Learn to see with the heart

One of my favorite animal wisdom quote from Ellyn Elizabeth’s blog. This is what the Web of Love is all about. Learn to see (and listen) with your heart. That is the key to a BS free world. No spam. No liars. No idiots… because Love is never blind. Love is the ultimate Seer… The rational mind is blind — if you let it wander in the world all by him/herself.

It takes a heart to see the whole picture. It is dangerous to trust the arrogant Ego as well. Your Ego always wants to be right, no matter what the cost, so sometimes it makes you see what you want to see, not the real truth in the core of the matter.:o}

“You don’t have any idea what you are doing to this world and we are crying out for aid, where are you? You measure ice with your tools (if you can call them that) but you do not take in the state of your hearts.”

Polar Bear via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ https://wildmagic.blog/ ]

Yup. The rest of the messages from animals are pretty powerful stuff as well. Big words in small bites. Let them sink in. One quote at a time. Read them often. Thanks to Ellen for posting them. I have enjoyed these lovely posts a lot lately and will share the love, like I always do. I guess I like to think that even if one person a day reads one message from the Animal Kingdom and his or her perception of the world shifts – even a little bit – then my work is done here.

I am still foolish enough to believe that people can change for the better.

Yeah, I am a dreamer.

I am not alone…

“We are your most immense supporters, your greatest allies in this war against pollution. We can show you ways past it. We can show what you do not know. You have only to get past your egos and allow a teacher other than your own kind. Have only to listen. Let it be known we are ready when you are. To commune. To be united in combat against what is destroying us from within. We are waiting for your next move.”

Mountain Gorilla via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ https://wildmagic.blog/ ]

Oh, I almost forgot.

“Our minds and our hearts are one as are you all, if only you would allow yourselves to see. Stop waiting for permission: wake up.

Polar Bear via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ https://wildmagic.blog/ ]

Well put. You do not need permission from anyone in order to wake up, to see with your heart.


Cats vs. Birds


Bella the cat shares this with you in her book, which I love.

There is always reason, whatever happens, on a spiritual level. We do not always see it, if we are not looking with our heart. That is why, we as humans, are so keen to judge cats for their urge and instinct to hunt birds. But they know what they are doing…

Sure, we love it when they hunt mice, but birds… What an agony it seems to be for some people!

However, controlling nature is a game humans will lose. We need to go with the flow, with lots of respect and communicate with other species, in order to learn to trust the flow. Because we know what we are doing, if we trust our heart.

By the way; that is something you will never learn in school. That is something only nature can teach you… and silence.

After you learn about animal communication, silence is not what it used to be.



Listen to the animals, before you judge.

Listen to your heart, before you judge.


Works well with fellow humans, too.


Surrounded by contract lovers

This post has been coming a long time.

It is a longer one.

I began to write it before I got into hospital, and now I decided to post it.

It is timely writing, helping me to heal all kinds of wounds… and maybe it helps you, too. You never know. Life is that kind of a puzzle that you can never really know when or where the next piece of puzzle hits you.

It is also my declaration to the universe: Animal Kingdom – I salute You with all of my scarred heart.

soul contract lovers

There are as many soul contracts, as there are stars in the sky… They are impossible to count, unfortunately most of them are also impossible to remember, if you happen to be human… and it can make life… interesting.

(Which is probably an understatement of the year 2015.)

The soul contracts that we have with each other – and with our animals/pets – are never random. On a soul level we know that; so there is no useless fuss or negative drama beyond the physical plane.

No matter how hard we try to make “sense” of all the things that take place on earth and in our everyday lives, with our super control freak human minds, it is all in vain.

So, sadly, we use endless amounts of energy (often negative, like hate or resentment), words, time or money to make sense of something that we could easily understand – if we looked deep into our hearts.

We are being ridiculous – that much we have been alienated from our heart center.

Living in the NOW would help a lot.

Animals show us how to live in this perfect moment everyday, so we live and learn with our amazing, furry or not so furry soul companions.

As soon as we calm down and turn to seek for the answers – to the questions that nag inside our minds – from our heart, we can see how and why the things (“the good”, “the bad” and “the ugly” – or “the beautiful”) actually happen. Many of the things we come across are lessons, but they are always lessons in l-o-v-e, because there is nothing else than love out there: the web of love that naturally and very gracefully connects us all and keeps us tightly together.

I see animal communication (as well as plant communication) as a great tool to open our eyes and hearts to see deeper into our own, perfect nature, our divine blueprint, which is always nothing but pure, shining light.

As the puppies said (see the book excerpt) they choose to see our best parts – and nothing else… because nothing else really matters to them.

If only we could learn to see our own light… instead of all the faults.

The web of love is an amazing place and there is no room for judgement there. There are only the things (people, animals, situations, locations and so on) we draw to us, with our own energy, with our thoughts or with our powerful feelings. We create our life – with soul contracts, before we even come here and later with our personal energy, when we are here.

We are the creators – yet we seem to stumble in the dark, feeling unimportant, and so very often we keep on blaming others [or God(s] for everything that ever happens to us… In the end all the fellow Gods and Goddesses around us are the ones who have been doing all kinds of things in our lives… because we have asked them to do so.

