Unspoken messages

Richard D. Rowland is a cancer survivor like no other. He believes in magic: “Magic exists, coincidences don’t. Hope is always there.” — Richard D. Rowland. He also believes that animals are much more evolved beings than humans and that we can learn a lot from them. — That is pretty much what I have been trying to tell you for a decade… ;o} Anyway, this book (paperback on Barnes & Noble) has pretty good reviews on Amazon (Kindle Edition) and it is obviously well written. If you are struggling with cancer or similar life threatening disease and you are an animal lover, this might be your perfect summer (winter) reading this year. (Richard is a horse lover, as you can see from the cover of the book.) There are no coincidences, so if you feel drawn to this book, there is a reason for it.


Pets and their spirit animals


This Kindle book gives you something to ponder. It is obvious to me that pets have angels and spirit guides with them, just like we humans do. But have I ever wondered what is the spirit animal of my pet? Nope. Not that I can think of. I hardly know my own spirit animal(s)! Duh!

I take the easy way out: I often ask help and protection from the pets that have already passed.

The author of this interesting book communicates with animals, so she might actually know what she is talking about. This little book is a quick read but might give you ideas that last for a lifetime.

I decided against posting this book to ACB blog but there is new animal communication book out there. (Check it out; it is Tails from the Afterlife by Kristy Robinett.) As I was tagging ACB today I noticed that pets & afterlife is one of the most popular theme among all the animal communication books out there (250+ and counting!).

No wonder — we miss our beloved babies when they are gone.

I know it is rude to call them “babies” because they are actually masters but hey, we all do it every once and a while!


UPDATE 7/18: Super interesting podcast about animals and their spirit guides by animal medium Kate Sitka.

Perfect timing is an inside job

Not all people who call themselves pet whisperers are actual animal communicators or pet psychics. That doesn’t mean that they are not doing something good for your pet. I came across this book a while ago and added it to my bookmarks and forgot about it.

Then I read some Anthony William. Now, as I returned to this book (written by a vet) to get a peak, I realized that this author is doing something similar with pets what Anthony William is doing with people. They see beyond the illusions and get under the skin of their patients.They both seem to talk about the dangers of unnecessary poisons, toxins and heavy metals we eat, drink or “heal” ourselves with (in the form of pills/injections).

According to William, we can inherit toxins (like DDT & mercury) from our ancestors and it is stored in our DNA! — Like all the personal drama was not enough a big burden from your family… ;o} Duh!

Nature (clean one) is the biggest healer in the end. It is simple, it is free, it is out there, only waiting for us to use it. With respect, of course. Not with greed like we do these days. This planet is the ultimate healer, but as long as we let money do all the talking, we will never see the beauty of the bond we have with our mother earth. (I guess we are used to the system that we appreciate our mothers only after they are dead. When it is too late.) It takes lifetime(s) to learn to see what we have right in front of us. Sometimes we are blind to the obvious.

I stand as a good example. I have never really been very enthusiastic about veggies or fruits.They are not very good quality during the dark winters on these latitudes. In addition, if somebody begins to nag at me that you really should eat them, I surely will not! Natural reaction to nagging is a complete shut off. Nagging has never worked for children and it sure as hell does not work for adults! (Or pets.) We all know it — or at least we all should know it by now.

It took a lifetime for me to be in the right mood, at the right time, AND to find the person who makes me really listen all that stuff about food. (I find talking about food reaaally boring. Eating it is much more fun.) Obviously that person was a medical medium. He told me in a way that I understand what happens in your body when you eat an apple or a cucumber. Or a carrot, or a potato. Or Cat’s Claw. Or whatever.

He sees beyond what the eyes can see. Of course I’ve been researching animal communication material for 10 years and I was open for the idea of using intuition as a tool to see beyond our skin. I already knew that the intuitives – animal or not – are the real deal. — They have living information to offer that changes from moment to moment. Spirit is always updated with the latest information at hand. Sometimes (science) books offer nothing but dead information. We can feel in our bones (I know I can) at this very moment how much our DNA has changed (energetically) that the old school books are…well… getting old. We evolve much faster than the written knowledge. At times science lacks behind the spirit. (All animal communicators say the same. So do I.)

