Are we ready?

Every animal communication book out there is important. Everyone of them makes a difference. As they say; when the student is ready the teacher appears. It is all in the heart: when your heart is ready to receive animal wisdom you are going to be guided towards it. Often the best guide is the beloved pet in your house.

One cat says in his memoir that humans are ready to accept pets as their teachers in this time.

Are they really?

Sometimes it makes me wonder when you see news about people throwing cats out of their cars in the middle of busy highways… Well, people do much worse to their fellow humans. I am afraid there is a hidden lesson also in there, in those unbelievable acts of cruelty, so I try not to judge. The lessons might get tough until we learn to live as Love, the Love that we are in truth.

I just wish animals did not have the need to sacrifice themselves anymore in order to teach us these tougher kind of lessons. (Applies to humans as well.)

However, death is just as important lesson than birth. We should learn to celebrate them equally.

And as the sage cat says: there is no death

(Death is nothing but a human construct, says the skunk via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson.)

When you remember that there is no time in spirit, not like we humans perceive it here on earth, then it might be easier to understand that what goes around comes around… in a blink of an eye. Consciousness lives on, only the body takes new forms. Once a monk, then a cat. Simple as that. :o}

If I was to be born as a cat in my next life, I surely hope I choose my person wisely.

If I don’t I probably have relatively good reason to choose an idiot as my person…


Be kind to yourself

Wonderful, insightful and healing message from a blue whale via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson. (She posted this post only yesterday.) I think the timing is perfect. It seems that the news get worse and worse as we spiral upwards with these higher than high, new earthly energies.

Some of us can’t handle this ride very well. So much more self love is needed.

Note to self: love myself…

Animal wisdom is not weird

I came across a few animal communication books last week. I am always excited to find new animal wisdom out there… There is never enough animal wisdom in the world for me. Never!

The first is Karen Kober’s Silent Voices Hidden Wisdom. (The couple of poems above and below are from this book.)

The second book embraces all things “weird”. The author is Sally Chamberlain and her book (as well as her website) is called Weird Is Wonderful. As an empath I recommend this book for all the fellow empaths out there. Life as a sensitive person is not easy. However, when you learn to use this magical tool in your life it might end up to be a blessing for you and you might find a new job because of it: a job that you really love.

I admit I haven’t read these two yet. (I nibble books and depending on the situation it might take time until I finish one book. I also have really bad habit of reading several books at the same time. Well, it works for me. Shrugs.)

The first one (Karen’s book) uses more religious lingo whereas Sally is strictly speaking from the spiritual point of things. (Spirituality and religion(s) are definitely not the same thing.) (Some people are allergic to all things religious. I trust that you know by now what floats your boat! :o) Both books have animal communication stuff in them, so it is all good. Sally covers intuition, animal communication, paranormal things and reiki.

I do not see things in life as weird or paranormal for that matter. To me all life just is… life. It is quite simple. I am tired of putting labels on things… thinking in a box, judging books by the cover… Life is beyond labels… Labels limit too much. But I certainly agree that weird is wonderful! — Normal is boring–whatever normal is. Maybe my normal is your weird? Have you ever thought about that?!

Oh yes, there is a third book. In case you label yourself as a dog person, you might like to check The Endless Path book. This memoir is available in Kindle Store as well. It is about two soulmates: a dog and a person.

Maybe you can read one of these books to your dog — or your horse?

I heard horses would love to hear some stories you like! They want you to share!


Romantic love according to gorilla

People do stupid things in the name of romantic love, says gorilla to animal communicator Sandra Mendelson. Well… DA! But I’m afraid people do a lot of stupid things in the name of God, politics and money as well…  o_O I loved what this gorilla said! Sandra never saw that wisdom coming. I have to say that nothing surprises me anymore what it comes to animal wisdom. Absolutely nothing. They are such keen observes of the stupidity of humanity.

Romantic love has nothing or very little to do with unconditional love, especially if you are expecting another person to make you happy and whole.

Animal wisdom for an awakening world

Just posted this book to Animal Communication books blog. The pile of books about animal wisdom is growing and growing! Just the way I like it. You meet wonderful animals in this book. Like the horse who says this:

“I am energetically clearing you now. I am helping you to release sadness; that is the yawning. When you burp, you release anger. Your heart center is tight and anxious and needs to be cleared. It is bruised from not loving yourself and believing others who put you down. All the horses see it — that’s why I am going to help you. You must put a golden light in your heart every night to heal it. It is important that you believe you can let it go quickly.”

He continues on the next page.

“Horses send love to humans all the time. We are always multitasking,” he continued. I wondered how they could have so much energy to keep giving to us. Almost on cue, Emilion answered back, “I energetically leave my body and connect with All That Is to raise my frequency, as it gets lower being in a body.”

“Do all horses do this?” I asked him.

“Pretty much, but they find it harder to do when their human is going through a difficult time.”

So, human struggle can negatively impact an animal’s energy (no shock there) and impede their ability to raise it.

No shock there, indeed. I agree with Sandra Mendelson. We humans are harming other creatures on this planet simply by bringing them down with our heavy, often negative and loveless energy. We can do better. Much better. We are not stupid. We are just ignorant bastards. ;o}


Now get this book of animal wisdom for your Kindle, because Cecil is right. We must return back to love and the best guide for that is the majestic animal kingdom. (Sandra’s card deck with animal wisdom!)

