Communicating with fear

People tend to freak out when they are scared about something. Fear creates a lot of chaos in our minds, so the heart gets lost in translation and we just panic. The media loves panic because it sells. It is a vicious circle and often far from the truth.

We tend to scare things – or animals or other beings out there – that look different from us or simply seem weird in our eyes. We like things that look comfortably like us. When somebody looks different, we begin to think that he has some evil agenda. Like spiders. We kill spiders because of it all the time. Some people kill cats because they are trying to take over the world. And because they are evil. Come to think of it, we even kill people who think in a different way than we do.

[That’s why I’m not using my name online anymore. I think differently! Besides, the mob has already killed me for it in a previous life. I am not walking down that path anymore. Consider the lesson learned…]

What makes the fear go away? The moment we begin to talk and communicate with the weird dudes. It takes just a few minutes to see that we are the same, we’re all here to learn different life lessons before we leave this planet and maybe even make some plans to come back from other planes of existence when we are ready… Like we have already done so many times. (Recycling our physical bodies as we do.)

The same goes for animals… even species that extinct. So don’t panic. (Screenshot via animal and nature communicator Penelope Smith. More later.)

Also, let’s not forget that we all work for the bigger picture. Life is never just about one single life on earth. We work for the highest good of all. (Also the creepy dudes.) Somehow humans completely forgot about that. In addition, we forgot that karma is a bitch. Sometimes it is karma kicking your ass. Even your thoughts create karma…! Karma has a very long memory. It keeps on going forever. Karma is much worse than your mother-in-law. Trust me. Karma. We never remember that one, do we?!

Animal communicator Penelope Smith has done what I wanted people to do years ago: she communicated with viruses. The viruses and bacteria and the like are creepy looking (living beings) we can only see with microscopes. We fear them like there is no tomorrow. What is up with them?! Penelope has posted about this subject again because somebody was asking her about the corona-virus.

Read and think about it. Give viruses a chance. They are doing their work, they are helping us to evolve and they are also clearing and recycling, trying to restore the balance, just like any natural catastrophe out there.

Are you thinking about Australia now? Well, Penelope is ahead of you. Check out what Spirit of the land of Australia had to say… It is a long post and it makes you think even longer, so go and make yourself a cup of coffee first.





Virus talk: my post about the same subject in 2018.


Grain of sand speaks


I’ve been reading Maia Kincaid’s book Learning To Love  (From The Wise Counsel of Plants, Animals, Insects, and The Earth) lately. I have two of her books at the moment and she is almost on the top of my list. Her way to communicate with plants, animals, and insects move mountains in me.  Life looks never the same after you have read her fantastic communications. (Not the least because of the tears that fill your curious eyes.)  I was blown away with the beautiful messages from the animals already, but as I reached the end of the book the other day and I found another compelling story: a communication session with a grain of sand.

This text resonates with me a lot. I have never been able to think that there is one place holier than another on this planet. I think that this whole planet is holy, just like all life is holy. Nobody is better than the other, no place is better than the other. And like I have said many times: you can bless any place, any plant, any animal yourself because you have that power installed in you.

Listen to the grain of sand in Learning to love:

It is true that the entire Earth is sacred and that it is a creation of the Divine. Each grain of sand, or dust or rock is sacred. What makes some locations seem to emanate more energy or to be considered by many humans to be sacred is the fact that humans have come to these places and have admired the Earth there: for instance, its mountains, valleys or rivers. They have performed ceremonies there (including weddings), and they have continued to think of these places with love and admiration. —- The loving thoughts of the humans and the loving response of the Earth, in addition to the response of the plants, animals and insects to these thoughts from the humans, are what make a site on the Earth particularly sacred. As stated before, every speck of Earth is sacred, but the interaction of loving energy in any particular location makes it a vibrantly energetic location that attracts even more humans to experience the concentration of the energy of the Divine. —- The more humans who love and appreciate a location, the more powerful it becomes. The Earth, we grains of sand, including this dear grain of sand, respond to this love and are empowered and energised by it much like one human can inspire and empower another human. We grains of sand are greatly moved by the intent of humans! 

Chapter: Gratitude, pages 146-147, Learning to love © 2009 by Maia Kincaid, Ph.D. ISBN 978-0-9822140-1-5.