Anyhoo… I was ready to let this information delivered by William to sink in. But I took my time… We all do. Change comes from the inside out. You can never really know when another person is ready to change his or her ways. Or how it finally happens. Some people geeks learn things in a scientific way, while others seek for information about the spiritual side of things.The key here is that they both love their shit! (Whatever you do, do it with love.) (What makes you tick makes things click.) (You get the idea.) There is no right or wrong way to do things when you do them with love. Live and learn. Love and learn. Love is what we came here to do. With passion.

Remains to be seen if science and spirituality ever really meet each other and shake hands and make up on this planet. It surely would make our lives much easier if we learned to work as a team and stopped judging and nagging at others. (Bless all the Gregg Bradens of the world who understand both sides.)

Religion is not helping either. Religions judge absolutely everything about you. And others. God is not helping either, if we do not help each other. God works through us, because we are pieces of God. God is inside us. True. Hurricanes make us help each other. Sometimes, when mothers are tired of nagging they become hurricanes. Take that. Rebuilding after chaos is possible only when we work together. Lesson learned.

Nagging at others about how they should live their lives on this planet is useless. We need to give them time to find their way on their own terms. Trust them a little. Love them a lot. Let nature take its course. Let them go through their own hurricanes before they are ready to evolve. In the meanwhile we can do what makes us happy and enjoy life. If you have to judge others and blame them for everything — do it with love. Lots of love. Because you can never change or control things outside yourself.

Come to think of it, new agers are nagging about love all the time. Love is the answer for every question ever asked! Well, it is… But I hate the way new age is also turning into one big religion and there is helluva lot of judgement also among those people. Love can also suffocate if you push it against everybody’s face like a soft pillow. It is like people ruin all the good things they have the moment they begin to think too much. Overthinking is something humanity does a lot. Animals have mentioned this several times. Smart animals! Nothing escapes them.

When my own eyes and head finally opened for the fact that I could heal and detox my body with the food I eat – or do not eat – I also noticed that some herbs can be used to heal my cat as well. (Be not afraid – we are not going to be green hippies for the rest of our lives! We just do our best to cope with the resources we have.)

I am happy Mr. Zorro is doing pretty well for a cat with a virus. He has his own challenges, as he says himself, but he is here to shine his powerful ray of light to my dark night of the soul. He is not very wordy man (his own words) but he knows how to play! I love him to pieces for that. Now, where did I put that papaya?! ( I never thought I would say that.)

Tapping into divinity

This book looks interesting. It seems to combine art & animal communication, just like my previous post. And poems. The comments on Amazon praise Susan’s poems. From the looks of it, this is a story that needed to be told and worth listening to. Kindle Editions: US & UK.

Work with your spirit animals


I’ve been reading Dawn‘s book Dreaming With Polar Bears lately – it is one amazing book… Mystical yes, but also quite informative about the polar bears and their arctic life. Dawn is the one to read among animal communicators, just like Amelia Kinkade, my number one favorite person.

If you ever happen to read that book — and blow your mind — Dawn offers another book that helps you to dream with your very own spirit animal(s).

Inviting, isn’t it? If you haven’t started meditating yet, here is a chance to make that promise to your heart – and keep it. We humans do a lot of dream work while asleep, but things get much more interesting, when you are able to remember those dreams.

rooster-year-gnomeI have never been very good at remembering my dreams or being conscious of them. I think I erase my mind in the morning to protect myself. There are things that I am not ready — or willing — to know at this point of my life.

Remembering your dreams also takes practice. Practice, practice, practice; just like animal communication. You need to make that first (baby) step. Remember how brave you were when you took your first step as a baby? Even when it seemed impossible at the time? And look at you now… You are a master of walking.

