Romantic love according to gorilla

People do stupid things in the name of romantic love, says gorilla to animal communicator Sandra Mendelson. Well… DA! But I’m afraid people do a lot of stupid things in the name of God, politics and money as well…  o_O I loved what this gorilla said! Sandra never saw that wisdom coming. I have to say that nothing surprises me anymore what it comes to animal wisdom. Absolutely nothing. They are such keen observes of the stupidity of humanity.

Romantic love has nothing or very little to do with unconditional love, especially if you are expecting another person to make you happy and whole.


Animal wisdom for an awakening world

Just posted this book to Animal Communication books blog. The pile of books about animal wisdom is growing and growing! Just the way I like it. You meet wonderful animals in this book. Like the horse who says this:

“I am energetically clearing you now. I am helping you to release sadness; that is the yawning. When you burp, you release anger. Your heart center is tight and anxious and needs to be cleared. It is bruised from not loving yourself and believing others who put you down. All the horses see it — that’s why I am going to help you. You must put a golden light in your heart every night to heal it. It is important that you believe you can let it go quickly.”

He continues on the next page.

“Horses send love to humans all the time. We are always multitasking,” he continued. I wondered how they could have so much energy to keep giving to us. Almost on cue, Emilion answered back, “I energetically leave my body and connect with All That Is to raise my frequency, as it gets lower being in a body.”

“Do all horses do this?” I asked him.

“Pretty much, but they find it harder to do when their human is going through a difficult time.”

So, human struggle can negatively impact an animal’s energy (no shock there) and impede their ability to raise it.

No shock there, indeed. I agree with Sandra Mendelson. We humans are harming other creatures on this planet simply by bringing them down with our heavy, often negative and loveless energy. We can do better. Much better. We are not stupid. We are just ignorant bastards. ;o}


Now get this book of animal wisdom for your Kindle, because Cecil is right. We must return back to love and the best guide for that is the majestic animal kingdom. (Sandra’s card deck with animal wisdom!)

(What it comes to the soul leaving the body I just posted another quote about it on Instagram. It is from Beneath the fur by Norma B. Peaman, another wonderful book for you to read.)

Bee the love

Every bug is working for God. This is sometimes hard to remember. Especially with the flies and mosquitoes. They bug me big time but the buzzing honey bees I love. They were rare sight this summer. Only in the late September I saw them as they gathered around my cosmos flowers and Mr. Zorro’s catnip. It was the famous Indian summer. Those days are gone as well. Now we have the tail of hurricane Irma here, throwing wind and water at our face. Maybe it is a good moment to remember the warmth of summer by thinking about bright yellow sunflowers and honey bees dancing in them…

Check out what kind of message Sharon Callahan got from the honey bees.

 “The virus carried by the parasite infesting the bees is present as a consequence of the negative thought forms generated by human beings, particularly those such as greed, power, manipulation, self interest, insensitivity, cruelty and lack of love. These negative states must be turned toward their opposites: sharing, humility, gratitude and Unconditional Love.”

Sharon Callahan 

I think I blogged about the negative energies and the bugs earlier on Tailbook… Our thoughts create things. “Good” things and “bad” things. Annoying things… Until we learn to create wisely. The bees are dying to help us, but they might die before they can finish their work, they share in Sandra Mendelson’s blog in her recent post.

Perfect timing is an inside job

Not all people who call themselves pet whisperers are actual animal communicators or pet psychics. That doesn’t mean that they are not doing something good for your pet. I came across this book a while ago and added it to my bookmarks and forgot about it.

Then I read some Anthony William. Now, as I returned to this book (written by a vet) to get a peak, I realized that this author is doing something similar with pets what Anthony William is doing with people. They see beyond the illusions and get under the skin of their patients.They both seem to talk about the dangers of unnecessary poisons, toxins and heavy metals we eat, drink or “heal” ourselves with (in the form of pills/injections).

According to William, we can inherit toxins (like DDT & mercury) from our ancestors and it is stored in our DNA! — Like all the personal drama was not enough a big burden from your family… ;o} Duh!

Nature (clean one) is the biggest healer in the end. It is simple, it is free, it is out there, only waiting for us to use it. With respect, of course. Not with greed like we do these days. This planet is the ultimate healer, but as long as we let money do all the talking, we will never see the beauty of the bond we have with our mother earth. (I guess we are used to the system that we appreciate our mothers only after they are dead. When it is too late.) It takes lifetime(s) to learn to see what we have right in front of us. Sometimes we are blind to the obvious.

