Sonya Fitzpatrick

A lot of animal stories via animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick!


Meet Richard Geldard

Another man brave enough to call himself animal communicator. ;o) Richard is not the only one! However, the majority of animal communicators or animal communication students are women. Marta Williams has written a blog post about the gender gap and animal communication.

Are we ready?

Every animal communication book out there is important. Everyone of them makes a difference. As they say; when the student is ready the teacher appears. It is all in the heart: when your heart is ready to receive animal wisdom you are going to be guided towards it. Often the best guide is the beloved pet in your house.

One cat says in his memoir that humans are ready to accept pets as their teachers in this time.

Are they really?

Sometimes it makes me wonder when you see news about people throwing cats out of their cars in the middle of busy highways… Well, people do much worse to their fellow humans. I am afraid there is a hidden lesson also in there, in those unbelievable acts of cruelty, so I try not to judge. The lessons might get tough until we learn to live as Love, the Love that we are in truth.

I just wish animals did not have the need to sacrifice themselves anymore in order to teach us these tougher kind of lessons. (Applies to humans as well.)

However, death is just as important lesson than birth. We should learn to celebrate them equally.

And as the sage cat says: there is no death

(Death is nothing but a human construct, says the skunk via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson.)

When you remember that there is no time in spirit, not like we humans perceive it here on earth, then it might be easier to understand that what goes around comes around… in a blink of an eye. Consciousness lives on, only the body takes new forms. Once a monk, then a cat. Simple as that. :o}

If I was to be born as a cat in my next life, I surely hope I choose my person wisely.

If I don’t I probably have relatively good reason to choose an idiot as my person…

Peaceful death

When it is time to go — it is time to go.

Not one soul leaves this planet and pops through the veil to the other side, if it is not their time.

It is exactly the same with animals. They always leave this earthly place at the right moment. Often it might seem chaotic or even horrible or painful for us humans, but they usually leave in peace. Death is always natural. It is like its opposite: birth — nothing is going to stop it when the time comes.. Things are going to… and will… pop.

This is what happened to my cat as well. One minute all was well and the next he took his last breath. In my grief and sorrow it would have been easy to blame the vet for the sudden death. Boy, how much I wanted to blame someone: her or me or God or anybody. Soon I found out that it was his time to go and the damn cat was actually in a hurry! They were already calling for him to come back Home. I did intuitively understand all this in my heart and wanted to respect his soul’s plan. But it did not help with the pain. It hurts like hell when they leave this plane, often so very quickly.


Penelope Smith has written a blog post about pet loss — the emotional humans who are left behind and the peaceful animals who return back Home.

She shares cat’s and dog’s perspective on their death (in the fire).

If you have ever suffered from horrible guilt for your pet’s death, this blog post is for you.

There are many things in life that we are not able to control: death is only one of them. We just need to go with the flow: which is exactly what animals do. They are masters in living in this moment and they do not look back or forward. They are here and now and handle things as they come.

Penelope has been communicating with animals for decades. She is one of the very first animal communicators out there. She has shown the way to hundreds of others. She has written many, stunning books about animals and their inner life.

For your ears and your heart

There are not too many animal communication related books available as audio books, but there are two books worth mentioning over Audible. The first one is The Amazing Afterlife of Animals by Karen Anderson. She is a very well known animal communicator / pet psychic and the reviews of this books are very good indeed. If you need comfort after you have lost your pet, this book is great for you. Karen surely knows what she is talking about.

So does Danielle MacKinnon. Her book Animal Lessons is also available as an audio book at the moment. This book is an eye opener for all the animal lovers out there. They are great teachers and guides — helping you to grow and evolve while you stay on earth as a spiritual being “trapped” in a physical body. Pets are not just pets. They are furry magic and they are here for you. There are many lessons in life that other people are not able to teach you — but pets can.

More AC reading material in Animal Communication Books blog! Do yourself a favor and get to know more animal wisdom. It will transform your life. I’d bet my hat on it — if I had any.

