For your ears and your heart

There are not too many animal communication related books available as audio books, but there are two books worth mentioning over Audible. The first one is The Amazing Afterlife of Animals by Karen Anderson. She is a very well known animal communicator / pet psychic and the reviews of this books are very good indeed. If you need comfort after you have lost your pet, this book is great for you. Karen surely knows what she is talking about.

So does Danielle MacKinnon. Her book Animal Lessons is also available as an audio book at the moment. This book is an eye opener for all the animal lovers out there. They are great teachers and guides — helping you to grow and evolve while you stay on earth as a spiritual being “trapped” in a physical body. Pets are not just pets. They are furry magic and they are here for you. There are many lessons in life that other people are not able to teach you — but pets can.

More AC reading material in Animal Communication Books blog! Do yourself a favor and get to know more animal wisdom. It will transform your life. I’d bet my hat on it — if I had any.


Meet Apryl Nicole

Apryl’s website.

Meet Boo Newell


Here’s another article about animal communication. This time you meet Boo Newell. She is an animal communicator, clairvoyant and psychic medium from Georgia. She points out that animal communicators are different and work in various ways. When you meet an animal communicator, you have just met one animal communicator. That does not mean the rest of them are the same. Generalizations do not help here either!



Once upon a path

souls being

One of my favorite animal communicators, Edwina Gustafson, has written an interesting book. It covers many intriguing spiritual themes, including pets, so maybe you might like to check it out in Kindle Store or Edwina’s homepage. Sometimes fictional writing helps you to get your mind around spiritual side of life. People or animals who we meet in life are never random and that is one of the things this books helps you to understand.

oh why


That was fast!

In March I noticed that the precious, wise dog called Stormy had gone to the other side. He was a famous animal companion with a lot of wise words and lived with animal communicator Laura Stinchfield. Stormy left this world peacefully and his “last words” were amazing. You can see Laura’s post on Facebook on March 5th.

stormy with laura

This is going to be awesome! –Stormy the dog when he was getting ready to leave the earth plane

hudson 2015

At the time I was a bit preoccupied with my own sorrow for losing my soul cat, and I have also avoided Facebook a lot these days (too much small talk for my taste), so only today I learned that Laura has a new puppy, called Hudson, and surprise surprise, he is Stormy who made a quick return back to his earthly home, to be with his beloved friends again. (He was stunned when he noticed that he knew the bedroom so well when he stepped into the house for the first time.)

That was a very quick move from Stormy. I am so happy for Laura and her pack. It also woke a hope in my heart to get my “special soul cat” back to me one of these days. (I miss the cat energy.)

What I also loved about Laura’s status updates was that the ravens in her yard had noticed who is back. They were heard saying:

Look the black dog is back in a white body. –The ravens about Hudson (previously known as Stormy)

Animal communication really does make life much more interesting and exciting.

Welcome back, Stormy-Hudson. I am anxious to hear your puppy wisdom in this new body of yours. Soul is still the good old Stormy…


Mr. Purri knows his mermaids


heavenly cat talk
Mr. Purri sure enjoyed himself last spring – and it was his last spring in this body – just like I felt it was. A bit bittersweet whispers of intuition had told me that this whole winter. But he says: “I’ll be back.” And I am waiting for the perfect moment in time for us to meet again.


The pet medium communication from Mr. Purri was quite an eye – and heart – opener for me. The text was full of confirmations to all the things I know and knew all along. I was just too busy thinking in my head and did not manage to feel all those deep moments of pure knowing consciously, in my heart. They came and went to fast that I did not grab them fully – sure I did know to the point that I was never too surprised when Mr. Purri suddenly got his seizures and left the earth plane, in less than an hour…!

It was his time. They already called for him on the other side, they had called for him for a while and he was actually late…! But now he is in the place of light and great power.He obviously had a date with mermaids…! I was excited to hear him mention mermaids, because I love water so much myself.

He says via pet psychic Edwina:

I can hear the hum of a thousand mermaids. I feel perfect and so strong. I know everything I have learned – and more – while I rest in this space. I will make a return.

–Mr. Purri (Sacred Birman) from Heaven

He reveals what kind of coloring he will wear when he returns (as a he or a she – that remains to be seen!). It might take time. Or then not. I let it be a mystery. I can live with that…  He wants me to practice communication and he is like “What?!” when I mentioned that I am not sure if we communicated… ha ha.

