Be kind to yourself

Wonderful, insightful and healing message from a blue whale via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson. (She posted this post only yesterday.) I think the timing is perfect. It seems that the news get worse and worse as we spiral upwards with these higher than high, new earthly energies.

Some of us can’t handle this ride very well. So much more self love is needed.

Note to self: love myself…


How To Become An Animal Communicator : Animal Communication Planet

Wanna do it yourself? Follow the lead of animal communicator Karen Anderson! :o)

Animal Communication Planet

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You will learn how to hear, see or feel actual telepathic messages from the animals! animal communication classes. Animals see quite a bit of their condition by means of touch. Since they are so tuned in to their instinctive side, all touch is extended and overstated for them. When you are in a decent state of mind, invest energy petting (or hanging out with) your pet. Animals read our vitality and our feelings consistently – so this would be an incredible treat contrasted with the day by day hurrying around and will enable you to manufacture an enthusiastic and physical trust with him or her.


Since animals discuss clairvoyantly with each other consistently, they think that its simple to get on what we’re considering. Envision that you are “sending” an idea to your pet relatively like email in your mind – and your pet will get that idea. Truly…

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Pets save lives

Animals did not come to this planet just to please and entertain us. Not even our beloved pets.

Yes, they are in service – like we all are – but they often have unique soul purpose that has nothing to do with the people they live with. This is good to remember. They might have other soul contracts going on in this life. My true Soul Cat came back to me when he was already 6 years old. Until then he had lived long, happy life in a very different family. When the time was right (or I was ready) he appeared. Suddenly they just HAD TO get rid of him! And he came to my life like a lightning. I had about 12 hours to prepare myself…! What a ride! What a wise, fabulous cat.

He was like Yoda.

I am still pondering what have I ever done to deserve such a soul cat.

Such a sweet mystery.

I am so clueless.

Pet reincarnation is a very hot topic among animal lovers. (One of my posts from 2013 is the most popular post in this whole blog and it is about pet incarnation.) Tina Profitt seems to talk about the very same thing in her book. (I just found this book from my links. Sometimes I store links for the rainy day and then I completely forget about it and I am like ‘look, there’s an interesting book’ when I come across it a few months later… Maybe I am getting old?!)

Tina mentions (in the Kindle preview) that one of her pets literally saved her. Oh, I can relate with that, too. I can say that couple of my cats have saved me. There was no question about it after the storm was over and I could see the bigger picture clearly. I understood why things were the way they were. It was the perfect job for a cat at the time. There was no one else who could have succeeded in that difficult job. (And yes: I would have done the same for them!)

Only today one woman on TV (after surviving cancer and break up and so on…) told Jackson Galaxy that her cat had saved her life, so I know it happens all over the world, every day. Sometimes the only thing that keeps us alive – and sane – is that one furry friend at our feet or on our lap.

Alas, sometimes we are not ready to be saved by other people… When we have lost our trust and our hearts are broken into millions of pieces we are not willing to let anyone in. But look who’s there… Someone with big, gigantic heart tiptoes himself or herself into your life with great mastery and makes a big difference. Really big difference.

Life works in mysterious ways and pets know it too. But it is not a mystery to them, I dare say… :o}

Check out this book if it calls your heart. I am going to make a mental note to get this book and read it.

Animal wisdom is not weird

I came across a few animal communication books last week. I am always excited to find new animal wisdom out there… There is never enough animal wisdom in the world for me. Never!

The first is Karen Kober’s Silent Voices Hidden Wisdom. (The couple of poems above and below are from this book.)

The second book embraces all things “weird”. The author is Sally Chamberlain and her book (as well as her website) is called Weird Is Wonderful. As an empath I recommend this book for all the fellow empaths out there. Life as a sensitive person is not easy. However, when you learn to use this magical tool in your life it might end up to be a blessing for you and you might find a new job because of it: a job that you really love.

I admit I haven’t read these two yet. (I nibble books and depending on the situation it might take time until I finish one book. I also have really bad habit of reading several books at the same time. Well, it works for me. Shrugs.)

The first one (Karen’s book) uses more religious lingo whereas Sally is strictly speaking from the spiritual point of things. (Spirituality and religion(s) are definitely not the same thing.) (Some people are allergic to all things religious. I trust that you know by now what floats your boat! :o) Both books have animal communication stuff in them, so it is all good. Sally covers intuition, animal communication, paranormal things and reiki.

I do not see things in life as weird or paranormal for that matter. To me all life just is… life. It is quite simple. I am tired of putting labels on things… thinking in a box, judging books by the cover… Life is beyond labels… Labels limit too much. But I certainly agree that weird is wonderful! — Normal is boring–whatever normal is. Maybe my normal is your weird? Have you ever thought about that?!

Oh yes, there is a third book. In case you label yourself as a dog person, you might like to check The Endless Path book. This memoir is available in Kindle Store as well. It is about two soulmates: a dog and a person.

Maybe you can read one of these books to your dog — or your horse?

I heard horses would love to hear some stories you like! They want you to share!


Do Animals Find Flatulence to Be Funny?

“I am enamored of your farts.” Yup. Dog really is the man’s best friend!

Laughing Soul


“I am enamored of your farts.”

Don’t ask me why–perhaps it is genetic (we found a bevy of typed fart jokes in my grandpa’s desk drawer after he died)-but I think passing wind, tooting, poofing, cropdusting, whatever term you wish to use to describe small explosions betwixt the butt cheeks, to be riotously hilarious. Every. Single. Time.