We are angels to each other, walking and talking teachers and guides to each other.

Every moment can be and IS a learning experience.

It is the school of life – the most important of all the schools, in my opinion.

And it is a school where we have made soul contracts also with animals.

A good reminder of that was found in Christine Agro‘s interview back in 2007:

no random on a soul level

Nothing is random, not a one pet that falls onto your lap.

They are teachers, spiritual masters and guides.

anna 1

Animals can help us to heal ourselves. They make us laugh. They also make us cry when they travel back to the Rainbow Bridge and leave their physical bodies behind.

Often these moments are wake-up calls for our hearts.

Many people seek for the services of animal communicators when they grieve for their pets (as well as human beloved ones) – and nothing is the same after that step, because the power of love reaches from here to eternity – from here to the Rainbow Bridge.

Most of my life I have been among people who blame others or circumstances or genes or whatever for all the “shit” they have in their life.It is so much easier to play the blame game, to embrace the numb hug of victimhood and cry yourself to sleep, rolling in self pity, while slinging curses to the universe… It is like playing Angry Birds-game, only without realizing that every damn curve ball is coming back to you, sooner or later, in one form or the other… Because you are feeding that energy with all of your might.

We are never victims on a soul level… and (self) pity is not a healing, life supporting, emotion — that is why also the animals always tell us NOT to pity them. They ask for love and positive support instead.

I guess pity game is right next to blame game in our human minds.

Been there, done that. I think we all have…

I can share an old pillow monologue of mine with you, if you like.

Because this planet is one of the rare places, where it is actually possible to be born as an “unwanted” child, I chose to be one of those babies, to be born out of a very ugly situation.

(BTW: In another puppy excerpt the puppies talk about puppy mills – these babies are also born “without love”, but with a great purpose – and they keep their eyes on their mission – not the gruesome surroundings…)

(Well, I am not trying to compare myself to puppy mills, but the soul’s will to be born here and learn and experience stuff and keep the signed contracts is so damn powerful that we are ready and willing to come here in all kinds of ways – also the ugly ways. Sometimes we are unbelievably “broken” already in birth. Just for the learning experience of it.)

Often, this kind of  (painful) soul contracts and favors are among the most precious ones and are an honor, and like I have probably said earlier: those who love you the most, are the ones that hurt you the most….  so a situation that looks like hate in our human eyes can actually be a great deed on a soul level.

Holy crap, the people that I trusted most, did the ugliest imaginable deeds to me…!

And I never learned the dynamics of a “normal” family life. (Which is actually not a bad thing after all…;o) And I felt “different”, especially when I was young. I hurt.

Now I know it is good to be different… because then you are much closer to your Own Light. The purpose you came here for. The bigger than life stuff.

Took a lifetime to get over my scars and see the light.

And I am still not completely healed, but I will be.

So basically, that is what love does: pushes us out of our comfort zones, where the life lessons really kick into gear and stretch the soul beyond its “limits”.

Sometimes we are contract killers, sometimes we are contract lovers.

We make choices, sometimes as humans, sometimes as animals.

It is all a role play.

We are the ones who make all these decisions on a soul level, way before our time here. It does not make the inner work easier, even though you know that there lies a meaning in everything that ever happens. Most of us simply dull the pain with pills or alcohol or whatever poison of their own choosing, rather than face the lessons we came here to learn – and move on to higher levels of understanding.

Good grief, I was pissed with my broken, pathetic family, for decades…!

There were “idiots” generation after generation…!

Ugly,  nasty, loveless people.

Or so I thought.

A few years ago one medium mentioned that my dad (who is in spirit) actually has a rainbow colored aura around him, showing that he is a great soul. It was not easy to accept it after knowing how ugly things he did while living on earth, acting as my “dad”. (I hated him and was always scared of him and fortunately met him only a few times when I was a kid.) It was shown (via medium) that he had literally inherited his aggressive behavior from his own dad, who was aggressive son of a bitch and an alcoholic – because he was intelligent, but was never allowed to go to school and he was frustrated to hell and back. A victim of his own life circumstances, never able to do the inner work to get out of the vicious circle of pain.

It took a while for me to see the pattern and accept it – and move on.

Oh yeah, I am still an “unwanted” child deep inside me.

However, now I know that I was the one who made these choices & asked for it (it was never God who made me suffer… it was me and it happened with a little help from the perfectly planted souls around me), and make no mistake about it: I would never, ever be the person I am now without all the seemingly “ugly” or “random” or raw life experiences on my path…!

So, grateful I am.

We are angels for each other – for better or for worse. There is no way to talk ourselves out of it. We are a team, we do teamwork every day, every night… We just suffer from a severe case of amnesia and forget all the important parts.

Living heart based life helps.

That is why I always talk about it. Even if I am unable to lead it myself, I still talk about it!


The truth is in the heart of the beholder, if I may say so.

Love is the answer, no matter what the question. And love can never be found from the mind, its home is in the Heart.

Life is not random and life is not black and white.

Like my late dad showed me: on a soul level fifty shades of fucked up often turn into all the colors of the rainbow. We are made of light, even in our darkest moments.

So I try not to judge anyone. I have not the right do do so, because I do not know all the soul contracts out there… Everybody has a certain mission in life and not all of them are labeled “good” if you look at them through the lenses of social rules, religious rules or cultural rules.