We sure did. We understood each other’s feelings, he says:

We understood one another most of the time. That is more than some human to human communication, those exchanges with all those chatty words. Humans talk much and say little. I didn’t want a lot of chat. We said what we said. We recognised each other’s feelings.

— Mr. Purri  (Sacred Birman) from Heaven

He gave some clues how to contact him or communicate with him. He added that the wild one is one chatty KittyCat and she is a perfect sparring partner in animal communication. Mr. Purri says that she is the one I can talk all the “girl talk” with (ha ha) – he was never a big talker… Maybe that was the reason why I was so reluctant to practice animal communication with him: I knew he was not going to chat with me about all the things that I was so curious about.

They say that cats are curious, but I know I am just as curious about cats and their purpose and mission on earth as healers, teachers and so on… There are so many things I would love to know and learn.

But my man, he talks only when he has something to say.

He likes big talk.

I respect that. Because I like big talk, too.

It is better to say nothing, if you have  nothing to say…

I said in my email: I love him to the moon and back – and back again. And he said to Edwina in the end of their communication session:

Don’t forget to include that I love her all the way to the moon and back via the stars and the clouds and back.

–Mr. Purri  (Sacred Birman) from Heaven4

My man is so cool.

I am going to learn a lot with my soul cat, from here to eternity.

I have already learned a lot with him.

Thank You, Mr. Purri.

Like Jimi Hendrix said: “The story of life is quicker than the wink of en eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye… until we meet again.


humans talk much and say little says mr. purri from Heaven

Cats are gods

kittycat talk‘KittyCat’ or just ‘Kitty’ as we call her talked via animal communicator Edwina Gustafson today and said, among other things:


‘I am very pleased with how you call me. It is an honour to be called a cat. Cats are powerful, we have certain ways of knowing where and how much a vibration wants to shift. You should know that cats are gods.’


She is A Healer and she is talking business here!

What a blessing her presence is.

It was amazing, how she was not quite sure if she is going to stay in the household after the winter is gone, but during the AC consultation her heart actually softened and opened, so that she understood or saw better what her soul purpose in this life was (healing and clearing negative energies – she is actually very, very good at it).

She literally had a change of heart.

In addition she is a reincarnation of one of the earlier pets in the house. She came to thank her people this way – because they had loved and cared for her so much in her last body on earth (probably as a dog) (dog<=>god, he he), until the last breath she took.

So, just another precious day with the wisdom of animals here.

cats are gods

The next time you see the joke or comic online saying ‘Cats are Gods’, you know deep in your heart that it is not a joke. It is the truth… And cats are not shy to say it aloud…

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

— Terry Pratchett

Well, do I know that…

As Mr. Purri’s animal communication session is getting closer, the energies are rising so high my heart is leaping out of my chest right as we speak.

He is very, very close to me now.

Cats! One amazing cat life at a time they come and blow your mind & heart. 

*Fighting back the tears. Or is it laughter? Tears have never been this close to laughter. That is the pure energy of my man, Mr. Purri. Wow.*

Do elephants go to Heaven?

elephant talk movie

Animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon is going to be talking with the elephants in Africa & China, if this movie gets enough support via Kickstarter. Kickstarter is an amazing opportunity to bring your dreams to life and Tailbook surely hopes that this dream of a movie comes true.

We have all seen how The Animal Communicator movie have made rounds around the Internet and social media; opening hearts & minds everywhere it goes. (Escpecially the story about Diabolo!)

But now the elephants wish to talk!

More about the movie and the director Louise Hogarth at

Here you can see Danielle talking to the elephants in the zoo:

This video is actually a sad one, so if your heart cannot take it, try the other video with Danielle talking about the precious soul contracts between animals & humans:

If you ask me, I bet my ass the elephants go to Heaven…




From Florida to Brisbane

eden cross psychic medium article

The Daytona Beach News-Journal has published an article about psychic medium & animal communicator (and interior designer!) Eden Cross. Check it out! Eden can be found on Facebook and on Twitter. Always nice to see animal communication stuff in mass media… That is how the word get out that animals are intelligent, wise and sentient fellow creatures, who wish nothing else than to live by our side, in peace and harmony.

In the meanwhile, medium and animal communicator Amanda De Warren – from Brisbane, Australia – had an interesting conversation with her dog in her office:

dog and mom conversation via amanda dewarren

 Have a great weekend!

lets play dogs


Heaven is calling

Jackie Weaver Spirit Animals Cover 2014

Animal communicator (animal psychic) Jackie Weaver from UK has just launched her new book. I was among the first ones who got to read it, and I loved every amazing story in it.