Much to my amazement, some animals also think farts are hysterical too. I once conversed with two dogs who professed to miss their human grandfather. Come to find out, one of the main reasons they loved to be around this kindly old man was because of his boisterous wind passing. The sound delighted them, and of course, being dogs, they thought the smell to be heavenly !  They even inquired of their mom when Grandpa would return to see them so they could enjoy his ass music. LOL!!!!!

Stories like this are one…

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Dreams & daydreams

You know they say that only the sky is the limit when you use your imagination. We are creative beings and we express our creativity while dreaming or while creating something with our hands (or paws!) while awake. Creativity is closely tied together with the passions. I have ignored my own passions lately, due to some health issues and I am not happy about it. (About forgetting what is really important. Passions!)

I have thought that I have to do something about it.

Then my cat threw a challenge at my face in a recent animal communication session.

Mr. Zorro actually challenged me to write down his stories.

Say what? Oh, yes.

He shared with the animal communicator that ‘he is just one curious kitty. He likes to roll and play and look and observe (he loves to play with Christmas balls and watch as they slowly roll & swirl around) He said that sometimes, when he looks at things or out of the window he loves to make narratives and stories about what is going on — especially when the other animals do not engage in conversation (it is known that he loves to chat with wild animals) when he asks what is happening out there… Zorro says he has these wonderful stories in his head and if I ever indulge in such activities with him, I could write them out and express my creativity in that way.’

Well… It actually feels like it is one damn too big challenge dream for me. Maybe I can begin by drawing?! I have some colored pencils waiting for me and my fingers are itching to get to work. I have kept my creativity at bay. It needs to get out and play. If it plays with Mr. Zorro, fine! I am sure he would enjoy that, too.

I have known that animals dream and day dream and tell stories. These are things they mention in animal communication books frequently.  I just never realized my own cat has similar activities. Have you ever wondered what animals day dream or dream about? Animal communicator Eileen Leskovec has actually taken the time to ask them. Animals do day dream and they dream at night. — However, some animals do not dream at all… The answers may vary as you can see from animal communicator Sandra Mendelson’s blog.

Like always, there is never just one absolute truth out there in the Animal Kingdom. You are likely to come across another blog post by another person about this subject that is completely different. Things have the tendency to change, to evolve or to just keep us on our toes — just for the heck of it… You can’t measure life (of the animals) on this planet with just One Perfect Answer (that suits Your belief system and makes you feel happy and safe and all goo inside). This is what keeps us questioning, living, dreaming… and living in this moment.

This moment is the place where you can enjoy your pet the most. Meditate, dream or play together…  Create the things that you both love. You can do all these things with your pet while s/he is on this earth plane with you. The dreams are important but life is here and now. I also need to remember that.

Dreaming is one way to send your will & intention out there, to the all-mighty Universe, just before you take action (action is always required after the dream is created). Will and intention are something Mr. Zorro says I do not give enough credit to. So maybe these will be my lessons this year, huh? I wonder what else my precious cat boy has in store for me this year. He has been the keeper of my dreams for three amazing years and he has always something new up his sleeve when he gets to speak up. I have such a wonderful tuxedo cat in my home that I am living a dream already.

We both have our challenges but as long as we are together, it does not matter.


Fireworks do not work for animals

Our move to our new home with Mr. Zorro went pretty well. He was comfortable as soon as he had his food, bed — and me. In one day he realized that I am relaxed and comfortable, so he decided to relax too. But that was not the case on the New Year’s Eve! He was hiding in the toilet and could not sleep for 8 long hours. He tried to look outside from his tall shelf in the kitchen, but it was no good. He absolutely hated that night in this little town. When I asked for a brief update from Mr. Zorro via animal communicator that I know, this is what he said.

He (Mr. Zorro the cat) says not all people understand how magnified it [fireworks] is for the sensitive ears of the animals, they hear so much more frequencies than humans, so it can be unbearable. He says he felt like just hiding in a hole and trying to muffle the sounds if he could (on the New Year’s Eve).

Thank God it is over! But not for the whales

Merry Christmas!

Good Christmas Eve evening everybody!

It has been the busiest month of the year and I have a lot on my plate.Christmas ham and other things, including a new home. I have had several angels beside me this season and it is a bit easier for me to think like an angel but Holiday Season might be challenging for some… As we all know Christmas can be gentle or Christmas can be crazy.

I hope you have the kind of Christmas that YOU like and enjoy, without the need to pretend to be somebody that you are not!

Happy Halloween!

This is scary, so I just leave this here. :o} Happy Halloween! Zombies seem to be everywhere. At least somebody has eaten all the dog brains. Or some other brain as well. I dunno.

Animals as evolving souls

Super important & interesting podcasts from Earthfire Institute for all animal/nature lovers. — There are Podcast One and Podcast Two featuring animal communicator Penelope Smith. She talks about many important things, about animals as younger souls, old souls and over souls… Yup. They evolve spiritually as well, one lifetime at a time. Their evolution just might not be so dramatic and filled with painful events on a daily basis as we humans seem to think in our egoistic minds…Penelope shares some examples. She talks about the intuitive animal communication and the importance of leaving your ego and any preconceived ideas beside while at it. She shares that just BEING OPEN in the company of animals is a great way to connect with them: without bothering them with questions about this and that… Very good advice for modern people! We humans tend to fuss and bring our own dramas into situations where drama does not really belong to. (Mother Earth is not a drama queen. Neither are animals or plants.) We need to calm down, people. We need to listen. Then the animals talk — if they have something to say. This is an important thing to remember. They have a life to live too, you know. They are not on this planet just to answer to our sometimes trivial inquiries… — Penelope has updated her webpage recently, so she is worth a visit also over there. Penelope is one of the very first professional animal communicators in the world. She has done amazing work in raising consciousness about animals as very wise and sentient beings – and teachers – among us.