Magical Matilda

Enjoy your Easter week — with or without the cat!

In the beginning of Easter week I came across a message from Magical Matilda. She lived with a witch in another life and she is still practicing magic in the moonlight.

At times I need to feel the moonbeams on my coat to energise me and the ground beneath my feet to ground me. I take my guidance from moon energy and garden sprites…

Matilda the cat via animal communicator Clare Metcalf

Read the whole message here. Matilda shares some secrets about nature spirits you may not know yet. And there are other messages as well (from another cat and a dog).

May you have some magic in your heart as well. (I know you have.)

Pets and their spirit animals


This Kindle book gives you something to ponder. It is obvious to me that pets have angels and spirit guides with them, just like we humans do. But have I ever wondered what is the spirit animal of my pet? Nope. Not that I can think of. I hardly know my own spirit animal(s)! Duh!

I take the easy way out: I often ask help and protection from the pets that have already passed.

The author of this interesting book communicates with animals, so she might actually know what she is talking about. This little book is a quick read but might give you ideas that last for a lifetime.

I decided against posting this book to ACB blog but there is new animal communication book out there. (Check it out; it is Tails from the Afterlife by Kristy Robinett.) As I was tagging ACB today I noticed that pets & afterlife is one of the most popular theme among all the animal communication books out there (250+ and counting!).

No wonder — we miss our beloved babies when they are gone.

I know it is rude to call them “babies” because they are actually masters but hey, we all do it every once and a while!


UPDATE 7/18: Super interesting podcast about animals and their spirit guides by animal medium Kate Sitka.

Our souls are combined

Needless to say, Kindle preview is not enough with this beautiful book. It is such a gift to be able to read and witness animal messages — from dead or alive. Belle is a dog from Heaven and she has a message for her Mom every dog lover should read. This is the gift of pets in our lives. And it is a gift that keeps on giving. Every day of your life, even if you do not know it. ;o}

Mom, as I look at you, from where I stand in the universe, I want you to know that I’m not any different really from what my personality was like in the physical with you.

There are many things to share with you, but first I want to let you know I’m okay and I’m present in your every single day.

I watch and see you clearly from where I am now. I oftentimes crawl into your heart and into your soul to comfort you. I’m close wherever you need me. My big soul is part of you. Please remember that we are forever soul-buddies.

My intelligence is respected here in the afterlife, as is my fairness. Do you remember how fair I was in the physical realm? I would like you to remember once again how I presented myself to you and others. When you remember this, your groundedness will be stronger.

As you know I was also honest and strong. This along with my groundedness and fairness, is my truth. I want to thank you because you gave me this gift. Did you know that? I didn’t have this before you. But it was my life destiny to be with you. I needed you – I needed you to help me feel secure and confident.

I hope you realize you’re helping me be that great dog with all these wonderful attributes. My gift to you is the same.

Since our souls are combined, I give to you the same confidence, groundedness, and strong sense of self that is respected by all. Intergrity, instrospection, fairness, and confidence – these are your words to live by.

You told Wendy you miss me, and that’s understandable. I miss you too. But I’m not far away. I’m still in your heart, and remember, I’m your soul, so we share the same thoughts.

I want you to know that you can talk to me. You can ask me questions. You can write me letters of love and appreciation.

It is important for me to share with you because I think you forget sometimes. You are perfect just the way you are and I loved sharing my life with you. I still do – even though it’s different.

In the stillness of our love and the stillness of our hearts please remember the stillness of your mind. Reach out to me whenever you need support, guidance, and love.

Together we were in the physical. Together we are in energy. Together we are in love. Together we are with grounded forces.

I want you to know here in the afterlife I am being celebrated because I was successful in my Soul Promise (see glossary for definition) to myself and to you. I accomplished what I needed to know. I accomplished what I needed to learn to help you learn the same. I am rewarded greatly for the job that I did.

Thank you, Mom, and I am forever grateful that we got to share life with each other in the physical. I look forward to our relationship as it continues. Let’s always communicate with our hearts and souls.