All these abilities, dreaming and communicating with animals, are asleep inside you. They have been there all your life, waiting for you to awaken your heart and soul once more, to be the person you came here to be. It is all about a choice, naturally, on the ultimate planet of free will. The choices are made according to the passions in your heart. What are you passionate about? What makes you tick? What kind of person do you wish to be… in 2017? The year of Rooster, the year of Trump… Are you going to be dreaming, asleep or awake?

I have learned not to make promises to myself that I might not be able to keep, but I promise to be more conscious of the choices that I make on a daily basis. In just a few days it will be winter solstice and that ignites the hope for spring and soon the darkest days of hibernation are over.

Until then, happy dreaming! Dream with your beloved pet! Let him or her be your inspiration, since s/he is certainly one of your closest spirit animals.

On that note, my lovely cat, Mr. Zorro has been quite happy, joyous and playful recently. He is a Christmas spirit incarnate and such a strong ray of light that Christmas lights are hardly needed when he is shining his light on me. I am happy to see he is feeling well after his unexpected virus diagnose earlier this fall. He is still beside me, destroying shoes & shoelaces and demanding me to throw him a ball – like he was a dog!



Are we losing the bees? Lisa Gawlas, offers another explanation in her blog. Lisa sees our world in quite different light when she does readings for people. On Dec 7 she mentioned bees working with one of her clients. Spirit animals literally make her scratch her head! Mind buzzing to think that animals, bees in this case, are helping humanity to quantum leap towards higher dimensions. They have not vanished – they are just being busy bees. With spirit things are never as they seem to bee… We definitely need seers like Lisa — and animal communicators — to show us the truth behind illusions. Intriguing visions like this can help us to focus on love, not fear and control, because Mother Nature always knows best.


Howling is praying


It’s not the first time (or the last time) when I see evidence in animal communication books that animals do pray. I found a beautiful excerpt from Alexandra Genova‘s webpage while updating Animal Communication Books blog earlier today. There is a cat (Sing) who says:

“I howl in the mornings and evenings because those are the times I used to pray.” (In another lifetime, when she was stray.) She continues, “When I meet God, my heart will open once more, and I will have complete awareness and enlightenment.”

Beautiful words, don’t you think? Never underestimate the power of howling… ;o} Always talk with animals, and listen as well, only then you know what they really are up to.

Artist: Kathy Morton-Stanion.

Once upon a path

souls being

One of my favorite animal communicators, Edwina Gustafson, has written an interesting book. It covers many intriguing spiritual themes, including pets, so maybe you might like to check it out in Kindle Store or Edwina’s homepage. Sometimes fictional writing helps you to get your mind around spiritual side of life. People or animals who we meet in life are never random and that is one of the things this books helps you to understand.

oh why


Regrets Surrounding Our Companion Animals

Great post. Thank you.



As an animal, when you pick a time and place to come back to and you conspire to choose your human (or maybe you choose to be on your own without a human), you have to accept everything that comes along with that choice or you will just grow bitter. The “agreement” between Karen and myself was to proceed in a way that would be most helpful to both ourselves AND each other. Karen has lived what might appear to be somewhat of a crazy life. She is less afraid of change than many and remembers her nomadic roots. As her companion on this journey, I came to find her lifestyle a bit exhausting. Yes it taught me to be stronger, braver and more adaptable, but all that change was tiring to me as I became an older cat.

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So recently Karen you came across another…

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Cats vs. Birds


Bella the cat shares this with you in her book, which I love.

There is always reason, whatever happens, on a spiritual level. We do not always see it, if we are not looking with our heart. That is why, we as humans, are so keen to judge cats for their urge and instinct to hunt birds. But they know what they are doing…

Sure, we love it when they hunt mice, but birds… What an agony it seems to be for some people!

However, controlling nature is a game humans will lose. We need to go with the flow, with lots of respect and communicate with other species, in order to learn to trust the flow. Because we know what we are doing, if we trust our heart.

By the way; that is something you will never learn in school. That is something only nature can teach you… and silence.

After you learn about animal communication, silence is not what it used to be.



Listen to the animals, before you judge.

Listen to your heart, before you judge.


Works well with fellow humans, too.