I stand as a good example. I have never really been very enthusiastic about veggies or fruits.They are not very good quality during the dark winters on these latitudes. In addition, if somebody begins to nag at me that you really should eat them, I surely will not! Natural reaction to nagging is a complete shut off. Nagging has never worked for children and it sure as hell does not work for adults! (Or pets.) We all know it — or at least we all should know it by now.

It took a lifetime for me to be in the right mood, at the right time, AND to find the person who makes me really listen all that stuff about food. (I find talking about food reaaally boring. Eating it is much more fun.) Obviously that person was a medical medium. He told me in a way that I understand what happens in your body when you eat an apple or a cucumber. Or a carrot, or a potato. Or Cat’s Claw. Or whatever.

He sees beyond what the eyes can see. Of course I’ve been researching animal communication material for 10 years and I was open for the idea of using intuition as a tool to see beyond our skin. I already knew that the intuitives – animal or not – are the real deal. — They have living information to offer that changes from moment to moment. Spirit is always updated with the latest information at hand. Sometimes (science) books offer nothing but dead information. We can feel in our bones (I know I can) at this very moment how much our DNA has changed (energetically) that the old school books are…well… getting old. We evolve much faster than the written knowledge. At times science lacks behind the spirit. (All animal communicators say the same. So do I.)

Anyhoo… I was ready to let this information delivered by William to sink in. But I took my time… We all do. Change comes from the inside out. You can never really know when another person is ready to change his or her ways. Or how it finally happens. Some people geeks learn things in a scientific way, while others seek for information about the spiritual side of things.The key here is that they both love their shit! (Whatever you do, do it with love.) (What makes you tick makes things click.) (You get the idea.) There is no right or wrong way to do things when you do them with love. Live and learn. Love and learn. Love is what we came here to do. With passion.

Remains to be seen if science and spirituality ever really meet each other and shake hands and make up on this planet. It surely would make our lives much easier if we learned to work as a team and stopped judging and nagging at others. (Bless all the Gregg Bradens of the world who understand both sides.)

Religion is not helping either. Religions judge absolutely everything about you. And others. God is not helping either, if we do not help each other. God works through us, because we are pieces of God. God is inside us. True. Hurricanes make us help each other. Sometimes, when mothers are tired of nagging they become hurricanes. Take that. Rebuilding after chaos is possible only when we work together. Lesson learned.

Nagging at others about how they should live their lives on this planet is useless. We need to give them time to find their way on their own terms. Trust them a little. Love them a lot. Let nature take its course. Let them go through their own hurricanes before they are ready to evolve. In the meanwhile we can do what makes us happy and enjoy life. If you have to judge others and blame them for everything — do it with love. Lots of love. Because you can never change or control things outside yourself.

Come to think of it, new agers are nagging about love all the time. Love is the answer for every question ever asked! Well, it is… But I hate the way new age is also turning into one big religion and there is helluva lot of judgement also among those people. Love can also suffocate if you push it against everybody’s face like a soft pillow. It is like people ruin all the good things they have the moment they begin to think too much. Overthinking is something humanity does a lot. Animals have mentioned this several times. Smart animals! Nothing escapes them.

When my own eyes and head finally opened for the fact that I could heal and detox my body with the food I eat – or do not eat – I also noticed that some herbs can be used to heal my cat as well. (Be not afraid – we are not going to be green hippies for the rest of our lives! We just do our best to cope with the resources we have.)

I am happy Mr. Zorro is doing pretty well for a cat with a virus. He has his own challenges, as he says himself, but he is here to shine his powerful ray of light to my dark night of the soul. He is not very wordy man (his own words) but he knows how to play! I love him to pieces for that. Now, where did I put that papaya?! ( I never thought I would say that.)

Did you get struck by lightning?

As happy as animals are when they are finally able to tell their side of things, they can also be pretty darn surprised to meet a human who is able to hear them and also to communicate with them fluently. Sometimes they hear stories about humans who are able to hear them from other animals, and the thought fills them with excitement…  When you spend a lifetime or two among deaf, arrogant humans, pet psychics and animal communicators are… like a miracle. Life can surprise even the best of us.

The things they have said to pet psychic Laura Stinchfield over the years are priceless. Actually, it is easy to imagine children asking similar questions. They are so pure, innocent, curious… Surprised. Joyful. There are other animal stories as well, so please go and read the whole article.

May you feel same kind of childlike wonder on this fine Caturday.