In fairness and confidence,


Animal Wisdom: Conversations From The Heart Between Animals and Their People by Wendy Van de Poll  © 2018 (Kindle Edition)

Animal wisdom is not weird

I came across a few animal communication books last week. I am always excited to find new animal wisdom out there… There is never enough animal wisdom in the world for me. Never!

The first is Karen Kober’s Silent Voices Hidden Wisdom. (The couple of poems above and below are from this book.)

The second book embraces all things “weird”. The author is Sally Chamberlain and her book (as well as her website) is called Weird Is Wonderful. As an empath I recommend this book for all the fellow empaths out there. Life as a sensitive person is not easy. However, when you learn to use this magical tool in your life it might end up to be a blessing for you and you might find a new job because of it: a job that you really love.

I admit I haven’t read these two yet. (I nibble books and depending on the situation it might take time until I finish one book. I also have really bad habit of reading several books at the same time. Well, it works for me. Shrugs.)

The first one (Karen’s book) uses more religious lingo whereas Sally is strictly speaking from the spiritual point of things. (Spirituality and religion(s) are definitely not the same thing.) (Some people are allergic to all things religious. I trust that you know by now what floats your boat! :o) Both books have animal communication stuff in them, so it is all good. Sally covers intuition, animal communication, paranormal things and reiki.

I do not see things in life as weird or paranormal for that matter. To me all life just is… life. It is quite simple. I am tired of putting labels on things… thinking in a box, judging books by the cover… Life is beyond labels… Labels limit too much. But I certainly agree that weird is wonderful! — Normal is boring–whatever normal is. Maybe my normal is your weird? Have you ever thought about that?!

Oh yes, there is a third book. In case you label yourself as a dog person, you might like to check The Endless Path book. This memoir is available in Kindle Store as well. It is about two soulmates: a dog and a person.

Maybe you can read one of these books to your dog — or your horse?

I heard horses would love to hear some stories you like! They want you to share!


Animals as evolving souls

Super important & interesting podcasts from Earthfire Institute for all animal/nature lovers. — There are Podcast One and Podcast Two featuring animal communicator Penelope Smith. She talks about many important things, about animals as younger souls, old souls and over souls… Yup. They evolve spiritually as well, one lifetime at a time. Their evolution just might not be so dramatic and filled with painful events on a daily basis as we humans seem to think in our egoistic minds…Penelope shares some examples. She talks about the intuitive animal communication and the importance of leaving your ego and any preconceived ideas beside while at it. She shares that just BEING OPEN in the company of animals is a great way to connect with them: without bothering them with questions about this and that… Very good advice for modern people! We humans tend to fuss and bring our own dramas into situations where drama does not really belong to. (Mother Earth is not a drama queen. Neither are animals or plants.) We need to calm down, people. We need to listen. Then the animals talk — if they have something to say. This is an important thing to remember. They have a life to live too, you know. They are not on this planet just to answer to our sometimes trivial inquiries… — Penelope has updated her webpage recently, so she is worth a visit also over there. Penelope is one of the very first professional animal communicators in the world. She has done amazing work in raising consciousness about animals as very wise and sentient beings – and teachers – among us.

Time of the drum

Australian animal communicator, shaman and animal advocate Billie Dean offers Time of the Drum meditations on her page if you would like to do a little “inside job” to find your (lost or forgotten) ability to communicate with animals.

Romantic love according to gorilla

People do stupid things in the name of romantic love, says gorilla to animal communicator Sandra Mendelson. Well… DA! But I’m afraid people do a lot of stupid things in the name of God, politics and money as well…  o_O I loved what this gorilla said! Sandra never saw that wisdom coming. I have to say that nothing surprises me anymore what it comes to animal wisdom. Absolutely nothing. They are such keen observes of the stupidity of humanity.

Romantic love has nothing or very little to do with unconditional love, especially if you are expecting another person to make you happy and whole.