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Shamanic vision for an old horse

Shamanic visions can be beautiful. This one was done for an old horse by shaman/animal communicator Carla Meeske. Shamans – even modern ones – can seem a bit intimidating or “weird” for some people. Well, this vision is not weird. It made me quite humble in front of the wisdom of the spirit horses, who are getting ready to call one of their own back home.

Helping the owl in distress

Animals can sense whether your intentions are good or bad. This dude certainly had some good intentions on him. What a great conclusion to this unexpected and unfortunate adventure – for both of them. Beautiful team work.

The world is like a sensory overload

Animal communicator Susan Raffelle (UK) has written a great blog post where she describes what happens when she communicates with animals. We people can sense a lot of things, with all our different senses, when we are quiet, intuitive, aware and sensitive.

What it comes to dogs, they do not have to quiet themselves – or practice – to become aware of the swirling energies in the world around them. They already sense every damn thing and it can be overwhelming, scary and even painful for them. This was the case with Bess the dog as Susan describes one of her animal clients:

Animals can convey their feelings to me – these can be emotional, physical or mental. They can give me an idea of why they behave a certain way or what is troubling them. We can discuss why a certain thing bothers them and find a way for them to view it differently. Bess, the dog mentioned above, was terrified of cars. She would rush at them barking, causing her owners great concern that she would be hurt. Via distance animal communication sessions, we spent time talking about why she was so scared. I was shown that Bess found the combination of the smell of the rubber and petrol, together with her sensitivity to the stress and aggression being unwittingly conveyed by the drivers as they rushed past her, was overwhelming her senses. She was being affected by smell, noise, movement and feelings. My idea was to spend a few days with Bess travelling with me as a virtual companion in my own car, talking to her about the drivers only being people and showing her how to be safe around cars. To my delight, her owners reported a huge change in her behaviour around cars and she became calm and unconcerned on her walks and ignored cars that passed by the garden.

TED has an informative video about the magnificent dog’s nose.

It would be foolish to assume that dogs chase cars “just for fun” or because they “hate cars”. Bess above told a clearly different story. On top of her other senses, she was stressed because she felt the road rage of the frustrated drivers. (Good grief, road rage is even becoming a thing in Finland! People are absolutely mad out there and the mental state of humanity is clearly revealed on the road.)

All the animals in our lives can and do absorb our (often harder) energies. They are particularly sensitive to the feelings that we humans bottle up, refusing to let go of the baggage – in a healthy way. (Because it hurts. Sensory overload can be painful! Just ask your nearest horse.*)

These well hidden emotions and feelings can act like a time bomb. They can make you ill eventually — but did you know that they can also make your pet ill?

Animal communicator Tammy Billups has something to say about this. Another animal communicator Terri Wallace has written a great blog post about these unwanted energies and how animals can easily get rid of them (Thank God!).They are the masters of energies, after all. (Especially cats.)  

We can do the same… maybe not by throwing up (or driving like James Bond), but maybe, just maybe, we could cry when we feel like it?




*Animal communicator Faye Rogers did. She got a stunning revelation about the way horses see and sense colors. The text is taken from her site.

Text copyright © Faye Rogers, New Zealand.

The nights of the living links



I used a couple of nights to check the links on the list of animal intuitives (animal communicators, pet psychics, pet mediums, whatever you like to call these cool people). It was a chore but it had to be done.

I learned in the process that some of the animal communicators had made their transition to the other side during the last couple of years or so. Rest in peace, folks. You are in the place where nonverbal communication is the norm. You must feel like Home.I imagine the furry friends you met and helped and communicated with on earth are licking your faces right now, dancing with happy paws around your (light) feet.

Come to think of it, I remembered Cindy Grogan‘s (the sensible psychic) book OK, So You’re Dead – A Sassy Guide To The Afterlife while clicking the links. I loved that book. I have no other explanation other than I just could not help it. I like witty, funny books with weird spiritual humor. (Cindy is still on the list of animal intuitives. She is not dead.) And guess what? She has published a new book this year. It is called Your Pet Has Died. Now What? — A Pet Psychic’s Tips To Get Through The Grief. From the looks of it, it might soothe your aching heart when the pet loss hits you. It is such a devastating time in every animal lover’s life.

Is it too soon to write to Santa? I kind of need to get that book on my hands…

What it comes to the living links on the updated list, some websites looked exactly the same as they looked 6 years ago and some had a fresh new design and lots of new stuff for potential customers to read or listen. Just remember that the appearances are not the key here. (These people might actually be busy, living their lives among living people and spreading their light in that way. We are angels for each other and angels walk among other angels. You do not need a fancy website when you are out and about and having fun while helping animals and their humans!) The person behind the design is all that matters. — Whatever you do, use your gut instinct when you choose your animal communicator. Social media might help you to make your decision. After all, they are ordinary people with different personalities and you are drawn to the one that is out there for you.

I know it might not seem easy to find an animal intuitive from the list of 400+ service providers, but hey, it just might work. Close your eyes and click. Play some Russian roulette with your mouse. — It surely felt like that when one of the links forwarded me to a page that offered me sex – or lingerie – I am not sure which…

When I took a peek on the social media side of life I noticed that there are many new animal communicators out there that I have not seen before.The groomed list will begin to grow soon.



Drop me a line if you want your animal intuitive web address added. At the moment I am only able to list your address and location. And I use first names to sort you in alphabetical order. I like first names, so I use them. Let’s not be too formal.




My Most Comical Moments as an Animal Communicator

“I wish the dog would go to hell.” — A Cat.

No small talk in the world of animal communication. I like that. ;o] –Lumen

Laughing Soul

Animal communication is a very rewarding to share with families. It is also hysterically funny at times. Here are some good giggles I have gotten over the years.

Having my tit mistaken for a squeaky toy ranks right up there! The dog was out of his wee marbles with bliss that we were going to talk, and also feeling anxious. As his stout body swirled in a circle next to me, attempting to climb onto my leg and slobber all over my head, he suddenly chomped down onto one of mine bosoms. I flopped back onto the couch and lost it cackling!

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Lorrie the pet psychic in the news

Slowly but surely pet psychics and animal communicators are seen in mass media to share the magic with puzzled “muggles”. Lorrie the pet psychic has been featured on This video is a quick peek to the life of a dog –and his daddy. This dog is truly worried about his dad! Pets! They know everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. :o) When you visit Lorrie’s page, you can read a little love advice if you are looking for love (human love or pet love).