Animal Vibes

This book seems to speak the beautiful language of energies/frequencies and that is the language animal kingdom understands very well. This book is a pearl for all who love to work/play with energies and wish to learn more about animals at the same time. You can receive information with the help of this book from animals (real or mythical ones) but as the author, Melissa Alvarez, says these techniques in this book are not quite the same thing than animal communication.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Unlike Diana Cooper’s The Archangel Guide to The Animal World, Animal Frequencies includes a big group of mythical animals, like Unicorn, Thunderbird, Owlman, Cremlin and Bunyup. Quite a leap of imagination, isn’t it? :o) (Remember that in the world of energies thoughts are just as real as anything!)

See this fascinating book in Kindle Store right now! It is available in Google Books as well. I only downloaded a preview and made a mental note to get it later. — I was happy to notice at a first glance that Melissa thinks that pets can be totem animals as well.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Hell, yes! (They can even be soulmates, like one dog told Leta Worthington.)

I am a believer as well. I know my late Mr. Purri is a soulmate and a totem animal to me, and heck yes, maybe even God himself, ha ha. His energy is still so strong that I just need a glimpse of his photograph and the energy pushes through to me like a hurricane purricane when our eyes meet… and then my eyes begin to leak.

Not one person on this planet has had such an impact on me than that little cat. 

He is like a part of my soul in a very peculiar way. Maybe some day I can understand the mechanics of it. I recognize his soul whenever our eyes meet, photograph or not. Naturally, it annoys me that he makes me cry like a baby, but what can I do? He is a cat and cats are gods, says Kitty.

Animals are many things in our lives. They play many roles as they come and go or invade our dreams. We can work with them. We can learn from them. We can play with them. Or we can just love them and be with them. They are friends, after all.

Being is everything, like Mr. Purri said. You could just BE with animals. It is more than enough. You do not have to do something all the time. Relax.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Anna Breytenbach speaks in 2013

It’s a long one! Anna is such a sweet soul and a wonderful speaker. All of us probably still remember very vividly the story of Anna and Diablo, the black panther from the film Animal Communicator. Diablo and his transformation from Diablo to Spirit (new name=new energy=new life) is impossible to unsee.) I am so happy for all the Anna Breytenbachs of the world. They make a big difference. One animal at a time. One animal’s person at a time…

Communicating With Horses

Oh, I definitely enjoyed this one. Way to go, Otis! :-)

The Rubber Curry Comb

Right. So, some people are going to think I’m a bit crazy. Off my rocker, so to speak. And I’ll probably lose any respect from the logical, scientific, and fact-loving readers. But last week Otis saw a Horse Communicator.

Sort of like a psychic. Or a median.

“What rubbish!” I can hear the cynics cry. Well, put it this way; as much as I love knowing the facts, figures, explanations, I still believe in fairies because if I said I didn’t, and one died, then I’d feel ever so guilty. It reminds me of when I asked a science teacher at school how was it possible to be religious and a scientist when the theories clash so frequently. Her answer, was that when you saw the amazing chemistry, evolution, and the way the world interlinks, it is impossible not to believe that one greater being is behind all of it…

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Reincarnation explained by a cat


Have you ever felt like Napoleon? There’s a reason for it and you are definitely not crazy. Sassy the cat explains the forces behind this awkwardness reincarnation via animal communicator Leta Worthington. :o) Let yourself be enlightened! (I’ve read the same thing in several other sources. We do not necessarily need to live the life as an incarnated person on earth to “live and learn” what he or she has experienced down here. How cool is that? It’s cool, not crazy.) Be the Napoleon you came here to be.

A dancing horse

Animals mirror our energy… Just recently I posted the dancing street dog. Now, it is a horse. Fantastic!

Tapping into divinity

This book looks interesting. It seems to combine art & animal communication, just like my previous post. And poems. The comments on Amazon praise Susan’s poems. From the looks of it, this is a story that needed to be told and worth listening to. Kindle Editions: US & UK.

A little bit different pet readings

Art by Lauri Rules

While updating the list of animal intuitives today I noticed that Lauri Rules (Illinois) offers several different pet readings as mp3 files. It is a pretty neat idea and easy to do these days on any computer. (I received an audio reading years ago and I liked the idea a lot. I had the freedom to enjoy it in peace, in the privacy of my home. As much as I like to stay up late at night I am not quite willing to Skype to the other side of the world at 4AM; when all the cool people are awake over there!) — Anyway, Lauri also offers angel readings, past life readings and so on. The other thing that sounded pretty cool to me where the art readings. (She sends also those to your email in digital format.)