Look with the heart and see what the fuss is really all about… and let go.

Dwelling in the negative past is not a way to move on.

Big. Lesson. Here.

Taught to us by animals so many times…

And as easy as it would be to think that all the “negative” lessons come from the humans, and all the “positive” lessons come from the animals, it is not always the case. Sometimes a snake that bites you has a bigger than life lesson to give you. (We heard that straight from the mouth of a snake in The Power of Silent Wisdom, issue 6!) Sometimes the pet that destroys your house has a great lesson to teach… to your heart. Not necessarily an easy one…

The soul contracts we have with our pets are priceless gifts. Well, I am not trying to belittle the lessons learned with the help of the fellow humans, but frankly, I am a bit bored with the human lessons, and rather concentrate on animals… he he.

My cat broke my heart when she “left” me last time in this life, but that pain eventually lead me to seek for more answers and helped me to find amazing nuggets of wisdom from the animal kingdom. Kind of wisdom I have never seen before.

Heart based wisdom, without any judgement, cruelty or useless labels.

You can’t label life!

The pets are never random when they come to our lives (even the adopted ones have great soul missions, indeed, even if they stay with you only for a little while). They are mind-blowing friends – even when they have forgotten what a friend is – like happened to a horse named Mocha.

Never underestimate the power of unconditional love.

And the fact that it comes in all shapes and sizes – and races and breeds.

We meet all kinds of talking, walking or barking lessons, because we asked them to meet us here, at a perfect moment.

There is a reason – a spiritual one – for everything that ever happens, so there is always a solution – a spiritual one – behind the illusions we might see as “problems”.

There are no problems. There is just… life.

Crazy life… ha ha. My grandmother said “this crazy family” when she talked to me via medium.

Well put, granny.

Crazy it is. But it made me see the beauty behind the beast.

Heart based living is what animals can teach us, but they also teach us, how to play – and have fun while at it. (I mean fun on earth level – the soul is always having fun on a soul level… Those damned souls of ours – they are having a blast all the time… I know my Higher Self is laughing like an idiot…! Don’t ask me why she does such a thing – I have no idea…  The joke is most of the time completely lost on me. ;o)


Appreciate the paper work you did before you came here.

You have signed a lot of contracts… and some of the best ones are made with pets: the true contract lovers.

I have to admit that as much as I appreciate in this moment all the “idiots” – who have given me plenty of opportunities to learn more about myself – I surely would like to continue on this path…  and to keep on working with animals and nature & their wisdom.

I choose animals. I choose life lessons with animals. 

Let this be my black on white contract with the animal kingdom.

Humanity is fine. I can live with it.

But the wisdom of animals is what I will be seeking for, it is what my heart craves.

They speak straight to my heart and every word I hear is healing, soothing and loving.

There is no talk like animal talk.

It has been a big part of my own healing process during all these years as an animal communication advocate.

Because animals have no hidden agendas. They do not love you because you are a mother, or a Pope or a gorgeous girlfriend/boyfriend or a famous actor – or whatever: they just love you. That is how it should be.

You know how much I love animal wisdom, if you have been reading this blog.

Live and learn is what life is all about.

Live heart based life and learn is what Tailbook is all about.

We press the good stuff – even if it hurts.


Oh, yeah.

I am so ready for this new year.

Let’s roll.

Just give me a moment to heal my wounds.

Laughing (and crying) still hurts a bit and I walk like a mummy… but I walk.

[If you wish to do some inner work, to take responsibility of your own energy and/or actions, get your hands on Intuition Deck: it is now available for free (as PDF). It is a book I wrote while stumbling down my own spiritual path – with colored pencils in my hand. Good thing I did not stab myself with them – the surgeon’s knife was quite enough, thank you. ;o)]

Soulful Animal

See what Soulful Animal is up to.

They offer free e-guide and other goodies for animal wisdom lovers…


No matter what animals comes your way, you can bet s/he has a personal message for you.

Sometimes it takes a heart to understand that message… So dig deep.

Work that intuition of yours and be proud  of your own, magnificent soul, too.


You are amazing…



soulful Animal Paw Print

I found this picture on their Facebook page.




If you saw something… Finnish earlier in your (RSS) feed, that was me.

I totally posted in the other language to a wrong blog…!

Sometimes these two languages intertwine in my head so that I do not know anymore, which is which.

Sorry about that. ;o}



My mama said: trust your heart

The sky is filled with flocks of birds who leave these latitudes. They always remind me of the sweet, little common goldeneye girl, who never learned to fly – even thought she was very hopeful about it the day she was being interviewed for our humble e-magazine in 2010. She had to say goodbye to her family and watch as they left her behind and trust her heart – just like her mother told her to.

My illustration for the book “The Power of Silent Wisdom” that was published in Finnish a few years ago. The common goldeneye shared her wisdom in the book as well. 

The common goldeneye speaks in The Power of Silent Wisdom, Issue 4:

Hello, I have waited for a while to share my thoughts with you. I was told before that someone will contact me. I did not understand what it meant first, but I was trustful. I was also told that we are going to talk about trust (Maiccu told her) and I am ready to tell you what it means to me.

