Ask The Cow

The most amazing book ever is available in the Kindle store! This is great news and I just found out and now I am telling you. I love, love, love this book and have been thinking about re-reading it. Consider it done. Join me! Valentine’s came early this year!

The Universal Cow of Love. Art by me.

Rita M. Reynolds has written an amazing book based on the conversations she has had with her beautiful and wise cow, Christina. Christina did not ask if Rita wants to take her into her life: she just came and stayed – like any teacher who appears, when the student is ready.

Read an excerpt on her page called “Build me a snowcow“. ‘

This is one of the best books I have ever read… You will never look a cow with the same eyes you did before you read this book. That is the beauty of all animal communication books: they open your eyes. If you are ready to open them… and probably you are, if you are willing to grab a book like this!

‘Ask the cow’ is a perfect book to remember in this month of February, as Valentine’s Day is getting closer… You will see why after you have read the excerpt I chose for you below…

Have you ever thought that animals might sometimes draw something, like hearts?

Or that they might also meditate?

Expect the unexpected every time you open the door to the wisdom of animals. Things are not as they seem to be.

Human eyes do not always deliver the truth, it takes a heart to see behind the illusions. Leave your preconceived and/or old ideas behind and open your heart to surprises.

Here’s what happened to Rita on one day in October when she went to see her precious cow:

I found Christina in front of the barn, deeply involved in drawing an enormous heart with her nose. So complete was her concentration, at first she didn’t notice me as I walked up beside her and stood quietly, admiring her work. What an elegant heart! A simple depiction of such an universal symbol, yet with all the appeal of the most ornate heart ever created. She blinked her long white eyelashes and swung her head toward me.

“What do you think?” she asked hopefully.

“Lovely.” I replied. “But may I ask, why a heart?”

“It’s a valentine,” she stated.

While I tend to lose track of time, it seemed to me that we were eons from February the fourteenth. But to be polite, I asked, “A valentine for whom?” “Earth,” she said quietly. “She’s having a rough go of it right now; I thought I would let her know I was thinking of her.”

“That’s thoughtful of you. Is it like a card for Earth?”

Christina didn’t answer me. Instead, she began to walk around the heart, drawing a circle with her left hoof. When she returned to her original starting point, she looked skyward, closed her eyes, and pointed both her ears forward. “There,” she said opening her eyes. “Delivered- and received. She was most grateful.”

Rita M. Reynolds: Ask The Cow; A Gentle Guide To Finding Peace, Page 43.

Update and Repost in 2020.