(What it comes to the soul leaving the body I just posted another quote about it on Instagram. It is from Beneath the fur by Norma B. Peaman, another wonderful book for you to read.)

Animal Vibes

This book seems to speak the beautiful language of energies/frequencies and that is the language animal kingdom understands very well. This book is a pearl for all who love to work/play with energies and wish to learn more about animals at the same time. You can receive information with the help of this book from animals (real or mythical ones) but as the author, Melissa Alvarez, says these techniques in this book are not quite the same thing than animal communication.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Unlike Diana Cooper’s The Archangel Guide to The Animal World, Animal Frequencies includes a big group of mythical animals, like Unicorn, Thunderbird, Owlman, Cremlin and Bunyup. Quite a leap of imagination, isn’t it? :o) (Remember that in the world of energies thoughts are just as real as anything!)

See this fascinating book in Kindle Store right now! It is available in Google Books as well. I only downloaded a preview and made a mental note to get it later. — I was happy to notice at a first glance that Melissa thinks that pets can be totem animals as well.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Hell, yes! (They can even be soulmates, like one dog told Leta Worthington.)

I am a believer as well. I know my late Mr. Purri is a soulmate and a totem animal to me, and heck yes, maybe even God himself, ha ha. His energy is still so strong that I just need a glimpse of his photograph and the energy pushes through to me like a hurricane purricane when our eyes meet… and then my eyes begin to leak.

Not one person on this planet has had such an impact on me than that little cat. 

He is like a part of my soul in a very peculiar way. Maybe some day I can understand the mechanics of it. I recognize his soul whenever our eyes meet, photograph or not. Naturally, it annoys me that he makes me cry like a baby, but what can I do? He is a cat and cats are gods, says Kitty.

Animals are many things in our lives. They play many roles as they come and go or invade our dreams. We can work with them. We can learn from them. We can play with them. Or we can just love them and be with them. They are friends, after all.

Being is everything, like Mr. Purri said. You could just BE with animals. It is more than enough. You do not have to do something all the time. Relax.

Melissa Alvarez: Animal Frequency. 2017.

Wish upon a star

See the rest of the wishes Spring Farm animals made in December, 2016. The animal communicator who communicates with these lovely animals is Dawn E. Hayman. Her book is filled with animal wisdom from this very same farm.

Needless to say this Kindle book is on my wish list now, so I am making wishes just like these sweet and wise animal doctors ordered. Have a good day and enjoy the wisdom. I know I did. I have spent the whole day translating these words for my Finnish readers. :o)

Learn to see with the heart

One of my favorite animal wisdom quote from Ellyn Elizabeth’s blog. This is what the Web of Love is all about. Learn to see (and listen) with your heart. That is the key to a BS free world. No spam. No liars. No idiots… because Love is never blind. Love is the ultimate Seer… The rational mind is blind — if you let it wander in the world all by him/herself.

It takes a heart to see the whole picture. It is dangerous to trust the arrogant Ego as well. Your Ego always wants to be right, no matter what the cost, so sometimes it makes you see what you want to see, not the real truth in the core of the matter.:o}

“You don’t have any idea what you are doing to this world and we are crying out for aid, where are you? You measure ice with your tools (if you can call them that) but you do not take in the state of your hearts.”

Polar Bear via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ ]

Yup. The rest of the messages from animals are pretty powerful stuff as well. Big words in small bites. Let them sink in. One quote at a time. Read them often. Thanks to Ellen for posting them. I have enjoyed these lovely posts a lot lately and will share the love, like I always do. I guess I like to think that even if one person a day reads one message from the Animal Kingdom and his or her perception of the world shifts – even a little bit – then my work is done here.

I am still foolish enough to believe that people can change for the better.

Yeah, I am a dreamer.

I am not alone…

“We are your most immense supporters, your greatest allies in this war against pollution. We can show you ways past it. We can show what you do not know. You have only to get past your egos and allow a teacher other than your own kind. Have only to listen. Let it be known we are ready when you are. To commune. To be united in combat against what is destroying us from within. We are waiting for your next move.”

Mountain Gorilla via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ ]

Oh, I almost forgot.

“Our minds and our hearts are one as are you all, if only you would allow yourselves to see. Stop waiting for permission: wake up.

Polar Bear via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ ]

Well put. You do not need permission from anyone in order to wake up, to see with your heart.

Smell the flowers!

Some tortoise wisdom to cheer you up! Two tortoise quotes from the latest book from Stacey Clarke. The previous one was Living With Reptiles. Both available also on Amazon UK. I stopped and enjoyed reading these two books a lot. As a person who has no idea what is going on in the head of a tortoise – or a snake for that matter – I felt these varied thoughts from other species were just as good for my soul as a varied diet Spot mentions above. :o]

Wisdom for 2017

No matter what the news say, be a dreamer and seek for the wisdom of your own heart. We long for peace and we are the ones who make peace. Nobody is doing it for us, not God, not Buddha or Allah. Not even animals, but they are showing us a very good example. :o) — We are the ones and we make it or break it.

The alpaca quote taken from We Speak for You (Kindle Edition) by E.E.D Horton.


Great wisdom for this bold new year! Let’s keep on listening to animals.