said he would wait with her. Rosie told me she felt safe with the black cat and he stayed with her until she saw the van lights beaming.

The van driver was my husband Fitz. Wellington had led Rosie to Fitz, knowing Fitz would help this beautiful tabby.

I now knew that one day Wellington would return to us.

At our house, Rosie dined on fresh fish, turkey and chicken cat food served to her on beautiful china saucers on her own personal place mat. She devoured all the food that was placed in front of her. As the days passed and Rosie’s time drew near, I moved her to her own ‘apartment’ so she could be away from the excitement and noise of the other animals. I felt a quieter environment was better for a pregnant feline. I was on the phone talking to my friend Sylvia’s two dogs Topaz and Brandy when I saw Rosie going into labour. Her contractions began about half past five in the afternoon. I asked Sylvia to hold on while I covered my sofa with towels and sheet. Then, as I continued to talk with Sylvia, Rosie jumped up my side. Within five minutes she was beginning to bear down.

By this time, Sylvia was as excited as I was. Though I’m not a drinker, I was so carried along by Sylvia’s enthusiasm that I could have downed a large whisky just to steady my nerves. I found I was quite anxious. I asked Dr. Thompson, my spirit guide, to help me. He told me Rosie was capable of taking care of everything. How right he was, but she did have a difficult labour with each of the three kittens.

Rosie let out a scream as the first kitten arrived, then began purring and washing him. The impact of this new arrival was stunning.  As I watched Rosie clean the new kitten’s long tabby-marked body and saw his lovely face with his eyes tight shut, I knew that Wellington had returned.

Cat Talk by Sonya Fitzpatrick. Kindle Edition.

Horse power


This book looks good enough to eat. It is worth to add to your Wish List if you love horses and energy healing. I bet there are also some useful meditation practices, if you wish to communicate with your horse. This book makes me wish I had a horse! Just kidding… I am a cat person with serious crush on horses. Kindle Edition.