The backyard birds

When you do things with love that love always returns right back at you. In so many ways you are not even able to think — if you think with your brain. :o)

It makes you purr, I promise

It was the easiest thing ever that I ever did, to go back to Amazon and click 5 stars to this book by Deanna Chestnut I bought just 10 days ago. Some books take forever to read – one chapter at a time – but this was not one of those. I lost sleep while reading it, I laughed (a lot) and cried like a river, especially towards the end. I also began to feel sorry for myself at 90% of the book because I knew the book will end soon.

It is a life story of a woman who hated cats and had a change of heart with one magical encounter with a cat. Deanna took her time to learn her lessons of love – those that religion or science never managed to deliver – but she made it. And it was such a rollercoaster ride when life happened in between the lessons. Deanna is using her sense of humor in perfect portions while serving this great book for ALL animal lovers, especially for those who want to give cats a chance – or are already happily ever after in love with cats.

It was easy for me to identify with the story because I used to hate – or maybe not hate, but fear – cats when I was a kid. One cat attacked me and scratched my hand when I tried to pet him. (Yeah, nobody told me HOW to touch cats and read their body language.) It took 20 years for me to get my first cat (thanks to my lovely friend) and I was in love in no time with these beautiful creatures with crazy ideas in their smart heads.  (It was my soul cat, Mr. Purri’s first appearance in my life, as a female cat).

The icing in the cake is animal communication. Deanna is consulting several animal communicators while living la vida loca with her cat friends and she is also attending AC classes and even manages to communicate with animals herself, proving herself that she can do it. (Heck, we all can do it, if we bother to practice.)

I recommend this book with all of my heart. It was entertaining, it was informative and it was creeping into my heart from the very first chapters. I had difficulties to put it down. It is safe to say that this is one of the best books I will read this year.

Take a moment to ponder this

Do yourself a favor and ponder about this quick message from a bird.

I asked this bird (I’m told it’s an osprey) why he was sitting on a cell tower:

“Nothing can really harm you if you let it all pass through you as we do. Human thought and resulting emotion block your energy and make you sick.”

~ Bird via Sandra Mendelson

Source: Animal communicator Sandra Mendelson on Facebook. Her book We Walk Beside You was one of my favorite books during last year. I pick it up often.

Also medium/seer Lisa Gawlas has mentioned how our thoughts/emotions affect our biology. Worth pondering what to think — and what to feel. Thoughts have the tendency to make us feel feelings that are not exactly healthy for us.