I am just a simple bird, but I have a strange story to tell you. How I ended up here, in the spotlight in front of you all; it must have some deeper meaning. The universe, and the world we are living in, makes no mistakes. I have been studying the terms of humans and the ways they think for few weeks now, and I think it is quite interesting. I would like to say a few words about it, if you do not mind.

(Maiccu: Of course, you can say whatever you wish to say.)

This is my very own opinion, no more, no less. I think that you people think in a very complicated way. You, Maiccu, have thought about this interview a lot and you have made it much too complicated. I am just a simple bird, I have ordinary thoughts, like anybody, and some of you might be interested in them, some of you are not. There is no need to cling to it.  I let my thoughts flow to you and you translate them for other people to read. When are you going to learn to trust yourself and you stop thinking about things beforehand too much? Here you see once again, that things were not as you thought they were. Don’t you think it would be good to just trust the moment and the time you are in now and make the best out of it then and there, without thinking about it too much beforehand? It is very good to bring this up now, because your theme is trust. This is a great lesson for you. This interview is probably different than you thought it would be and that is the greatest lesson of it. Why think so much about things, since they are going to be different than you thought anyway, in the end the result is always perfect.

I say this to you, people. This is the true essence of trust. Be in this moment and believe that you have everything you ever need right here. When you have learned to be in this perfect now moment, without any extra thoughts or worries about the future, you will notice and learn, that things are now and always working in the best possible way. Always! I tell you about my own personal experience of trust and before I continue to enjoy my life here, in my wonderful nest in the cellar of these wonderful people, I can tell you also about what I would like to eat and about other practical issues.

My story could be like a story of any human being as well. Once again, do not think of us as something different, or so special, all this could have happened to any human just as it happened to me, a bird. I was born very late in the summer, there was not much time left before it was time to go to the south. My Mom noticed soon that I can’t fly and it was obvious that I had no time to learn. The others had to leave. What happened next changed everything.

This could have happened to any of you, right? I was not adult, but not a child anymore. (We birds grow up a little faster than you human beings, I guess you know that.) My mother gathered us children together and told us all, that because I could not fly, I would not join them. She said that I would have to leave the lake, to go a little further to a place where I think that I could survive. The most important thing she said was to follow my heart and trust that all is going to be in the best possible way and that I will make it and that we will meet again in the summer.

The others left and I was pretty sad to see them go, but I decided that I will see my mother again next summer and all the things that will happen to me from now on will be good. I do not know when the summer comes, the concept of time is a bit strange to me, but I know that when the snow is melting the summer is almost here. I walked for quite a long time and I thought that there must be somebody somewhere who can help me. I did not have a clue where I was going, but I was listening to the voice of my heart. Then one day I came to this yard and I saw the light in the window. My heart told me that those people do not look very dangerous and my heart told me to wait until the morning comes. And I was too tired to continue further anyway.

The next day the people of this house found me from the yard and they took me inside. I got my own nest and I got some food. Something in me knew that I had listened to my heart very well; and I had trusted all this time that nothing bad is going to happen to me. In my life so far, this has been the most important thing that has ever happened to me, and I can’t wait to tell that to the others! And that not all the people are bad. Also when it comes to people you just have to listen to your heart. I trusted something that was much, much bigger than I was, and I mean with this the whole situation.

(A note from Maiccu: How many people would have been devastated faced with the same situation? How many of us would be able to jump into the unknown and just trust the situation, no matter what it was?)

This winter I am determined to learn to fly, so that I know how to do it next summer. I have a good teacher, human being, who is teaching me. I am not going to give up and I would never tell anyone else to give up. I trust in myself, and I trust that I will learn. Trust in yourselves, that is the most important thing in trust. Nobody else can trust that you trust in yourself, do you understand?

Maiccu: What if you do not  learn to fly?

That is something I cannot know and I do not think about it.  Have you learned anything yet during the these moments? I do not think that what if I do not learn to fly, and I am definitely not going to worry about it. That thought would be destructive and I would give up right away. If I do not learn to fly, and that is quite possible, so then what? It’s not worth to even think about it now. Let’s think about that at the moment the summer comes. When the summer comes I hope I can go back to the lake to see when the others come home, I want to be there with them, no matter if I fly or not. I can swim anyway and what happens after that, I do not know, and neither do you and it is not worth to think about it. Everything has a meaning attached to it, and I know that when the time comes to leave I will miss this nest of mine these wonderful people made for me.

I don’t  know that much about the life of migratory birds yet, but I will learn more when the time comes. We live according to our instincts which are based on hundreds and thousands of years and we listen to the spirits of air. We can read the seasons and the time in our own way. We birds navigate in the web of love, it’s like a big worldwide map, in a way it is like the maps of humans, my Mom told me that when they were leaving. She said that we learn on the way all we need to know and that the trip is rough, also important, it is like a short life. My life had a different meaning, at least I got a chance to teach you something and maybe you have also learned something. I wish you will remember, that the greater the struggle, the greater the trust and you have nothing to worry about. We all are so much loved, and I know that I am loved. Don’t you think, that when a total stranger helps someone who is smaller and weaker than she is, that  it is a great proof of great love… How could I describe it to you any better? Well, I don’t have to, just love each other and trust yourselves, that is a lot said with only a few words. Love and trust. My Mother loved me and trusted me and you just have to trust in your own children and they will be safe.