I like the way people are being creative and not afraid to shine their light. There are so many animal intuitives out there these days that it might be difficult to stand out.

And the truth is  that we have many passions while living la vida loca on earth. It is never just one “thing” that you do in your life. You can wear as many hats as you feel guided to. There are no rules about that. 

Limiting thought patterns and beliefs? Perhaps.


Actually, there are other animal communicators who have similar services. I think they are offering something pretty amazing for all of us artsy souls, who like to have beautiful things or art around. Soul food. Beauty and art is soul food and very important part of life (yes, even animals enjoy art & beauty around them – they appreciate the good vibes they provide).

Art by Deb Stanton

Some animal communicators-artists who can offer profound eye candies and soul food  are for example Mary Clouse, Deb Stanton and Karen McCormack Miura.

I have had a favorite artwork for years and years and I never knew the artist. — I do not even understand why this particular picture talks to me so damn loud…! — Only this week I found the artist – thanks to Pinterest and their amazing visual search option. I uploaded the picture online and it took about 3 seconds to find the name of the artist.

Thank you, Internet.

I think I love you.

Voilà. Waiting for the day when a huuuuge poster of this artwork is on my wall.

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin — Bird Cherry In A Glass (1932)


Are you an owl person?



Are you an owl person? I am.

I live by night because I see things much better in the dark. That has always been the case and I guess I am lucky because l live on these latitudes and longitudes where darkness prevails half the year. Frankly, too bright sunlight and shiny happy people freak me out.

I take my wisdom seriously, so small talk is not an option. I like candle light and silence. Shoo or shut up. Let me be an owl in peace. The best ideas come at night and whisper to my ear, so please, never come chirping to me your joie de vivre too early in the morning! I(t) might kill you!

I guess that is also the reason why I am a cat person.

Nocturnal animals. I cannot resist them.

So, maybe because of my really bad case of seriowlness I took a notice of this book. I wonder if all the owl people are like me? In addition I have also heard good word about the healer behind the book, so here you are. Spread your wings and enjoy your owl totem. I know I am…

The nights are pitch dark already. And the stars… Ooh, so shiny!

Getting drunk on your love

Water can absorb information and energy… Who else knows this? Cats! You can count on cats to know what to do with energies.. nothing is wasted. Nothing gets unnoticed. Cats drink (or sleep for that matter) anywhere and animal communicator Eileen Leskovic had an interesting chat with two cats who insisted on drinking bath water — after bath. There is love there. Need to get drunk on love! Makes sense. Lovely, lovely blog post! Go on, read it.

Animals tell their Katrina strories

terri steuben katrina animal communication

Just a reminder that after the hurricane Katrina in 2005 a fantastic animal communicator, Terri Steuben, wrote about the natural disaster from the viewpoint of pets (animals). Kindle Edtiion (US) (UK). Now the pictures of the people who try to rescue pets in Texas are all over the news. May angels (Fhelyai and her armies of love) help them. After the storm has passed, maybe some of these extraordinary stories from the middle of chaos can bring some healing and comfort. You are not alone out there. Every living soul is touched by a storm of this magnitude.

Geez, your feet stink!


You’ll want to read this story. Amanda De Warren shares her hilarious animal communication experience on Facebook. The new family member (rescue) was acting weird — now they know why!

Hi everyone,

This animal communication started off like any other as the two dogs came through to have a chat to their mum and dad and 2 human sisters. I started to laugh as the little dog who had been in the family only a few months and is a rescue tells me she loves it at her new home but geez dad your feet smell bad. The lady having the reading and I just broke up laughing as when dad gets home he takes his work boots off and sits on the sofa turning the tv on. The dogs want to be with him and will jump all over him so they were wondering why the new addition would jump all over him and then run to the back door wanting to go out. It was a strange behaviour that they needed to understand. Apparently all the humans in the house were complaining about the same thing for the last 11 years. I hear dad now takes his boots off at the door and sprays his feet before entering the lounge room. Hilarious.

Have an amazing day everyone,