One tree – One year

Trees live for a long time. (At least the lucky ones.) Their life is not as boring as we humans might easily assume.  Just see what happens in one year. They watch, sense and maybe listen to the messages from the blowing winds…

And then there are those who need someone to scratch their back and trees come handy in those moments, obviously.

If you didn’t know, Oribel Divine is one of the nature communicators who shares wisdom from the old trees. There are numerous animal communicators who like to communicate with trees (plants). There are no limits in the world of energies.

Such a profound wisdom they have to share, I hope somebody is listening.

In addition, I hope they do not mind when somebody pees on them. ;o}

Healing according to dog

Food for thought from animal communicator Leta Worthington’s blog..

There is a spiritual reason for everything that ever happens – or does not happen.

That reason is not something you can cure by buying pills from the pharmacy. The secret of dis-ease is hidden deep inside your heart, your soul. Yup. Good old soul searching… Soul searching is free but sometimes very painful and not for sissies. ;o} Sometimes we do anything to avoid soul searching!

Well, there is always the next life… You can do it then.

Animal Vibes

This book seems to speak the beautiful language of energies/frequencies and that is the language animal kingdom understands very well. This book is a pearl for all who love to work/play with energies and wish to learn more about animals at the same time. You can receive information with the help of this book from animals (real or mythical ones) but as the author, Melissa Alvarez, says these techniques in this book are not quite the same thing than animal communication.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Unlike Diana Cooper’s The Archangel Guide to The Animal World, Animal Frequencies includes a big group of mythical animals, like Unicorn, Thunderbird, Owlman, Cremlin and Bunyup. Quite a leap of imagination, isn’t it? :o) (Remember that in the world of energies thoughts are just as real as anything!)

See this fascinating book in Kindle Store right now! It is available in Google Books as well. I only downloaded a preview and made a mental note to get it later. — I was happy to notice at a first glance that Melissa thinks that pets can be totem animals as well.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Hell, yes! (They can even be soulmates, like one dog told Leta Worthington.)

I am a believer as well. I know my late Mr. Purri is a soulmate and a totem animal to me, and heck yes, maybe even God himself, ha ha. His energy is still so strong that I just need a glimpse of his photograph and the energy pushes through to me like a hurricane purricane when our eyes meet… and then my eyes begin to leak.

Not one person on this planet has had such an impact on me than that little cat. 

He is like a part of my soul in a very peculiar way. Maybe some day I can understand the mechanics of it. I recognize his soul whenever our eyes meet, photograph or not. Naturally, it annoys me that he makes me cry like a baby, but what can I do? He is a cat and cats are gods, says Kitty.

Animals are many things in our lives. They play many roles as they come and go or invade our dreams. We can work with them. We can learn from them. We can play with them. Or we can just love them and be with them. They are friends, after all.

Being is everything, like Mr. Purri said. You could just BE with animals. It is more than enough. You do not have to do something all the time. Relax.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Anna Breytenbach speaks in 2013

It’s a long one! Anna is such a sweet soul and a wonderful speaker. All of us probably still remember very vividly the story of Anna and Diablo, the black panther from the film Animal Communicator. Diablo and his transformation from Diablo to Spirit (new name=new energy=new life) is impossible to unsee.) I am so happy for all the Anna Breytenbachs of the world. They make a big difference. One animal at a time. One animal’s person at a time…

Communicating With Horses

Oh, I definitely enjoyed this one. Way to go, Otis! :-)

The Rubber Curry Comb

Right. So, some people are going to think I’m a bit crazy. Off my rocker, so to speak. And I’ll probably lose any respect from the logical, scientific, and fact-loving readers. But last week Otis saw a Horse Communicator.

Sort of like a psychic. Or a median.

“What rubbish!” I can hear the cynics cry. Well, put it this way; as much as I love knowing the facts, figures, explanations, I still believe in fairies because if I said I didn’t, and one died, then I’d feel ever so guilty. It reminds me of when I asked a science teacher at school how was it possible to be religious and a scientist when the theories clash so frequently. Her answer, was that when you saw the amazing chemistry, evolution, and the way the world interlinks, it is impossible not to believe that one greater being is behind all of it…

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Reincarnation explained by a cat


Have you ever felt like Napoleon? There’s a reason for it and you are definitely not crazy. Sassy the cat explains the forces behind this awkwardness reincarnation via animal communicator Leta Worthington. :o) Let yourself be enlightened! (I’ve read the same thing in several other sources. We do not necessarily need to live the life as an incarnated person on earth to “live and learn” what he or she has experienced down here. How cool is that? It’s cool, not crazy.) Be the Napoleon you came here to be.