You asked me what I would like to eat?

I get plenty of food and I am grateful for that. What I would eat in the nature is out there, in the bottom of the lake and you cannot get that for me. (The hundreds of thousands of Finnish lakes are frozen right now!)  I have tasted a little bit of fish when I was small, from my mother’s mouth, the fish would be good.

(Maiccu’s note: You can buy fish, for example herrings, and grind them for example with blender and make little fish balls, without flour or anything… Maybe you could try some  shrimps?!)

I have been given bread, and it is good, but I have never eaten that in the nature. All in all my situation is very good, I wait that the snow melts and there we are and we see what happens next. I live in this moment, but I wait for the things in the future, it is a bit different than with you humans. You live in the past and you worry about the future. I enjoy my life, you enjoy yours, and wait with enthusiasm for the future and be grateful for this moment and have some trust!

Maiccu’s note: I read about the goldeneye at Wikipedia and they talk about the food they eat a lot, there might be good tips. As I was writing this I saw very clearly that the goldeneye’s Mom gave her food from her mouth. At Wikipedia.com they say that goldeneyes do not feed their babies. Whatever the case, maybe this time Mom actually did feed her chick?

Thank you, little duck, these were great words about life, once again. Very touching indeed and anybody can easily relate to these experiences of this goldeneye.

Let’s trust that her wings will carry her!

January 16th, 2010


The little goldeneye was found dead in the morning of January 18th, 2010 in her very own nest, in the cellar where she was living. She probably died happy in her warm nest, and she did not freeze to death in the snow. That is a good thing.

This bird, ordinary bird, gave a huge lesson to us humans. She did not want to complain, she did not want our pity, her soul was hungry for joy, in this moment and that was all. Brave little bird walked a long way to share her words with us and to tell us more about The Web of Love. She may not have known when her journey started, that she will contribute to this issue, but The Universe knew. Nothing is meaningless in life.

The short life of this goldeneye showed as a great lesson about trust. Next time, when you are running out of trust, remember how the bird said to Maiccu: Have you learned anything yet?


The ocean talk

Saw something beautiful today in Kate Sitka’s blog. It struck my heart, because moi, I adore ocean and water.

ocean talk

She talked about listening to your inner voice, your inner guidance, and what kind of messages you might get, and how it would be so easy to just think that it is “only my imagination” (very common thought among all those who practice animal communication) …or that it is crazy.

It all depends on the perspective… I have always been fascinated with everything new. I like updates. I like to update myself, and I do update also my opinions. I am not afraid to evolve, even when it means that I have to change my mind.

Some people do seem to think everything new and fresh is crazy and like to hide behind their daily routines. If you are stuck in the rut, the rules numb your heart or intuition; which is very spontaneous and fast by nature, so it does not get its truth or wisdom through to you. We also numb our minds and bodies with hell of a lot of medication that we do not even need: we just like the false feeling of being safe/healthy/cured or comforted or ‘being cared for’.

We do so many things, just because we are being told to do them…

That is one of the reasons we have grown out of our hearts and rely solely on the brain or reason. So many “authorities” in the world like to keep it that way, just like our Ego.

Intuition is something else. It is like love: it has no rules, it is unpredictable and needs to roam free; yet it is quite familiar to us, because we are all born with it and it is the way we live back Home. When we make our final move (at least in this life) to the spirit world, we communicate without words over there.

That is the moment of truth for many of us.

We realize that it was not crazy after all, that gut feeling, or that instinct — that damn animal communicator or pet psychic! It was all real..! Duh! I should have listened to my heart more often!

There are messages and signs for you everywhere. They do find their way to you. The wind carries messages. Your pet has something to tell you. The evening breeze might whisper something to you, and if it does, those “words” are meant for your heart only.

Or maybe it is the ocean, like it was with Kate.

Tweet This: Your cells are my children. — Pacific Ocean via Tofino Psychic Kate Sitka http://ctt.ec/zg_dl+ From @Tailbookpress.


Listen to your heart.

Think with your heart. 

That’s the direction our spiritual evolution on earth is heading to: heart will take the lead with its power talk – and it will blow our minds – literally.

Sea World is only a beginning…  we have seen nothing yet. :o}

Cruel ways stumble and greed falls when we find our way back into our hearts. There will be a day when the ocean and the orcas speak straight the CEO of the Sea World.

Soon. I believe hope.

And like we know by now: when the animal wisdom speaks up, nothing is the same anymore. The new (sea) world will be built with the help of animal wisdom.

I think the ocean(s), forests and rivers might like to share some of their wisdom as well. When the landscape designers begin to listen to them, there will be a way new world order. Love order.

Call me a dreamer, if you like. I like to think I am a visionary.

Thoughts become things.

Dream big.

I do.

Heart beats…

…peace. See more if you want more peace of the sea. There is a strange peace down there. One never wishes to leave this place… and come back to live with humanity. ;o} IMNSHO.

For those in heat…

We have a heat wave this week on these latitudes, so the Finns get to sweat. Nice one…!