You know, this is a bit different than most of the animal communication books that I’ve seen: this was written by the customers of an animal communicator, who decided to contact, an animal psychic who can talk with their pets who have made their transition to the other side.

The reasons why people contact animal intuitives are many, but one of the most common reason is that people miss their beloved pets after their transition. So the situation is tender and teary and very emotional to begin with, but when the connection is made it can be very comforting. This whole book can be a great “comfort food” for the minds and hearts of those who miss their pets dearly.

We humans tend to think about so many things when animals make their transition to the spirit world: we worry about the pain, about the timing (did we make the right decisions and/or at the right time), we feel lonely and empty when they are “gone”, and yes, we often wonder if they are okay.

Well, they surely are… This books is filled with loving, happy and joyful messages from the other side, from the pets who want to make sure that their humans understand that it is really them talking back to their humans, via Jackie, and that everything is well and they are happy. As always in animal communication stories, it seems that Heaven is actually a lot like this world (just without the BS); with the exception that we are the ones suffering from the separation anxiety after out pets have left “the building”.

There are very heart warming stories in the book. There are many dogs and cats some horses as well. One dog gives website design advice for his human dad… While other dog says the seagulls are just as noisy in Heaven, as they are here. A cat thinks his human Mom could use a new hairstyle to lift her spirits — and that he would be there with her (in spirit)…! And they do know what kind of flowers grow on their grave, or what has happened in the house after they left. Many of them let their humans know that there is no need to grieve for them – because they are still around.

We are One in the Web of Love and love is the connection that links our hearts together. The energies have no limits, absolutely none, and this book is a good reminder of that, being a perfect read for any animal (wisdom) lovers. This book can be a heart opener/healer. Animals just seem to know how to say the right words that can heal. And yes, the book can also open the door for you to the fantastic world of animal communication, if you have not yet entered.

And please do get your napkins and your mineral water ready (crying can dehydrate the body!), if you grab this wonderful book. Sometimes animal communication books make you cry, sometimes they make you laugh: I usually do both while reading precious messages from animals. As twisted as it sounds, it can be very liberating: tears and laughter are very close to each other.They are made of the very same energy that has the magical ability to open/heal the heart. It might not always be painless as we all know, sometimes missing a friend can feel as a physical pain in the body. Love heals the pain, and conclusions like the ones in this book, are extremely healing. They help to trust in the power of love again, not to shy away from it.

I wish I had a conclusion like this, with an animal communicator, when I had to let go of my dear cat decades ago. I hurt so badly and I closed my heart so tight that it took me 15+ years to get  another cat – only to find out that it was the very same cat who had returned to me… and he said that he was my “soul cat”. (I was not ready to open up myself to the concept of animal communication at the time, even when I already had read Arthur Myers’ book “Communicating With Animals“.)  But there is a time and place for everything, for all of us, and there is nothing like a divine timing. You just know when it hits you. And these days, I’m glad that it hits quite often in the form of an animal communicator. They are great to have around, when you are not quite yet able to trust in the power of your own intuition.

Jackie is offering her book in Kindle Store, if you feel drawn to it. (Paperback is available as well, but Tailbook links mainly to ebooks, because we are gadget freaks here.)

Have you ever asked yourself, if you believe in animal communication?

Also in case of spirit animals?

Some animal communicators say that it is actually easier to communicate with spirit animals, because the denser physical body is not there anymore. Believe it or not (it is naturally up to you), but this book gives many unique examples of what animals talk about from the other side. Animals (here and beyond) are very keen to talk to their humans, it gives them healing just as much as it heals our human hearts.

What it comes to the believing part, I recently heard Penelope Smith say that when the person does not believe in animal communication, there can be a denser, darker energy floating around their pet; even so that the animal communication connection is not so clear & easy as it is would be with pets whose humans are believers of animal communication…! Whoa!

That is one, very fascinating example of the power of our thoughts.

If you ever think that you got a message from your pet – from the other side – you might think of it as a ‘miracle’, but it is just the Web of Love at work. Pets love to keep on eye on us and they check how we are doing, so isn’t it amazing that you can do the same — by listening to your heart & noticing the signs that you get,  or with the help of an animal intuitive.

BTW: The more you ask for signs from the other side, the more you get them. Jackie’s new book gives you some profound examples how big the love between us and our beloved pets actually is… There is no denying that we will be together, forever. And sometimes the signs come in the form of an electrical devices going crazy.. (Great: the animal spirits are gadget freaks as well, ha ha.)

