For your ears and your heart

There are not too many animal communication related books available as audio books, but there are two books worth mentioning over Audible. The first one is The Amazing Afterlife of Animals by Karen Anderson. She is a very well known animal communicator / pet psychic and the reviews of this books are very good indeed. If you need comfort after you have lost your pet, this book is great for you. Karen surely knows what she is talking about.

So does Danielle MacKinnon. Her book Animal Lessons is also available as an audio book at the moment. This book is an eye opener for all the animal lovers out there. They are great teachers and guides — helping you to grow and evolve while you stay on earth as a spiritual being “trapped” in a physical body. Pets are not just pets. They are furry magic and they are here for you. There are many lessons in life that other people are not able to teach you — but pets can.

More AC reading material in Animal Communication Books blog! Do yourself a favor and get to know more animal wisdom. It will transform your life. I’d bet my hat on it — if I had any.


Did you get struck by lightning?

As happy as animals are when they are finally able to tell their side of things, they can also be pretty darn surprised to meet a human who is able to hear them and also to communicate with them fluently. Sometimes they hear stories about humans who are able to hear them from other animals, and the thought fills them with excitement…  When you spend a lifetime or two among deaf, arrogant humans, pet psychics and animal communicators are… like a miracle. Life can surprise even the best of us.

The things they have said to pet psychic Laura Stinchfield over the years are priceless. Actually, it is easy to imagine children asking similar questions. They are so pure, innocent, curious… Surprised. Joyful. There are other animal stories as well, so please go and read the whole article.

May you feel same kind of childlike wonder on this fine Caturday.

A little bit different pet readings

Art by Lauri Rules

While updating the list of animal intuitives today I noticed that Lauri Rules (Illinois) offers several different pet readings as mp3 files. It is a pretty neat idea and easy to do these days on any computer. (I received an audio reading years ago and I liked the idea a lot. I had the freedom to enjoy it in peace, in the privacy of my home. As much as I like to stay up late at night I am not quite willing to Skype to the other side of the world at 4AM; when all the cool people are awake over there!) — Anyway, Lauri also offers angel readings, past life readings and so on. The other thing that sounded pretty cool to me where the art readings. (She sends also those to your email in digital format.)

I like the way people are being creative and not afraid to shine their light. There are so many animal intuitives out there these days that it might be difficult to stand out.

And the truth is  that we have many passions while living la vida loca on earth. It is never just one “thing” that you do in your life. You can wear as many hats as you feel guided to. There are no rules about that. 

Limiting thought patterns and beliefs? Perhaps.


Actually, there are other animal communicators who have similar services. I think they are offering something pretty amazing for all of us artsy souls, who like to have beautiful things or art around. Soul food. Beauty and art is soul food and very important part of life (yes, even animals enjoy art & beauty around them – they appreciate the good vibes they provide).

Art by Deb Stanton

Some animal communicators-artists who can offer profound eye candies and soul food  are for example Mary Clouse, Deb Stanton and Karen McCormack Miura.

I have had a favorite artwork for years and years and I never knew the artist. — I do not even understand why this particular picture talks to me so damn loud…! — Only this week I found the artist – thanks to Pinterest and their amazing visual search option. I uploaded the picture online and it took about 3 seconds to find the name of the artist.

Thank you, Internet.

I think I love you.

Voilà. Waiting for the day when a huuuuge poster of this artwork is on my wall.

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin — Bird Cherry In A Glass (1932)


The nights of the living links



I used a couple of nights to check the links on the list of animal intuitives (animal communicators, pet psychics, pet mediums, whatever you like to call these cool people). It was a chore but it had to be done.

I learned in the process that some of the animal communicators had made their transition to the other side during the last couple of years or so. Rest in peace, folks. You are in the place where nonverbal communication is the norm. You must feel like Home.I imagine the furry friends you met and helped and communicated with on earth are licking your faces right now, dancing with happy paws around your (light) feet.

Come to think of it, I remembered Cindy Grogan‘s (the sensible psychic) book OK, So You’re Dead – A Sassy Guide To The Afterlife while clicking the links. I loved that book. I have no other explanation other than I just could not help it. I like witty, funny books with weird spiritual humor. (Cindy is still on the list of animal intuitives. She is not dead.) And guess what? She has published a new book this year. It is called Your Pet Has Died. Now What? — A Pet Psychic’s Tips To Get Through The Grief. From the looks of it, it might soothe your aching heart when the pet loss hits you. It is such a devastating time in every animal lover’s life.

Is it too soon to write to Santa? I kind of need to get that book on my hands…

What it comes to the living links on the updated list, some websites looked exactly the same as they looked 6 years ago and some had a fresh new design and lots of new stuff for potential customers to read or listen. Just remember that the appearances are not the key here. (These people might actually be busy, living their lives among living people and spreading their light in that way. We are angels for each other and angels walk among other angels. You do not need a fancy website when you are out and about and having fun while helping animals and their humans!) The person behind the design is all that matters. — Whatever you do, use your gut instinct when you choose your animal communicator. Social media might help you to make your decision. After all, they are ordinary people with different personalities and you are drawn to the one that is out there for you.

I know it might not seem easy to find an animal intuitive from the list of 400+ service providers, but hey, it just might work. Close your eyes and click. Play some Russian roulette with your mouse. — It surely felt like that when one of the links forwarded me to a page that offered me sex – or lingerie – I am not sure which…

When I took a peek on the social media side of life I noticed that there are many new animal communicators out there that I have not seen before.The groomed list will begin to grow soon.



Drop me a line if you want your animal intuitive web address added. At the moment I am only able to list your address and location. And I use first names to sort you in alphabetical order. I like first names, so I use them. Let’s not be too formal.




A really nice hind end

How can you not love what they say? I have read Laura’s old blog lately. It is really hard to resist this handsome James Bond with great temperament and a really nice hind end! Put that line on Tinder and it is a date night for you! :o]

A dog from Titanic

I translated this animal communication session with a dog from Titanic today. It might be unclear who the dog’s human daddy actually was, but the story was very touching. It might make you cry. (If you are like me and you have a sensitive bone in your body.) Nevertheless, thank you talented Laura for this interesting post and thank you, sweet doggy. May the angels scratch you behind your ear! 

Laura Stinchfield can be found via these days.

Call me Figaro!

A little story about how changing the name of the pet changes everything! Animals can hate their names. Names carry different energies and it is important to remember when you name your furry friends.

Meet Boo Newell


Here’s another article about animal communication. This time you meet Boo Newell. She is an animal communicator, clairvoyant and psychic medium from Georgia. She points out that animal communicators are different and work in various ways. When you meet an animal communicator, you have just met one animal communicator. That does not mean the rest of them are the same. Generalizations do not help here either!