As I opened the computer this morning, the universe was kindly offering summer reading (fiction, this time) (romance might be involved)  from the world of pet psychics.

Talk about a perfect timing.

Or then the universe is letting me know that it is time to let my hair down.

Anywya, if you are struggling with the heat, like we are, you might as well read something in the cool shade and enjoy the summer while it lasts. (Pet psychic mysteries work well, too.)

See Heart to heart in Kindle Store. Jan Scarbrough‘s author page on Amazon.


pet psychic fiction summer reading


If you need more summer reading, I spotted several free Kindle books today.

Fairy wisdom for the heart based living

sarah jane alexander fairy book

Sarah Jane Alexander is one of the fairy messengers out there. Her book is absolutely brilliant! What a timely reading it is, now as the earth energies are changing rapidly, our hearts pop open much more spontaneously than ever before, and the spring is at hand.

At least here in Southern-Finland, where we hardly had a winter at all – we jumped from the long and dark fall straight to the spring and the flowers are more than ready to jump out of their beds, to stretch their long and graceful necks, to bath in the sunlight.

In addition to spring (in the northern hemisphere anyway) it seems that this year is going to be a huge step on our spiritual evolution. If you ignore the media/political/economical chaos and look beyond, there is definitely something in the air…  among all that fairy dust…!

What is the best thing you can do these days, when everything seems plain chaotic? Close the TV, spend some time with your beloved ones, and love. Take your dog for a walk. Hug your cat. Kiss your horse. Plant a flower for the fairies to dance around in your garden or on your window. Embrace the light that you are. If you live in the illusion that you are alone, love and joy is what will attract your soul mate into your life, so learn to  love yourself first. You must love yourself… You are the key.

Whatever you do: act locally, but think globally…! We are one with the planet, but our life is here and now, in this moment. There is nothing else than this moment. So, carpe that damn diem. Magic is here and now. These are thoughts I have also written in Intuition Deck.

In addition, spiritual messages and sites that deliver them are full of anticipation and excitement this spring. For example Karen Bishop, who has her finger on the pulse of the Earth‘s energies, is mentioning the possibility that Facebook is going down this year – because people are starting to connect on a heart level instead. (That is Web of Love, naturally, where all the animal communication – and other communication – takes place quite naturally, and fast – faster than in any artificial human made systems. Frankly, I would not miss Facebook at all. Will be interesting times ahead, it seems. I can feel it in my bones, too. My bones rattle in these unexceptional energies like wind chimes. (Notice that also animals react to these high, high energies. They need the grounding energies of nature more than ever: just like we humans.)

Or if you like to spend time in solitude, read a magical book that does not leave you feeling vulnerable or fearful, like mass media usually does, and download this beautiful e-book with a lot of useful fairy wisdom to your Kindle and head for the park. — The fairies show themselves usually only to those who believe in them, so believe and give it a go. Don’t give up. Just take a deep breath and relax… Keep reading and expect the unexpected. Maybe you have your own “Oberon”, who is willing to share some uplifting wisdom with you. You never know, you know.

fairy wisdom spiritual spring

So what kind of stuff do the fairies in this book offer for you?

The chapters in “Fairy Wisdom for Spiritual Evolution – Fairy Dust to Magically Heal Your Life and the Earth” are:

1) Fairies

2) Vibration

3) Love and Fear

4) Healing

5) Plants and Animals

6) Renewable Resources and Clean Energy

7) Integrity in Business and Consumption

8) Pathways to Joy and

9) Recipes for Healthy Living.

All in all, very timely food for thought in this time.

The longest journey you will ever take is the journey from your mind to your heart, and now the conditions on earth are perfect to take that journey. The energies are hilariously high and heart connections and intuitive hunches are so much easier to feel and also to understand, on a heart level.

Don’t believe everything they say on TV (mass media): they are not telling the whole truth. (They never have.)  But the fairies do – just like animals.  They speak from the heart and they have no hidden agendas.

fairy wisdom plants animals

Heart based living… It is simple and the only way to live.

If the nature can do it, so can we. The more we listen to the fairies and animals or plants, our amazing teachers, the easier it will be for us, to see the light that we are, to see that we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change for the better and our hearts show the way.

Have a good day!

Carpe diem!

Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people. They are good for you. And they attract fairies. ;o}

I have a dream about people who would listen

eek talk
The pen-tailed treeshew has been my companion in crime as an animal advocate…

Just like I mentioned in my previous post, the animal communication workshops for children (reiki workshops would be super cool, too – children are very curious about that) would be a great step towards a more balanced future for all the living beings on this planet.

But what could the adults do, in addition to practicing animal communication in their own homes, on a daily basis, by talking to their pets consciously, by listening to them and by respecting their ideas and helping them to understand what humans are all about?

The pets do listen to us… even though sometimes they might be “numb” after years of listening to blah blah blah. The animals have said that people talk a lot, but rarely talk about important stuff. And when people do not talk, well, then they think… We think so much and so hard (about unimportant things…) that animals cannot get through to us.They only get the busy signal, saying beep, beep, beep…

When we make a conscious intention to talk to them (in our mind) they are already there, listening. Some of them might be surprised, but they do listen the moment they understand that you really wish to connect. The sending messages to animals part is the easiest part in animal communication, just like Anna Breytenbach says in her interview.