Naturally, as a reader and as an animal communication advocate, I am very grateful for all the people, who were so kind and brave that they shared their beautiful stories in this book, for all of us to read. They are all as unique as are the animal personalities behind them, but the love is always the same: unconditional kind of love. It is very easy to relate to these stories, if you have ever lost a pet.

Letting Go

They might not be here but they are surely up there.

You feel the pull and the tear of your heart

You feel torn inside and ripped apart

The enormity of choosing what best to do

It was done with your love, as they looked to you.

We don’t enter into this without thought or care

We do it because the compassion is there

The choice to stop pain and distress of the one we love

Can only be guided by you and the angels above.

Many spirits have come through and given me their word

Your tears of sorrow and distress they heard

But they are free and happy and hold no ill will

Whatever was wrong could not have been cured with a pill.

The height of pain is a measuring device

It shows how deeply you felt throughout their life

With your love given for this most selfless act

They at least left this earth with their heart intact.

Now up yonder and free to roam

This is another level, like a new home

The day will come when you go up there too

They’re ready and waiting to meet and embrace you.

If you truly did this from your genuine heart

You were so brave and helped them depart

Your love and courage was seen from above

This really was your strongest act of love.

If you could ask them now, what might they say?

“In my life, that was actually only one single day,

Please remember the rest, the joy, love and play,

For I look down from above and remember it that way.”

As time has passed you may at last feel some ease

Maybe a pet has come for you to please

Animals are not selfish and want you to share

They left that space for another needing your love and care.

We are truly honored to share in their space

Think back and let that smile adorn your face

The precious time you had could never be measured

Your lasting memories are of those you truly treasured.

Poem by Jackie Weaver © 2009

The ocean talk

Saw something beautiful today in Kate Sitka’s blog. It struck my heart, because moi, I adore ocean and water.

ocean talk

She talked about listening to your inner voice, your inner guidance, and what kind of messages you might get, and how it would be so easy to just think that it is “only my imagination” (very common thought among all those who practice animal communication) …or that it is crazy.

It all depends on the perspective… I have always been fascinated with everything new. I like updates. I like to update myself, and I do update also my opinions. I am not afraid to evolve, even when it means that I have to change my mind.

Some people do seem to think everything new and fresh is crazy and like to hide behind their daily routines. If you are stuck in the rut, the rules numb your heart or intuition; which is very spontaneous and fast by nature, so it does not get its truth or wisdom through to you. We also numb our minds and bodies with hell of a lot of medication that we do not even need: we just like the false feeling of being safe/healthy/cured or comforted or ‘being cared for’.

We do so many things, just because we are being told to do them…

That is one of the reasons we have grown out of our hearts and rely solely on the brain or reason. So many “authorities” in the world like to keep it that way, just like our Ego.

Intuition is something else. It is like love: it has no rules, it is unpredictable and needs to roam free; yet it is quite familiar to us, because we are all born with it and it is the way we live back Home. When we make our final move (at least in this life) to the spirit world, we communicate without words over there.

That is the moment of truth for many of us.

We realize that it was not crazy after all, that gut feeling, or that instinct — that damn animal communicator or pet psychic! It was all real..! Duh! I should have listened to my heart more often!

There are messages and signs for you everywhere. They do find their way to you. The wind carries messages. Your pet has something to tell you. The evening breeze might whisper something to you, and if it does, those “words” are meant for your heart only.

Or maybe it is the ocean, like it was with Kate.

Tweet This: Your cells are my children. — Pacific Ocean via Tofino Psychic Kate Sitka From @Tailbookpress.


Listen to your heart.

Think with your heart. 

That’s the direction our spiritual evolution on earth is heading to: heart will take the lead with its power talk – and it will blow our minds – literally.

Sea World is only a beginning…  we have seen nothing yet. :o}

Cruel ways stumble and greed falls when we find our way back into our hearts. There will be a day when the ocean and the orcas speak straight the CEO of the Sea World.

Soon. I believe hope.

And like we know by now: when the animal wisdom speaks up, nothing is the same anymore. The new (sea) world will be built with the help of animal wisdom.

I think the ocean(s), forests and rivers might like to share some of their wisdom as well. When the landscape designers begin to listen to them, there will be a way new world order. Love order.

Call me a dreamer, if you like. I like to think I am a visionary.

Thoughts become things.

Dream big.

I do.