Another animal communicator, Amelia Kinkade offers an example how to tell your pets where you go, and when you’ll come back, in Straight From The Horse’s Mouth, on the page 145.

when you go and come back

Nobody wants to be ignored. Animals do not wish to be ignored either. Simply telling them where you go, what you do, and especially when you will be back home might solve some behavioral problems immediately. So talk to them and tell them what is going on. Every day. Be precise.

Amelia also shared in her book how she once told her cats that she’ll be back home at 5PM. When she drove to her driveway 5:05PM, the cats were watching her eagerly through the glass door, telling her: “You are late! Why didn’t you tell that you were going to be late!!!” So, if you are late for whatever reason…. send a thought in your mind to your pet that you are going to be late and all is well.

Life gets much easier for all of us, if we talk with each other, both humans & animals. That is pretty much the only way to avoid any confusion.

One step further would be consulting the animals every time we wish to build roads, bridges, houses, apartment buildings, harbors and so on. Yes, it would be amazing to ask from the animals what they think about the planned construction projects. We could help them to understand what we intend to do, help them to relocate, if they have to move away, or ask if we could finish the project in a way that helps both animals and humans to live peacefully side by side. We do not have to make them suffer – or die – while making our own dreams come true.

The animal communication awareness for architects and all the other professionals, who do landscape designing, would simply be an amazing step towards harmony and understanding. It is one of my visions for a better future. Animals can share their wisdom with us, in all areas of life, there is no question about that. We might learn a lot in the process about the wildlife and animals in general.

It is nothing but pure arrogance from humanity’s side to just step in there, to take the land and build whatever we wish to build and destroy the nature around the project completely. We are trying to take over the planet, and harming others in the process. That was not what we came here to do on a soul level… We came here to live a heart based life, to love and to support life, to care for our fellow beings, both humans and animals. That is why animals do not understand us. We ignore them completely. And nobody gave us the right to rule or conquer this planet. We made that assumption when we stopped listening to our heart at some point of our spiritual devolution.

It would be very interesting to see in the future how architects, teachers, politicians, scientists, nature conservationists, treehuggers or not, consulted the animals/plants before making any decisions that involve them.  No matter how nature friendly people like to be: none of them have consulted the nature itself so far. It is not fair to jump into any conclusions before talking to the animals, the plants, the land  itself, first. That is how we co-create amazing things together and balance, not only ourselves, but the whole planet.

There are more than enough animal communicators all over the world to help in the process. They are everywhere.

Well, we should learn to consult our fellow humans, too… The human communication has also failed miserably. ;o} (For example in Sochi area, before they blew up the whole place in the name Olympics.) (Nobody talks about the wildlife over there, either.) It seems that we are not even capable to do that… because all we ever consult… is.. money and banks or Wall Street.

The greed is still widely accepted virtue on this planet.

Everybody makes decisions solely based on money  – and we just silently accept it…!

Well, enough said… I did not come here to talk about money.

If you clicked the link above that leads to the interview of Anna Breytenbach, you see a story about a cat who did not retract his claws while playing. If you had a cat like that, what would be your first assumptions be  like? That he is evil and loves to draw blood from you? That he hates you? Or that he must have a medical problem in his claws, and you decide to take him to the vet to be declawed? (The worst case scenario.) — When he only thought that he doesn’t have to do it, because all the women in the family never retract their claws!

My point: ask the animals themselves, before you make any conclusions or decisions.

Because we know nothing about their thoughts and feelings until we ask them.

When we learn to listen to others, finally, from the bottom of our hearts, then we find the balance, and nobody is being rudely ignored. Not our children, not our parents, not our girlfriends, not our boyfriends,  not our grandparents… And especially not the animals in our life and in the wild.

I agree with pen-tailed treeshrew below, my red nosed companion in crime. We foolishly seem to seek for answers outside ourselves, when everything we ever need is already in us: in our own hearts. We seek for super-duper intelligent life all over the space, when we have amazing, sentient and intelligent fellow beings among us: animals, plants, rocks and rivers… They all have wisdom to share with us.

When we learn to live a heart based life, we do not need to seek for answers (happiness, wisdom, solutions, whatever)  outside ourselves. We know we got it all inside us, if we only listen to our heart… We are the ones we are waiting for.

...and he's back.
…and he’s back.

The uncomfortable comfort zones

As much as there are tweets in the social media about the magic of Anna Breytenbach and her cool videos on YouTube (happy dance!), there are still some tweets condemning all the (pet) psychics and animal communicators to hell.

Yup, people are very persistent with their opinions, and they always have some up their sleeve. I don’t think there is one person on this planet who does not have an opinion or two. The opinions are the reason why the social media thrives… or why we have dozens of wars going on all over the planet every day.

It is an easy way out to judge all the pet psychics and animal communicators out there as “idiots”, “crazy” or “liars”. It takes much more guts to open your heart and mind to the new possibilities out there, or even to the mystery and magic of life.

The old thought patterns are not likely to step out of their comfort zone and accept that there is something else out there than they have always thought… It seems to be much easier for people to kill, or at least to spit on, different people/animals/plants than to learn to love them, and look for further information. The closed minds & hearts rather kill than explore the beauty of all life there is.

We do study life by killing and dissecting it, for God’s sake…*

Animal communicators never do that – their system is much more brilliant…!

There are other ways to study life than meets the eye. If we keep on living strictly in the comfort zones of our own opinions, belief systems, theories, political parties (what exactly are they good for?!) or knowledge, we will never see all the cool and important stuff in life that helps us to evolve and/or experience enlightenments in our hearts.

I think we all know that, yet we like to stick to our comfort zones like glue (=fear).

By opening our hearts we would begin to see that there is nothing to fear, not inside us or outside us. We would peacefully accept ourselves the way we are and  our opinions as ours and let others have their own and let others be whatever they came to be on this planet, in this life, in this time.  (Besides, opinions change everyday.) (I know mine do.) (I reserve the right to change my opinion about that, too, ha ha.) Willingness to explore new ideas and the amazingly beautiful diversity of life seems to be so damn hard sometimes in human disguise.

When we give freedom (of choice)  to others, we free ourselves in the process.

It takes a lot of love. Love that rushes through our veins, warming our hearts and opens them to see that if we do not believe that something is possible (for example interspecies communication) it does  not necessarily mean that it is not true.

how dog loves

Maybe we can learn something from our dogs. You can’t blame them for not trying to open our hearts!

All the dogs seem to love their humans unconditionally. They just put the love card on the table and win our hearts every time. They do not flee to the other side of the room, if someone they meet thinks differently, or has a different skin color, or a profession s/he has never heard of. The dogs do  not tweet about it immediately in the Web of Love, saying: “S/he is crazy, because she does not believe in the same things than I do. I’d like to bite her/him in the ass.”

Judging others, for whatever reason, takes a lot of our energy and blinds us. With open hearts we would see the magic, the same magic that all the intuitives, see. We would feel less lost or lonely… We would find all that our hearts seek in life. We would surely evolve spiritually. That is one of the reasons why I created Intuition Deck, because I believe that we all can be magical beings of light, in the web of love, when we let our hearts pop open like champagne bottles and begin to use our intuition more in life. Nobody evolves if we judge books by the cover, or people by their lover. We remain cave women and cave men forever.

If we keep on fighting against “different” or “spooky”, we keep on destroying ourselves. We like to think that our comfort zones – whatever they are – keep us safe, but they actually make us feel very uncomfortable in the long run. And when we feel uncomfortable, we begin to nag at others. The social media is just one place where you can spit your heart out, if you are not in peace with yourself. And spitting is just as contagious as love is. People like to spit together. Because if they were alone, listening to their hearts for once, they would not act in the same way. Because hearts talk totally different language… the language of the soul. We are so much wiser on a soul level.

the magic is there

Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Einstein. The knowledge is always limited information, whereas imagination has no limits. The hearts fly and roam free with imagination, and that is a good way to find new ideas and solutions to make this planet a joyful place to be. Knowledge like “Idiots” and “Not Idiots”, does not help us out from our comfort zones. Those who judge others are always feeling more or less uncomfortable inside themselves.

Happy and peaceful people do not give a shit about judging others – because they are way too busy being happy. So the change comes from the inside out… like always. We can’t escape that.

We also can’t escape the fact that it is often our children who judge others. We have put our own ideas and belief systems into their heads, because we got them from our parents and they got them from their parents… It is a chain reaction of comfort zones and closed and fearful hearts. We sure like to think that it takes the whole village to grow our children, but that is not the whole truth. The home is where the heart is, and small hearts pick up the vibes of the home so very quickly.

Good grief, when I think about the village where I grew  up.

It’s a miracle that I am not a serial killer… O_o

I think animal communication courses for children would be quite beneficial. It would be an amazing opportunity for them to see animals as they are: sentient beings of love and wisdom. After all, small children (not yet spoiled with the ideas of adults) and animals often seem to understand each other, without any spoken words. I bet they both, the children and the animals, have come to this world as teachers and as leaders, who show the way to a better and more loving future.

Then old farts like me can only watch in awe how magical life can be.

I think we have a good future ahead of us, after all these growing pains we are going through.

I’m really glad that I do not have children, though.

People should learn to love before they make babies. There are way too many unwanted babies out there already. I think we should stop making unwanted babies in this time – no matter how good life lessons they might be on a soul level. I am one of those unwanted babies myself, and it was not a happy lesson. But it made me what I am now, so I do not complain. However, I think it is a foolish way to make babies, because we know better.

I haven’t learned to love yet, gotta admit that one.

I mean really love.

I still live in a cave and I often act like a cave woman.

But I keep my tweets benevolent and full of animal wisdom. That much I understand about love.


* Oops, the wannabe pathologist in me rises again, I see. Sorry about that.

Sleepless horse finally gets his Zzz’s

I have a story about a sleepless horse for you in honor of Year of the Horse.

It is one of the most heart warming stories I have come across in animal communication books. It is actually a wild heart warming party. It is a tear alert & very enlightening, indeed. Sometimes animal readings make you laugh, sometimes cry, sometimes you do them both at the same time. Very confusing… but fun. Well, some people cry in the movies, I cry like a baby while reading animal stories… You can cry, too, if you want to.

I won’t tell anyone.